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Book Review: Trish, Just Trish (This Can't Be Happening #2) by Lynda LeeAnne

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Trish, Just Trish
This Can't Be Happening Series
By:  Lynda LeeAnne
Published:  Feb. 28, 2013
Source:  Author
Mature Content:  18 & Up

GR's Summary:

Patricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does, the ghosts won’t stay away. A childhood incident nearly ruined her life. A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to shreds. She isn’t the same feisty, fearless bitch she used to be… or is she?

What will happen when the person she screwed over storms back into her life? She freaks. Is it for the reason she’s always hoped for… that Tony Lopez, the breathtakingly sexy Latino love of her life, has finally decided to forgive her? Hell no. Will he demand her complete submission? Yes. Will he make her life hell? Double yes. Will she, in return, torture him? Hell-to-the-yes. Will her past come back to haunt her? Absolutely.

Author’s warning: Including, but not limited to: a deep, dark childhood, lots and lots of cussing (as in, A LOT), a ton of fighting, maybe hair pulling, a bitch with a vulnerable side, and last, but not least, über possessive, over obsessive, crazy hot alpha males on the verge of needing therapy… and maybe a tear or two.

This Can't Be Happening Series:

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My Take on This Journey:

Trish, just Trish, by Lynda LeeAnne, is Ahmazing!!!  I can't even describe how much of a thrill ride this segment of the This Can't Be Happening Series is, but let me tell you readers, you are in for the ride of your life!!!  I loved the first book, Lexi, Baby, but couldn't see how Ms. LeeAnne would be able to top it.  Let me just say, that this book was unputdownable!  I am still reeling from this unforgettable journey.

Trish was a wild card.  You never knew what you were going to get from her, but you always knew that what you saw was the real thing.  She was straight forward, honest to a fault, loyal, loving, passionate, filled with angst and anger.  Her broken life showed through like a crystal clear window.  She was a beautifully woven character who was unforgettable in every way.  I loved everything about her.  Trish came from a broken family, an abusive mother, with a perverse side to her.  One day she left Trish with a man she knew was abusive, and that result was the beginning of a nightmarish hell Trish would never escape.  The tormented dreams never ended.  Her only solace was her loving father and her step mother Gayle.  They tried fervently to give her a normal life, and their love for one another was evident in every way.  The family dynamic between these three was awesome.

Tony Lopez was a hunk of eye candy every woman wanted, and most tasted, by he only had love for one woman, Trish.  Unfortunately, he had an OCD personality, and had to possess her in every way.  The moment a man touched her, even innocently, he went crazy with insecurity and jealousy.  Trish has a secret only her best friend Lexi knows, but she won't reveal it to Tony, even though she knows it could fix all their problems.  She wants everything to work itself out naturally, so she knows it has to all come from a place of honesty.  Unfortunately, this causes an abundance of head on collusions between the two of them.

Tony is a ladies man in every way.  He could melt the panties off any woman with just a smile.  He broke a lot of hearts, and didn't think twice about it.  He tried hard to forget Trish when she hurt him so deeply, he couldn't breathe or think straight.  He knew the real answers, but wouldn't allow himself the chance to feel again.  One day, two years after their break up, Tony lands on her doorstep and tells her to pack her s***.  She is in shock, thinks that he has finally realized the truth about an incident that changed the course of their relationship, involving his manipulative, pain in the a** step sister, Destiny.  It isn't why he's back.  She goes with him to protect Lexi and her family from getting drawn in to the dangerous hands of a ruthless murderer.  This novel is full of well rounded characters, excitement, thrills, twists and turns, and a whole lot of lovin'!

Trish, just Trish was a page turner.  There is a ruthless quality about Tony, yet a tender, daring side to him also.  Trish shows her hard shell exterior, yet she is a sweet, loving, innocent, girl inside that just wants to be loved and wanted by the only man she's ever loved.  Together they make a dynamic couple, and a hell of a sexy couple.  The language is explicit, and the love/sex scenes will leave you wanting for more.  Ms. LeeAnne can write a love that jumps off the pages.  Let me tell you that you won't forget this ride.  Put in on your TBR, and don't let it sit there too long or you will be sorry.  This series is on my favorite's shelf!  I can't wait to start, Adam, Enough Said.  Be looking for my review, that will be posted next Wednesday!

I give Trish, Just Trish, by Lynda LeeAnne, 5++, Favorite, Exciting, Explosive, Pushing The Limits Stars!!!

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About the Author:

Let's see... I'm a rookie romance author, passionate book lover, drama enthusiast, trouble maker & hopeless romantic. I'm a wife, full-time mother of two handsome little boys and step-mother to a very beautiful pre-teen. I also work a full-time 9 to 5. Writing has been a wonderful escape for me and I never realized how much fun it would be until I got started.

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