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Blog Tour: Memphis Nights by Ninette Swann

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Memphis Nights
By:  Ninette Swann
Published: Sept. 17, 2013
Resplendence Publishing
Source:  Author
Mature Content:18 & Up

GR's Summary:

Aster Dunn has an axe to grind against the entire world. Just twenty-one, the girl is one of Memphis' top bounty hunters, spurred to action when her parents were brutally murdered by criminals on the run. She lives alone and hopes to die alone, quickly and heroically. The first time police officer Brian Cultry interrupts her catch, she chalks it up to bad luck. The second time, she's not letting him go. She needs all the help she can get because keeping Dick Harbinger off the streets isn't business. It's personal.

When her two-faced friend, Laurette, breaks into her apartment with Dick and sets her on the run, she finds herself knocking on Brian's door—or, more accurately, lying in his bed. Now she has to choose between protecting her friends or saving herself.

Police officer Brian Cultry had always put his job first, until he met Aster Dunn. After a night together, he can't get the woman out of his mind, and agrees to help her bring in her next catch…from the other side of the law. Together they learn whom to trust and whom to burn.

My Take on this Journey:

Memphis Nights, by Ninette Swann was a fast paced story.  I loved the adventure, angst, drama, and danger that followed the main character, Aster Dunn, Tennessee's #1 Bounty Hunter, wherever she went.  This was really exciting and full of surprises.  Aster was on her own since she was 15 years old.  Her mother was murdered when Aster was 5 years old, and she was brought up by her father, Jimmy Dunn, an outstanding policeman at the time, gone wayward to become the fiercest Bounty Hunter with his reputation for being a rogue. He wanted revenge for his wife's murder, so he did things his way from that point forward.

Aster was like her father in every way.  She was brash, ruthless, hardened, callous, and didn't care if she died.  As far as she was concerned, the criminals took her parents and she was going to get them all.  

She never made friends or let any man get close to her until the day she ran into a young, good looking officer, Brian Cultry, that messes up her bounty catch.  Brian and Aster banter a bit at the beginning of the story, but as it goes along, they become quite obsessed, and hot and heavy with each other. To try to make up for the lost money, she covers as a stripper in a bar, and befriends a woman named Laurette.  Laurette's boyfriend, Dick Harbiner, a scum bag whose voice reminds Aster of her father's killer, is the next criminal she wants to bring down.  Dick crosses the line with Aster, when he beats Laurette.  Then, not only is Aster after a new collar, she is after blood, cause now it has become personal.

This was a great little story with a lot of intrigue, excitement, love play, and danger.  I loved this quick paced novella, and the characters will get under your skin.  Aster grows in this story, and lets her guard down, which she has never done since her parents died. Aster is hard on the exterior, but as you read her story it all plays out, and the reader understands where she has come from and why she is afraid to move forward.  She is very belligerent, independent, yet, she is broken, scared, and lonely.   Definitely a story worth putting on your TBR.  Ms. Swann does a great job bringing all the characters to life, giving you well rounded characters, and an exciting thrill ride.  The intimate scenes are great and the entire story was well written.  You're heart will go out to this wonderful character.

I give, Memphis  Nights, by Ninette Swann, 3.5 Exciting, Dangerous, Second Chance
At Life Stars! 

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About the Author:

When not writing her next romance, Ninette Swann spends her days rock-climbing and taming wild horses. Or not. You decide. Or ask her about it at
She lives with her amazing husband and children in Florida…not to be confused with Miami, unfortunately.

Ninette Swann loves to talk to her readers and can be found at or @ninetteswann on Twitter.


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  1. This looks like a good novella. I would probably like it since I used to live sorta close toMemphis. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ro!

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  3. Memphis Nights sounds like a great read!

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