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Blog Tour: The Faerie War (Creepy Hollow #3) by Rachel Morgan

The Faerie War
Creepy Hollow Series
By:  Rachel Morgan
Published: October 21, 2013
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Creepy Hollow Series:

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My Thoughts:

The Faerie War, by Rachel Morgan, is the third and final book in the Creepy Hollow Series.  I have been a huge fan of these books since I began the first book in the series, The Faerie Guardian.  I think all of the book covers in this series are absolutely beautiful, magical looking, and reflect the "feel" of the series itself.  Whenever, I read a book from the Creepy Hollow Series, I am transported to another realm.  Creepy Hollow might have come from Ms. Morgan's outstanding and creative imagination, but it has taken root in my heart, and I can see it clearly in my head.  Imagine a beautiful place, lush with green plants, and majestic trees, colorful flowers, waterfalls, bugs that glow, various magical creatures.  There is a variety of fae, from faeries, pixies, elves, Reptiscilla's (Reptile looking fae) etc.  There are other creatures that live in the distance such as mermaids, "shrinking dragons," shapeshifting pets, creatures; half man, half Lion, etc.  This is the beautiful place Ms. Morgan has created, and it's a place that I've loved since I first discovered its existence.

The Faerie War continued where The Faerie Prince left off.  Vi has completely lost her memory of everything that she has ever loved, and doesn't realize that she is responsible for her current state of being.  She had been captured by Reptiscilla's, an enemy of the faerie guardians, but has found a temporary home in the underground with a sweet, older, and wise Reptiscilla, Farrah.  She is the grandmother of "Jamon," who will be the leader one day.  At first, Jamon and most of the other Reptiscilla's didn't trust Vi, until the day she saves Jamon's life from one of Draven's (the enemy's) brainwashed followers.  Then, she becomes a part of the community, grows closer to Jamon, and establishes a friendship with Natesa, a sweet and friendly Reptiscilla female that is around Vi's age.

A month has passed since, "The Destruction," which is where Draven came into unbelievable power, and destroyed Creepy Hollow along with most of the Fae Realm.  Many of the Fae died, or were captured and brainwashed with a powerful spell, which made them do Draven's bidding.  His goal is to take over the Fae realm, and eventually the human world as well.  So, Vi and Jamon go off to get other Fae and magical creatures to ally themselves with, in the hope of eventually overthrowing Draven.  In the meantime, Ryn was sent on a special mission and wasn't around when "The Destruction" took place.  When he achieves his mission, he learns about what happened, and visits Creepy Hollow in the hopes of finding his family and Vi.  He is astonished to see the state of his home, and is determined to locate his loved ones.  In the meantime, Ryn joins forces with the faerie guardians that survived, and are in hiding, going on search and rescue missions.  While on one of his missions, he locates Vi, but he is devastated when he realizes that she doesn't remember him.  Vi is part of an ancient prophecy, that states that she, along with another person, referred to as "The Star," are the only ones that will be able to bring down Draven.  So, Vi and Ryn embark on a dangerous and adventurous journey to find "The Star."

The Faerie War was quite an adventure.  This story had an amazing setting, was full of crazy and imaginative plot twists, with never-ending action and suspense!  Whew!  This story was a thrill ride a minute.  I loved the element of romance in this story too.  I've been a huge fan of Ryn, since the first book in the series.  I haven't been able to stop swooning over this kick-Butt, Snarky, Flirty, loyal and romantic character.  However, in The Faerie War, my love for Ryn grew ten-fold.  It was so hard seeing him sad and in pain after he realized Vi didn't remember him.  However, I respected how he went out of his way to make her feel comfortable, and cared about.  He didn't want to rush her or put pressure on her, but just by being himself, he made her fall in love with him all over again.  Vi made a huge amount of character growth in this story.  She grew wiser, more mature, learned patience, and a bit more about sacrifice.  I've always loved how Vi is a strong, female lead, who can kick butt.  Yet, the changes she made in this book made me love her even more.  Whereas before "The Destruction," she was always obsessed with competition and being "The Best," at everything; in this book she finally grew up, and turned into one amazing faerie guardian.      

My Rating:

I give The Faerie War, by Rachel Morgan, 4 Fantastic, Romantic, Suspense-filled, Action-Packed Stars!  The Creepy Hollow Series is phenomenal!  It is a great young adult, fantasy series that has kept me quickly turning pages, and this adventure has kept me completely hooked.  It is creative, imaginative, fun, romantic, and takes me to another place.  A place where magic is prevalent, beauty is everywhere, love and friendship blossom, and danger lurks around every corner, ready to destroy it all.  If you love YA Fantasy, the Creepy Hollow Series is one of my absolute favorites!

My Favorite Quotes:

"I smile, but I feel hollowness forming inside me.  Is that all I had with this guy?Arguing and kissing, I say slowly.  Was our relationship about anything more than that?  Of course, he says with a laugh.  Way more.  I watch his face grow series.  Maybe he can tell I don't really believe him.  He comes closer and gently takes my face in both his hands.  His eyes won't let me look away.  It was about growing up together.  It was about knowing your fears and dreams.  It was about forgiveness.  It was about making you laugh and being there when you cried.  It was about knowing that even if we lived for centuries, I'd never get tired of having you by my side."  (eARC, Loc. 2055)

~Vi & Ryn

"Are you telling me I have to win your heart all over again?  I'm pretty sure that's not what I'm telling him, but when he smiles at me like that I think it might not be such a bad idea.  So I shrug and say, I guess.  The smile curls higher, making his eyes sparkle.  Challenge accepted."  (eARC, Loc. 2062)

~Ryn & Vi

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Vi-Faerie Guardian

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About the Author:

Rachel Morgan was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. After completing a degree in genetics, she decided science wasn’t for her—after all, they didn’t approve of made-up facts. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults.  When she isn't writing, she's reading (duh!), catching up on addictive TV series, and baking things that almost always include chocolate.

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  1. This sounds like an awesome series, and I haven't read any of the books yet. I just may have to add it to my enormous TBR shelf, though, because I love books with faeries, and I also enjoy series that know when to end.

    Great review, Lindy :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  2. With all the magical craatures and what seems like a gorgeous serting, this must be a fun series. It's clear that you enjoyed the Faerie War, Lindy. Nice review!


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