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Blog Tour: Accept Me (Wrecked #3) by J.L. Mac

Accept Me 

(Wrecked #3) 


J.L. Mac

Pub January 10th 2014 

by Author Self Pub 

ARC For Review 

For the first time in her life, 25-year-old Josephine Geroux has a future worth looking forward to. She has her beloved bookstore, she has all the comforts that money can buy, she has found the love of her life, and most importantly, she has found hope where there was none for 16 long years. 

After the tragic deaths of her parents and her troubled life as an orphan, she met Damon Cole, a man who has everything to do with it all. He’s part of the reason for her wrecked life, but he’s also the reason that her heart has been restored. He’s her future and the exact reason that she’s so willing to fight the demons from his past that threaten the very future that she so desperately seeks. 

In the final book of the Wrecked series, Jo is confronted with a turbulent history that has her negotiating the twists and turns that end up being far more difficult to handle than she ever could have anticipated. Jo’s relationship with enigmatic Damon is delicate at best, especially after she inadvertently discovers details about his life that may have been better left buried. 

Since Damon’s dark past has remained hidden for so long, Jo’s investigation puts her dangerously close to jeopardizing her already fragile relationship with the man she loves. 

Jo has a promising future at her fingertips; she must decide if revealing the truth to Damon is a gamble she’s willing to take. With so much at stake, acceptance proves to be Jo’s greatest battle to date.

Lindy's Thoughts

The Wrecked Series, by J.L Mac, has the full package. When I read the first installment, Wreck Me, I was completely captivated and hooked by Jo and Damon's story. When I read Accept Me, I was thrilled to see how the excitement and suspense was nonstop. I've been highly anticipating, Accept Me, the final installment in the series. I am very sad to see such a great series come to a close, but am content with the story, and completely satisfied with the ending.

In Accept Me, Jo and Damon are engaged, madly in love with one another, and living together. However, Jo has found Damon's biological mother, and fears that her, "Big Man" will leave her once he discovers that she was hiding the truth from him. Damon is also keeping secrets. He is constantly on the phone with, Mike, and won't tell Jo what's going on. Damon ends up moving grams in to the back house attached to the new home, and Jo is happy to spend more time with Grams. Jo is also becoming closer with Noni, who is invaluable in getting the bookstore set up. Just when things start to get going well in Jo's life, Damon leaves her, after he unearths the secret she's been keeping from him. Jo is devastated, and grows closer to Brian, (Damon's assistant) as she falls in to a deep depression over their break up. Then, Jo is delivered a huge surprise that she never saw coming, and finds herself in danger, and her life threatened.

Accept Me, by J.L. Mac, was filled with sexiness, heartbreak, mystery, suspense, and finally joy. The intimate scenes between Jo and Damon were hot enough to make me blush, and "Big Man" was sexy as ever. The relationships that Jo shared with Grams, Noni, and Brian, were sweet, emotional, and intimate. I loved reading about these secondary characters, that each had a unique, distinct, and unforgettable personality. The elements of secrets, mystery, suspense, and danger, made the plot fast-paced, and attention grabbing. I am very excited to continue reading more stories by J.L. Mac, and am especially looking forward to, Reach Me, a companion novel to the Wrecked Series! Spring, 2014, cannot come fast enough, and I can't wait to read Lindsay's, (Brian's sister's) story!!! I give, Accept Me, by J.L. Mac, 4 Suspenseful, Swoon-Worthy, Fast-Paced, Frenzied, "I want more Big Man"... Stars!

My Favorite Quotes

"There was no falling in love with Damon. I was not swept off my feet and convinced to be his love. He came into my life, took my hand, and I breathed him." (eARC, Loc. 118)

"The painful parts of life are meant to be shared. They are meant to be battled by the people closest to you. Together." (eARC, Loc. 401)

The Way Ria Sees It

Its always bittersweet reading the final installment of a trilogy. I have gone through so much with Jo. This girl still kicks but and Damon is still just as sexy and brooding as before. There are a lot of SHOCKING moments. Don't worry y'all this is something you've come to expect from Ms. Mac. This is one of my favorite series so I absolutely recommend it!

A-ftermath, Jo is left to try and fight the demons of Damon's past.
C-aring, Noni has always been there for Jo now its time for her to repay the favor.
C-harm, just when things seem to be going the right way Damon pushes Jo.
E-scape, Andy has been kind to Jo but his motives are something Jo cannot accept.
P-rice, a shocking discovery will make Jo very vulnerable and everything begins to unfold.
T-ime, has run out a desperate man makes a desperate attempt.

M-istakes, both Damon and Jo have made plenty. Its the acceptance of love that will continue to fuel their lives.
E-verything, things aren't perfect but that is the life these two have chosen.

Why oh why wasn't this longer! Jo and Damon have come full circle. Even though I wish it were longer I have to admit it was a blast. I mean not ever a dull moment un-put-a-down-able. One minute your reading the next your balling cause its over. I can't say that I'd ever want things to happen any other way. The best part about reading books is jumping into an entirely different world living all of their moments.

My Fav's

Damon and Jo
Always these two are perfect for each other when ever they hurt I hurt. Their story hasn't been easy but the best things never are. I love that we get closure and resolution but the story remains real. This maybe a pipe dream but I hope to hear more about them in the future.

My Rating

4.5 New Houseguest, Missing Daughter, Wicked Man, Pent House, Dinner Date, Dog Walks, Book Store, Epic Showdown, Grave Visit, Salt Lake City, Blue Sock. Amazing Love story filled stars!! I'm looking forward to see what Ms. Mac has in store.


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About The Author
USA Today Best Selling Author,J.L. Mac is twenty-seven years old and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, where she enjoys living near her family. She was born and raised in Galveston, Texas. J.L. admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has loved every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion,and says way too many swear words to be considered “lady-like.” J.L. spends her free time reading, writing, and playing with her children.


  1. This is a new series to me but I am so curious on how the guy had something to do with what happened in her past! I'm glad you liked this one. :)

  2. I've heard good things about this series, but haven't given it a try yet. I love that it ended so well for you, Ria. And I love your casting pics! Great review, hon.

  3. I have read the first two books and I loved them...cann't wait to read this one!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

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