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A.J. Sand 
New Adult/Adult Romantic Suspense 
Pub February 4, 2014 
By Author Self Pub 
ARC for Review


Jesse Chance is a bastard.

And that’s all he heard his entire life growing up once news got out that he was the illegitimate child of womanizing ex-con, Henry Chance.
Stuck in Glory, Texas, a town too small to escape the sins of his parents, Jesse turned into exactly what everyone expected him to be: a lover of liquor and women, and so good with his fists, he became a teenage champion of the secret underground fighting rings that float around the South, while doubting the only people who ever believed he could be more, his ailing mother, and his girlfriend, Drew Hallisay.
But determined to make his mother’s dying wish come true, he enrolled in a college on the East Coast, far away from his past. Jesse Chance is reborn into a new life, and set on keeping Glory, Texas--and Henry Chance--in his rear view.
Until a visit from his father in the middle of the night changes everything.
Forced to return to Glory to prevent a tragedy, Jesse is soon back on the fighting circuit with Drew's help and facing the history he was so desperate to escape, the part of him he would prefer to hide. As he slips back into his old ways--Henry Chance's ways--he finds himself torn between the guy he was and the one he’s been struggling to become. And in a world dead set on betting against you, can you ever really overcome your past… or your destiny?

The Way I See It

Um wow? That was intense!! Holy cannoli that was cray cray! If Sand was going for the shock factor she seriously nailed it!! This story was full of moments that left you cringing. The world isn’t pretty folks A Fighting Chance definitely shows us that. This was an enjoyable read as in the flow of the story. There were a lot of things I didn’t agree on but I’m glad the air was cleared by the end. This isn’t a light read A Fighting chance is dark and gritty. Once I got over the “shocking” moment I was bombarded with another OMG to the very end. I wasn’t able to feel the character growth but I have a feeling that was done in the 4 year span that our main guy was away.

A-dolescence, searching for his way the love he has for his mother is a force to be reckoned with.

F-ights, aren’t only for money Jesse used them to fight his demons.
I-ntruding, Jesse left a whole world behind him now its all barreling back.
G-uise, A ghost and a good for nothing father. Henry uses the only thing he can to bring Jesse back.
H-urt, seeing Drew brings back so many memories of a time that was.
T-iming, just when it seems everyone is just about to start their lives Jesse and Drew set out for an adventure.
I-ndecision, the tension is in the air. Admitting to something knowing its wrong is hard for Jesse and Drew. 
N-otorious, nearly escaping so long ago Jesse is thrown back into using his fists.
G-unshots, deafening and life ending commotion runs ramped their lives are about to be turned upside down again.

C-hase, running from one incident crashes him into another.
H-elp, from a kind soul who understands his plight she will set things in motion.
A-ccepting, a cruel father is not something that is easy to do Jesse does what he must to protect his family.
N-eglected, Jesse’s new life tying up lose knots and taking care of promises made he is a man of his word.
C-hoices, never easy many things should have been different but Jesse will find a way.
E-nding, things are as they should be closing his past driving towards his future.

This wasn’t easy in the way of so many heart breaking events and even though Jesse took care of his promises I felt that some people didn’t get much by the way of closer. I was happy for the way Jesse’s life went I really sensed in the beginning that he was missing something. His father was absolutely low but for a girl who likes to look at the glass half full…”me” in the end I think had it not been for the total a hole that Henry was Jesse wouldn’t have the opportunity to get close to his heart. Action packed and shocking those looking for a thrill should pick this one up!

My Rating

3.5 Glory, Cartel, Math Wiz, Architect, Debt, Underground, Mexico, Fire, Nico, Flag Pole, Golf Club, Rumors, Risks, Glove Box, Baseball cap, Louisiana, Future bound love filled stars. For a dark and gritty read with lots of wow moments and omg’s pick this one up!!

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About the Author

A.J. Sand grew up an only child whose parents bought her many, many books to keep her busy, so it was only natural that she would start writing her own stories. She is the author of “Documentary,” “Remake” and “Recklessly.” She lives just outside of Washington, D.C.

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