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Disarm: The Complete Novel by June Gray

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Disarm:  The Complete Novel
By:  June Gray
Release Date:  Feb. 4, 2014
Publisher:  Penguin Group
Source:  Publisher
Mature Content:  18 & Up

GR's Summary:

June Gray's bestselling erotic serial is now available in print for the first timeas one complete novel.

When the secrets of the past begin to surface, the truth can be disarming…

Twenty-six-year-old Elsie Sherman has had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Henry Logan, since she was twelve years old. Unfortunately, Henry—now an Air Force officer—has only ever treated her like a younger sister, stepping into her brother’s shoes after he was killed in action.

That is, until the night when one dance ignites a sensual fire between the two, leaving Elsie aroused and confused. Is she allowed to lust after her surrogate big brother, who also happens to be her roommate? As the passion between them crosses the line into a territory that teases with the forbidden, Elsie decides to give herself to the man she has always desired. But Elsie is not prepared for where the relationship will take her.

Henry has been harboring two secrets. One can bring them closer together. The other will tear them apart. Now, with each startling new revelation, Elsie realizes that only she can decide if the past can ever be forgiven—and if a future with Henry is worth fighting for.

Includes a never-before-published bonus short story.

My Thoughts:

Henry Logan and Elsie Sherman have been significant in each others lives since their childhood years.  Henry's parents were workaholics, who rarely had time for their son. Henry lacked adult supervision, affection, and quality time with his family.  He started inviting himself to other kids homes for dinner, and eventually started stealing.  Then, in high school,  Henry befriended Jason Sherman, the new guy at school.  Soon after, Henry and Jason became best friends.  Henry was always at the Sherman's house.  He came over for dinner frequently, spent holidays with them, and was like an adopted part of the family. Henry looked at Elsie, (a few years his junior) like a little sister.  

As Elsie matured, she became beautiful, and Henry took notice, as did all the guys at their high school.  Henry came to have feelings for Elsie, but held back because he didn't know how Jason would feel about it.  Eventually, he got the courage to tell Elsie how he felt, but then, something would always get in the way.  Elsie had liked Henry since she was fairly young, but before he told her, she didn't realize that he returned her feelings.  She thought he just viewed her like a bratty kid sister.  

Then, Jason & Elsie's dad, a well respected and retired colonel, advised Henry to become a part of the military.  Jason and Henry enrolled in ROTC in college, and then become part of the air force.  They moved to Oklahoma and rented an apartment there, because that was where their job was located.  Elsie ended up getting a job in Oklahoma as well, and stayed at Jason and Henry's apartment on the couch.  It was meant to be temporary, while she looked for an apartment of her own.  However, Jason gets stationed in Afghanistan, and asks her to stay in the apartment until he gets back.  Unfortunately, Jason gets killed by a sniper.  Elise and Henry are both devastated and plagued by Jason's death.  They become closer, and were the only two who understood each others pain.  Elsie ended up staying in the apartment permanently.  One night  while Henry and Elsie are out with friends everything changes between them.  Henry ended up telling Elsie that he was in love with her, and she tells Henry that she's in love with him as well.  Then, Henry got deployed to Afghanistan, and their future together became unclear.

I really enjoyed reading Disarm:  The Complete Novel by June Gray.  This story was very realistic, and I was in turmoil right along with Elsie as she worried about Henry's safety while he was in Afghanistan.  Even though this story is told through Elsie's perspective, we get to read some of Henry's perspective, when Elsie listens to his cassette tapes recorded during therapy sessions.  This story really gave me insight into what our soldiers and their loved ones go through before, during, and after war.  I learned more about the brotherhood that soldiers develop with one another, and the sub culture that exits within military family's and friends that are stationed in the same area.  There were a lot of erotic and explicit sex scenes between Henry and Elsie!  Ms. Gray has a talent when it comes to writing erotica.  There were many swoon-worthy scenes in this story, and you are sure to fall "head over heels" in love with Henry!    

My Rating:

I give Disarm:  The Complete Novel, by June Gray, 3.5 Angst-Filled, Longing, Passionate and Second Chance At Love, Filled Stars!  This story felt authentic.  It dealt with the traumatic effects that soldiers endure after war, and how it effects their loved ones.  It was a very fast paced read, full of steamy, sexy, love scenes!  If you are looking for a sexy, realistic, and fast paced romance, add Disarm: The Complete Novel by June Gray, to your TBR list.  

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About the Author:

I am a writer who likes to titillate and enrage, who revels in breaking the reader's heart and putting it back together again. I suck at writing author profiles and I am a loyal fan of Joss Whedon.


  1. Oh, this sounds complicated and very good! I'll have to keep this in mind. Great review, Lindy!

  2. This sounds like a sad but sweet story. I really like the cover. It sounds like an enjoyable book!

    1. It was a very enjoyable book! Yes, it had moments of sadness, and moments of sweetness. Thank You for stopping by!

  3. I had no idea this was going to be published as one book! I already have all the novellas though :D
    Fantastic review :)


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