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Book Review: The Reckoning (The Taker Trilogy #2) by Alma Katsu

The Reckoning 

(The Taker Trilogy #2) 
Alma Katsu
Pub June 19th 2012 
by Gallery Books 
ARC for review 


Lanore McIlvrae is the kind of woman who will do anything for love. Including imprisoning the man who loves her behind a wall of brick and stone. 

She had no choice but to entomb Adair, her nemesis, to save Jonathan, the boy she grew up with in a remote Maine town in the early 1800s and the man she thought she would be with forever. But Adair had other plans for her. He used his mysterious, otherworldly powers to give her eternal life, but Lanore learned too late that there was a price for this gift: to spend eternity with him. And though he is handsome and charming, behind Adair’s seductive façade is the stuff of nightmares. He is a monster in the flesh, and he wants Lanore to love him for all of time. 

Now, two hundred years after imprisoning Adair, Lanore is trying to atone for her sins. She has given away the treasures she’s collected over her many lifetimes in order to purge her past and clear the way for a future with her new lover, Luke Findley. But, while viewing these items at an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Lanore suddenly is aware that the thing she’s been dreading for two hundred years has caught up to her: Adair has escaped from his prison. He’s free— and he will come looking for her. And she has no idea how she will save herself. 

With the stunningly imaginative storytelling and rich characterizations that fascinated readers worldwide and made The Taker a singular and memorable literary debut and an international sensation, Alma Katsu once again delivers “a powerful evocation of the dark side of romantic love” (Publishers Weekly) in her breathtaking new novel.

The Way I See It 

HOLY BALLS! Its happened AGAIN Ms. Katsu is a Genius…FACT Undoubtably!!! I had some pretty high expectations for the second book in what is proving to be a breathtaking trilogy and not a single one was disappointed. A LOT of people say that the second book is always the calm before the storm. It is also said that the second one is almost boring…I never had a single doubt Ms. Katsu answers many many questions and the action is constant. Luke was not someone I cared for, I mean he was okay and I believe he was what Lanny needed at the time I was happy with the way things turned out for him. I want redemption for Lanny and for Adair I’m not sure thats possible but a girl can hope. 

T-ime, has run out for Lanny the dark presence that harbored the back of her mind has returned. 
H-elp, Adair does not recognize his surroundings its going to take some time for him to get adjusted and he will seek out his closest creation. 
E-xpectations, Luke wants to remain by Lanny he refuses to leave. Lanny will not let him ignore his other responsibilities the time has come for her to make a tough decision. 

R-evenge, it burns at the core of Adair but there is something else there too. Lanny is the only person to ever best Adair it seems she has engraved herself into the depths of his dark soul. 
E-vade, Lanny must not stop, in a rush to seek help she comes across another solution. Once again she will seek the dark art and force herself to align with those she fears. 
C-hange, Adair will in list the help of someone with great means and great desperation. Through his experiences he will continue to teach those around him. 
K-ind, Savva was a dear companion to Lanny. Through him she will receive many answers, she feels her time is running short the measures she takes will be drastic. 
O-bsession, Alej had always been close to Adair the sudden absence caused him great grief. Lanny will find a shrine and feel a sense of foreboding. 
N-emesis, sent into the lions den Lanny will discover everyones true intentions. After searching for her own redemption Lanny knows its possible. Her scariest opponent will hold the answers to her freedom. 
I-ndecision, a promise was made but Adair could not fight his true nature. He takes with out remorse, but this time the pain he causes is different. Not immediate regret but a sense of guilt and the beginning of something great will take place. 
N-ether World, the queen is returned what was stolen but will this be the end? A promise was made and a promise was broken, what of the consequences? 
G-ratitude, Lanny owes Adair her life he saved her hundreds of years ago but with life eternal he condemned her to great suffering. Lanny will exchange anything for a tiny piece of mercy towards his enemy, once its done Lanny has no choice but to accept her fate. 

I am seriously cursing every other book that is currently standing in my way of picking up the Descent like right now. The ending was everything and more! It wasn’t cliffy but it was one of those that leaves you anxious with only one thought…Must read Descent, right now. Thats how it was for me, The Reckoning had ups and downs but the action was constant. The truth of everything is out and we discover everyones true colors. We even find out that those we thought were innocent aren’t that innocent after all. Lanny walks us through an amazing adventure and we find out exactly what happened between she and Jonathan all those years ago. (I’m not a fan of that guy) Call me crazy but I love Adair I’m giddy with anticipation over the next in this series. 

My Rating

4.5 Construction, Museum, Internet, Escape, Abandon, Destitute, Photographer, Black Widow, Ropes, Recipes, Guilt, Redemption, Love seeking filled stars!! This is an amazing series I highly recommend this for anyone that loves the paranormal. Full of passion and anticipation this one will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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About The Author

Alma Katsu is the author of The Taker Trilogy, an epic supernatural love story. The Descent, the final book in the trilogy, has just been released by Gallery Books. The Taker, the first book in the series, was selected by BOOKLIST as one of ten best debut novels of 2011 and has been published in over a dozen languages. Ms. Katsu has a MA in fiction from Johns Hopkins University. 

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