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Book Review: Like Gravity by Julie Johnson

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Like Gravity

By:  Julie Johnson
Published:  August 26, 2013
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Mature Content:  17 & Up
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GR's Summary:

Twenty year-old Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief. After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six, Brooklyn is guarded, damaged, and – by all accounts – a bitch. And that’s just the way she likes it, if it means keeping everyone at arm’s length. 

When she stumbles, quite literally, into Finn Chambers – campus ladies’ man and the lead singer of a local band —she’s unprepared for his persistence in befriending her, and for the dangerous attraction she begins to feel for him. 

Because with Finn, she knows it would be more than just sex. 

More than just friendship. 

And maybe even more than just love. 

When a sinister presence from her past reemerges, Brooklyn will be pushed to her breaking point. For the first time in fifteen years, she will confront both her grief and her memories, as she plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with an unforeseen enemy. 

Because sometimes, the demons we must confront aren’t only on the inside...


My Take on this Journey

Like Gravity, by Julie Johnson is a phenomenal debut novel that is in my top 10 for the year!  I couldn't stop reading this book, and I still want more.  The range and depth of this story is amazing.  The characters are all essential to the novel, well developed, and have full character growth within the story.  The reader is magically transported by Ms. Johnson into the fairytale life of Brooklyn, "Bee" Turner.  Entranced by her mother, the beautiful, loving, tender, epitome of what a mom should be.  She's a talented musician with the voice of a nightingale, an artist that creates a castle atmosphere with majestic characters on the walls of her daughter's bedroom, and a storyteller that weaves the most amazing stories at bedtime.  She is ripped from the sweet 6 year old Brooklyn in a parking lot at the grocery store, where she is gunned down before her very eyes.  Her nightmare begins where her life, as she knows it, ends.  Brooklyn is consumed on a nightly basis.  She see's the masked man, the bad man, that hurt her mommy and took her away that awful day, and hears his voice in her ear.  Bee, as only her mom called her, is in the backseat in her car seat, and the killer didn't see her there cause she is so small.  Bee unbuckles herself and hits the man in the face.  He loses control of her mom's SUV, and is caught by the swarm of police cars.  He uses Brooklyn as a human shield with the police, tells her it's all her fault he got caught, and threatens her.  Brooklyn is put in the hospital, when the maniac cuts her with the glass from the windshield.  Brooklyn had to testify against him in court.  The man, Ernest Skinner, was put in San Quentin, and Brooklyn wouldn't have to worry about him for about 25 years.  Brooklyn is thrown into the foster system, while they look for her rich father that she has never known. While at one foster home, she learns a quick lesson that life isn't like her mommy told her it was.  Brooklyn loses her voice.  She won't speak to anyone.  As far as they are concerned she is frustrating and strange.  No one understands her until an older foster boy reaches out to her, comforts her, tells her stories with HEA's, and is protective of the sweet, lost little girl. Though he tells her these stories for her benefit, he also tells her life is not like that for the two of them.  One night Brooklyn finally talks, only in front of the boy, and tells the boy that he can call her Bee.  It takes 6 months to find her father, and he was not worth the wait.  Her father is a man with a lack of sensitivity, there is no connection between them, and he leaves Brooklyn with one nanny after another, while he travels around the world, and never gives her what she needs emotionally. Her father goes  through nannies like underwear,  gets tired of them, and moves on to the next new, shiny nanny. 

Fast forward, and Brooklyn is in her sophomore year of college.  She and her only friend, the fiery red head, Lexi, have been friends of sorts, since she moved into her father's neighborhood.  Brooklyn has never had friends, but Lexi gives her no choice in the matter, she describes her like a tornado that flew into her life.  They are now living in an old house as roommates, going to college together, and never talk about Brooklyn's past.  Lexi has never asked her questions, and Brooklyn likes things that way.  Lexi is a boy crazy girl, self absorbed, and is in love with love.  Brooklyn keeps everyone at arms length, is called the "Ice B****," because she doesn't give any part of herself to any guy.  She has casual sex with guys, never allowing them into her space, and leaves when she's done. Brooklyn has never had a real relationship with anyone, until the day she literally is thrown into the supple hands of the most gorgeous guy in the world, Finn Chambers, who she thinks is arrogant and a smart a** from the moment he chides with her, even though he saves her from her fall.

Finn Chambers is the lead singer in a band, he has the most beautiful, penetrating blue eyes on the planet, and has a long line of  groupies that want him to get into their pants.  He makes no commitments with girls, and likes things that way.  He is known as the "hit it and quit it" man.  There is another side to this guy that no one see's, until the day he meets Brooklyn and is drawn to her, and continues to pursue her.  Little by little the reader is drawn into the story of Finn's life, in which he comes from the foster system as well, when his parents were killed in a car crash when he was 8 years old. These two are dynamic on the written page. Very slowly, Brooklyn lets down her shield, and allows Finn into her personal space.  These two make an unlikely couple, that take your breath away.  Their love scenes are amazing.

There is an eerie feeling, and a presence that Brooklyn can't escape.  The torment of her constant nightmares, the feeling that someone is watching her, and following her are always present.  Then come phone calls, with someone breathing on the line, but not saying a word.  Mysteriously,  black roses show up on her nightstand, in her room, without a trace of a break in to her apartment.  She is freaked out, but not putting it all together.  On her own, she decides to see a psychiatrist, and with this decision, she unlocks the key to all the sadness and loss that she has buried so deep within her core.  Her good dreams are realized, as she puts the missing pieces of her life back together, and she tries to live in the moment for the first time in her life.

I loved this story, and the prose as written by Ms. Johnson are magical as they fall from the page.  The reader will not get enough.  I want more and look forward to a sequel from this new, exciting, all encompassing storyteller who weaves a picture in the readers mind that is like a watercolor etched and unforgettable. This is truly an incredibly sad journey full of so many emotions. The reader can feel Brooklyn's loneliness, distrust, fright towards ever loving and losing anyone again, and her new found inner strength in learning how to let go of what should have been for what is in front of her now.  I feel so lucky to have reviewed this debut novel.  There are so many aspects to this story, and quite unbelievable that it could be a first for Ms. Johnson, it is so incredible.  You will be floored like I was.  Don't let this book escape your TBR.  You will be amazed at the incredible talent of this young author, and your heart will rip into shreds.  Have your tissues ready!

I give Like Gravity, by Julie Johnson 5+ Amazing, Tormented, Broken Hearted, Re-united, Soul Mate Filled Love Stars!

Casting By Ms. Johnson:

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About the Author:

Julie Johnson is a twenty-two year old Boston native. When she’s not writing, Julie can most often be found drinking too much coffee, stalking Goodreads for new books to add to her ever-growing TBR list, watching reruns of Veronica Mars, or studying psychology. Julie enjoys cooking, travel, photography, and spending time with her friends and family.

Like Gravity is her first novel.

Nothing makes her happier than talking with her readers! So please, please, please feel free to add her as a friend on Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or whatever form of social media floats your boat.


  1. First time hearing about this book. It sounds like the author truly captured the emotions she wants the readers to feel.

    Lovely review!

  2. What a gorgeous cover! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That was a great review. I can almost feel how it is to be Brooklyn. Living with the ghost of tragedy. Grief never ever leaves us. What we can do is learn to live with it. I'd love to see how she goes through that. :)

  4. This was an excellent review. The character development seems very well done, as do the location descriptions. I will check into this one!
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  5. Great review.Miss Julie Johnson is quite a story teller.I will check this one..a truly captivating story!

  6. Sounds like a great book! And that is one striking cover too. Loved the review.

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