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Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins

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(Temptation #1)
By:  Karen Ann Hopkins
Published:  June 26, 2012
Pub. By:  Harlequin Teen
Source:  Publisher

GR's Summary:

Your heart misleads you.
That's what my friends and family say.  

But I love Noah. 
And he loves me.  

We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each other's arms. 

It should be  


forever, easy. 

But it won't be. 

Because he's Amish. 
And I'm not.

Lindy's Thoughts: 

Temptation was a great story!  I love reading forbidden romances, and this one caught my attention for many reasons!  I love the book cover, my interest was piqued by the main male character being Amish, and I love Harlequin!  As I began reading, I found myself getting more and more into the story.  This was not a fast-paced read, by any means, but it didn't drag either.  It had a great storyline that took all the time it needed to fully develop the characters, and the relationship between the two main characters, Rose and Noah.  I loved how the author used the dual perspectives of both of these character's to give us the whole story. 

The story starts with 16 year old Rose, her father, and her brothers, having moved into a new house in the country in Ohio.  Rose, and her brothers are not happy about this, because they have all of their friends, and memories in the city of Cincinnati, where they had lived their whole life.  Their new home is a dilapidated fixer-upper, and Rose just knows that if her mother had not died ten months ago, this move would never have taken place.  Rose's father is an E.R doctor who works crazy hours, leaving Rose, and her two brother's (Sam, who is 17, and Justin, who is 12) alone most of the time.  While settling in the first day of moving in, Rose's neighbor, and his two sons come and introduce themselves to Rose's family.  The family's interest is peaked when they learn that their neighbors are Amish, and Rose is drawn to the second eldest son Noah.  He is good-looking, and she can't help staring at him, and getting butterfly's in her stomach.  Noah is also attracted, and curious about Rose.  With his first glimpse of her, she is wrestling with her brother, soaked with mud, and not acting like the typical lady in his culture.  He also can't help noticing how beautiful she is, and has never been as fascinated by a female, as he is with her.  Right away you can feel the chemistry that Rose, and Noah share, and reading each of there first impressions of the other person, does a good job of seeing the characters clearly, and feeling their mutual interest and attraction.  From this point on, these two will fall for one another, and there will be no looking back!

I really enjoyed learning about the Amish culture while reading Temptation.  I got a lot of insight into the style of dress, courting rituals, religious services, modes of transportation, actions that are frowned upon, shunning, and the roles that men and women play in this culture.  I found it all very fascinating, and enjoy a good story where I can learn something new.  I also loved Noah, and Rose.  They were well-rounded characters, and I got a really good feel for their personalities, morals, upbringing, and background histories.  The plot was highly entertaining!  There were a lot of conflicts that Noah and Rose had to deal with, and the whole time I was connected to these character's so much that I felt like I was a part of the story.  I enjoyed the plot twists, and even though I predicted a few of them, there were also a few little surprises, and one huge surprise!  There wasn't any insta-love in this story.  Rose and Noah really got to know one another, and connected emotionally, aside from there intense chemistry, and attraction!  Noah was drawn to Rose's adventurous spirit, innocence, the way she spoke her mind, and wore her emotions.  Rose was attracted to Noah's maturity, gentlemanly ways, the way he treated her, and the person he was.  Noah came off as a bit controlling, and jealous in the story, but that did not make me dislike him in the least.  It was obvious that he was a good guy, and that a lot of his ideas originated from the Amish culture, and his upbringing.  Rose got jealous at times too, but these two were madly in love, they were inexperienced, and this was their first time being in a relationship.

I give Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins an Addicting, and Unforgettably Tempting 4 Stars!  I recommend this story to readers that enjoy YA Contemporary Romance, reading about other culture's, and like reading about a forbidden romance!  This is such a beautiful love story, that I had trouble putting it down.  I am thrilled that I get to read Belonging (Temptation #2) next, and can't wait to see where Ms. Hopkins takes this series!!!!!  If you haven't read Temptation, I highly recommend that you check it out!!!  

My Favorite Quotes: 

"It was just an illusion, thinking that we could master our pathetic little worlds.  The forces of nature, whether they were Mom's cancer or the flood rushing by my feet, were beyond my command, and they could steal all the happiness away in a heartbeat."
~Rose (Kindle Loc 43)

"The thing I wasn't used to, though, was the way this Amish guy looking at me was affecting my body. As if it had just come out of a deep hibernation-all the fluttering and tingling vibrations that were now popping up in the center of my belly were spreading out, letting me know that I was really alive, after all the troubles of the past year."  
~Rose (Kindle Loc 105)

"I wasn't like the English boys who'd chase after her if they had the chance.  She would come to our wedding bed a virgin, even if it killed me.  Frankly, the way she kissed me back, she wasn't going to make it easy on me."  
~Noah (Kindle Loc 2040)

"I loved touching him, and I was feeling more comfortable with it.  He was my guy now, and that still amazed me.  I was astonished by the feelings I was experiencing.  They were so powerful.  Mountain-moving strength.  I wondered if everyone felt this way when they fell in love.  Yes, I had thought the L word and I knew that it was true.  I had fallen in love with this Amish boy, and I couldn't do anything about it.  He would forever own my heart."  
~Rose (Kindle Loc 2353)

"Somehow we'd make it work.  Even if it meant that I'd have to turn away from the Amish.  I would rather be with Rose and live the English way than be without her, living a lie with another woman."  
~Noah (Kindle Loc 3616)

Ria’s Thoughts 

Wow, what an amazing and different read this was.  We’ve all read about the forbidden loves that manage a way to overcome certain adversity, this is very much UNLIKE anything you have ever read.  It was for me at least!  I enjoyed all of the dialogue and description that took place in this heart-wrenching novel!  It shows us how powerful, and how vulnerable women can be at the same time.

T-urbulence, no one would understand and no one would accept their union.
E-motions, no longer able to mask, no longer able to hide. Their love apparent.
M-other, one gone, one hesitant, and one willing to risk a great deal defending what she believes is best. 
P-romise, when one loves, and loves true, promises become oaths, binding two souls.
T-ruth, once it comes out, these two will face their greatest challenge yet.
A-llure, nothing, not parents, not rules, not even death, will or can keep these two apart. 
T-emptation, always believed to be a great evil, but how could God bring these two together, if such a union were not meant to be.
I-ndignation, hurtful mean girls will not believe what is about to happen...This man will do what it takes to ensure her happiness and wellbeing. 
O-thers, will judge, and will never approve, but I have a feeling their love will over come.
N-aught, after everything these two have fought for, it would shatter my heart to bits knowing that it was all for nothing. 

This love story shows us how difficult love can be, when faced with cultural differences. I admired the family dynamic the Amish have, but love the typical English family's bickering, banter, and love.  The writing was seamless.  I remained in this world, and every turn of the page I wanted more.  Jacob and Sam were perfect brothers for Noah, and Rose!  They were instrumental in showing us just how different our worlds are...I know I would simply die w/o my Mac, Macbook Air, iPad, iPad 4, Nook hd, Kindle fire hd, iPhone’s, iPod Classic, and my 4 generations of Nano’s...Okay I know that's a lot...I’m kind of a tech junkie...Sorry  :/ Anyhoo...That.Is.Love. For a look at a different world, read this book!!!

My Fav’s

Who doesn’t love to ride horses?  Crazy people!!  lol Jk but I love to ride so I enjoyed reading about Lady and I enjoyed her personality.  Rose is a smart, ambitious, and a beautiful girl.  A little piece of her is broken, and she feels as though Noah is the only person she could ever love.  I enjoyed her strength and her independent spirit. 

GAWJESS, protective, honest, kind, loving, loyal, faithful, devoted, commited...I can go on, trust me...Noah is the real deal.  He felt connected to Rose, and never once doubted his feelings for her.  I admired the way he cared for her so deeply, and was truly devoted. 

I’m not sure how these two will make it, but I hope they do, and I can’t wait to continue this series to find out :)

My Fav Quote

“Success is sweeter and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats.”
~Amos Bronson Alcott (Kindle Loc 4351)

My Rating

4.0 Colt, Hope, Corn Field, Buggy, Rumor, Secret note, Late night phone call, First Love, Conversion filled Stars!  For those looking for a sweet love story with a twist, I recommend this book! 

Ro's Thoughts: 

Temptation, by Karen Ann Hopkins, was phenomenal!  This is Harlequin at it's best!  I have been reading Harlequin novels since I was a teen, and they have only gotten better with time.  This is a wonderful story of forbidden love.  Noah, an Amish boy, who is gorgeous, with wavy hair, and star quality, has been brought up with strict traditions and values, which are enforced in a communal enviornment.  Noah meets Rose, a beautiful non-
Amish girl, referred to as, "English," because anyone not Amish is referred to this way.  Rose completely enthralls Noah.  He has never met a girl like her, and he wants to know everything about her.  Noah loves her spontenaity, forthrightness, beauty, and witt.  She is the complete opposite of all the Amish girls he has been brought up with, and around. 

I loved the slow build of each setting; baby steps, if you will, that aren't the norm in YA novels today.  Stick with the book, Ms. Hopkins is laying the foundation for a wonderful saga.  It made each new phase of Rose and Noah's relationship monumental.  The secret trysts they had to create in order to be together were exciting, just like new love always is.  The major difference were the hardships they had to endure in order to keep their love a secret from the prying eyes of the Amish Community.  If they got caught together, the consequences would be detrimental to Noah.  Love prevails, and just the thought of a fleeting glance was enough to get them through till the next time they were together again.  None the less, they always had to be aware of eyes falling upon them, by anyone in the community.  If they weren't careful enough, it would get back to his parents, and there would be consequences to be paid.  The shared smiles, the rides on their horses, barely touching one another, would leave them breathless, and the electricity was in the air.  These were all moments they looked forward to.   

I loved learning about the Amish history of traditions, mores, faith, values, and detailed accounts about their everyday participation in society.  Although a bit backwards at times, with their ways of living, compared to the way things are today, I felt the Amish had a great love for their family, their community, their friends, and one another.  Their loyalty was unyielding for those closest to them, especially their mates. 

Noah and Rose were wonderfully rounded characters, gorgeous, knowledgable, loving to a fault, daring at times, and clear cut about their feelings for one another.  Though Rose loved Noah, and would do anything to please him, sometimes I felt it was at the enormous cost of her own feelings and beliefs.  On the other hand, Noah loved Rose, but he was a bit unyielding, though in his thoughts, he perceived that he would do anything for Rose.  The controversy at every corner was unyielding, and I felt that Rose endured a lot of self sacrifice unnecessarily.  Sometimes, the obstacles seemed unsurmountable, and the consequences outrageous. 
As Kahlil Gibran famously said, "Love knows not its depth, until the hour of seperation."  This quote rings true, being a tough lesson that Rose has had to endure, at such a young age, with the death of her beloved mother. Rose knows that Noah is the answer to her pain, and her new beginning.  The reader has the distinct impression that Rose is broken, and needs true love to mend her heart.  

I give Temptation, by Karen Ann Hopkins, 4 longing, loving, secret new love stars!!!  Put this on your TBR.  It is worth it!  This is just the beginning of a wonderful saga.    


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About the Author:

A native of New York State, Karen Ann Hopkins now lives with her family on a farm in northern Kentucky, where her neighbors in all directions are members of a strict Amish community. Her unique perspective became the inspiration for the story of star-crossed lovers Rose and Noah. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, giving riding lessons or tending to a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, she is dreaming up her next romantic novel.

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  1. Great post and reviews. I have seen this book, but haven't read it yet. I like Amish stories.

  2. Awww, thanks Ellen, you're such a sweetheart! This series is highly addicting, and I think you would really enjoy it! It was so good, and the sequel, Belonging was amazing as well!


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