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Book Review: The Descent (The Taker Trilogy #3) by Alma Katsu

The Descent 

(The Taker Trilogy #3) 
Alma Katsu
 Pub January 7th 2014 
by Gallery Books 
ARC for Review 

The final installment in the “mesmerizing” (Booklist, starred review) and addictive trilogy—find out who truly holds the key to Lanny’s heart and whether she’ll ever be reunited with her beloved in this gripping supernatural tale of magic, lust, and longing. 

Lanore McIlvrae has been on the run from Adair for hundreds of years, dismayed by his mysterious powers and afraid of his temper. She betrayed Adair’s trust and imprisoned him behind a stone wall to save Jonathan, the love of her life. When Adair was freed 200 years later, she was sure that he would find her and make her existence a living hell. But things turned out far different than she’d imagined. 

Four years later, Lanore has tracked Adair to his mystical island home, where he has been living in self-imposed exile, to ask for a favor. She wants Adair to send her to the hereafter so she may beg the Queen of the Underworld to release Jonathan, whom she has been keeping as her consort. Will Lanore honor her promise to Adair to return? Or is her intention to reunite with Jonathan at any cost? 

Of all the forces of the universe, the most mysterious, confounding, and humbling is the power of love. The epic story of love and loss, magic and destiny that began with The Taker and sparked a chase around the world in The Reckoning comes to a surprising conclusion with The Descent.

The way I see it 

WHHHHHAT?!!!!!!! Holy Cannoli! Yep THAT just happened The ending took a SHOCKING turn! I was definitely NOT expecting it to end that way. Let me tell you…I LOVED IT!!! Wow, just wow. Ms. Katsu! How on earth?! You know a lot of times I pick the wrong guy NOT this time!! Adair proves his devotion to Lanny. He proves it beyond words beyond a single doubt. The sacrifice he makes brings me to tears! There where many aspects of the book that were sad. My heart goes out to many characters but those are the painful truths of life. The Descent shows us how powerful and absolute love truly is. 

T-ime, Luke and Lanny were given a second chance. Does Lanny rejoin him out of love or obligation? 
H-elp, a distant cry from the beyond will beckon Lanny she must take action and face her fears. 
E-xile, Adair will reflect on his life and the discovery of his new love. Though he meant to be alone, his past will find him and the promise that was made so long ago will come to fruition. 

D-etermined, Lanny though afraid she knows she cannot turn her back on Jonathan she can feel his pain and is willing to make it stop by any means necessary. 
E-scape, Adair may have broken out of his prison but he cannot run from his feelings. A fundamental change has occurred yet he does not quite understand it. 
S-wallow, Lanny is back in Adair’s presence and she is consumed by truths that she is not ready to accept. 
C-hance, forced by nightmares Lanny takes a leap. This will lift the veil that has clouded her vision for so long. The plan is laid out and promises are made. Lanny knows where her heart truly lays, and she will fight for her love. 
E-vents, did not happen the way everyone assumed. A confidant will share many secrets with Lanny secrets that will shred her existence. 
N-ews, Adair will face anything for Lanny he is guided by his heart. 
T-ime, second chances are possible but the sacrifice that is required is more than anyone can imagine. 

GAHHHHHH!!!!! I Balled!! Yep! BALLED BALLED BALLED!!! I could not believe what happened! You know what?! its okay, its better than okay! Its FAN-FRIC-FROC-TASTIC! I’m beyond giddy the ending was shocking and sad soo sad but everything is as it should be! One of my earliest wishes for these characters came true!!! Eeeep and if that doesn’t take the cake I don’t know what does!!! So y'all know how anti spoiler I am? I try really hard not to talk about the plot because I don’t want to give anything away but MAN sometimes its harder than others. I seriously want to shout from roof tops! I shook my fiancé’s shoulders cause I was so pumped! I never saw it coming and it hit me like a bullet train. Do I recommend this? H E Double hockey sticks YEA! I feel like running really fast into a wall because I waited so long. Don’t feel like running really fast into a wall, read this NOW!! 

My Favs 

OMG I’m going to MISS the NUGGETs out of this guy! I want MORE is that selfish? Yes it is, but darn it I don’t care! Thats what makes situations like this so hard on me. Falling in love with books and characters then its all over? GAH!! Well I’ll get on with it In the final installment we find out EVERYTHING! Ms. Katsu takes great care in leaving no stone unturned. Adair is such a powerful character that he will remain with you for a very long time. He has truly come full circle and we understand everything about his past. With the knowledge of his past will come the courage to push towards a different future. 

She has spent so long in self loathing for the mistakes she’s made. No more, it is time to atone for her sins and she will discover how much of everything was truly her fault or her doing. When we first meet Lanny in The Taker she has lived for 200 years this amazing trilogy will take you through all those lifetimes. We will see the amazing transformation that takes over her. We see the 14yr old Lanny that kisses Jonathan grow to be the 200+ woman that would risk everything for those she loves. Her heart has always been her guide, finally accepting her greatest love she will discover what bliss truly means. 

My Rating 

5.0 BILLION MILLION COSMIC FILLED, Hospice, Exiled Lover, Breathing Island, Haunting Nightmares, Two Memories, Transcending Time, History Revealed, Lover Scorned, Greatest Love, Greatest Sacrifice Filled Stars! Seriously Don’t end up wanting to run really fast into a wall…Read these books STAT!!!


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About The Author
Alma Katsu is the author of The Taker Trilogy, an epic supernatural love story. The Descent, the final book in the trilogy, has just been released by Gallery Books. The Taker, the first book in the series, was selected by BOOKLIST as one of ten best debut novels of 2011 and has been published in over a dozen languages. Ms. Katsu has a MA in fiction from Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. I love your reaction to the ending! This is yet another series I've heard great things about, but haven't started yet. Great review, Ria!


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