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Blog Tour: Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield

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(Chantress Trilogy #1)
By:  Amy Butler Greenfield
Published:  May 7, 2013
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Source:  Publisher

GR's Summary:

Lucy’s Chantress magic will make her the most powerful—and most hunted—girl in England. 

“Sing, and the darkness will find you.” This warning has haunted fifteen-year-old Lucy ever since she was eight and shipwrecked on a lonely island. Lucy’s guardian, Norrie, has lots of rules, but the most important is that Lucy must never sing. Not ever. Now it is 1667, Lucy is fifteen, and on All Hallows’ Eve, Lucy hears a tantalizing melody on the wind. She can’t help but sing—and she is swept into darkness. 

When she awakes in England, Lucy hears powerful men discussing Chantresses—women who can sing magic into the world. They are hunting her, but she escapes and finds sanctuary with the Invisible College, an organization plotting to overthrow the nefarious Lord Protector. The only person powerful enough to bring about his downfall is a Chantress. And Lucy is the last one in England. 

Lucy struggles to master the song-spells and harness her power, but the Lord Protector is moving quickly. And her feelings for Nat, an Invisible College apprentice and scientist who deeply distrusts her magic, only add to her confusion... 

Time is running out, and the fate of England hangs in the balance in this entrancing novel that is atmospheric and lyrical, dangerous and romantic.

Lindy's Thoughts

I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield.  I was drawn to the beautiful, and magical book cover.  Once I read the synopsis, I was highly intrigued, for I had never read a book about a Chantress or anything similar.  As I began this story, my interest was piqued, as I learned about Lucy, the main character in the story.  She lived on a deserted island with an elder woman, her caretaker, Norrie, who was very superstitious, and had all kinds of rigid and ritualized rules for Lucy to follow.  Lucy's memory was not very good, and all she could remember was landing on the island when she was young, minus her mother (who she had very hazy and scattered memories about.)  It was assumed that Lucy's mother had been lost to the Sea, and as such, Lucy, and Norrie were stranded on the island, with the hope of being rescued one day.  However, everything changed on, All Hallows Eve, when Lucy heard a song on the breeze calling to her.  Against Norrie's frequent orders (Lucy was never to sing under any circumstances,) Lucy sang with the longing to return home to London.  Before she knew it, there was darkness, and Lucy was transferred from the island to London, minus Norrie. 

This was the beginning of a mysterious time in Lucy's life, where questions would be answered, dangers would lurk at every corner, discoveries would be made on a daily basis, and Lucy's life would forever change, as she had known it.

I enjoyed Chantress, because I liked reading about something that hasn't been overdone, namely Chantresses.  I loved hearing the origin story of where Chantresses came from, the histories of Lucy's powerful ancestors that had been Chantresses, the structured and difficult training Lucy had to endure, the two different types of magic performed by Chantresses,  and seeing Lucy become more powerful every day, as she came into her own magic.  I also enjoyed the historical setting in the story.  I became more familiar with England in the late 1600's, the food and clothing of the time period, the invisible college that was made of mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, and alchemists, and the experimentation with the microscope,  and firebox (a cast-iron stove,) among other things.  I related to their thirst for knowledge, and admired the passion, and persistence that they used to discover more about the world that they lived in.  The world-building was phenomenal, and I could easily visualize the setting of time and place.  Ms.  Greenfield's descriptions were perfect.  As far as pacing and plot, the story was slow to develop, and there wasn't any instant love.  As a matter of fact the story did not focus on romance.  There was an attraction/chemistry between Lucy, and Nat, but there wasn't really any romance in this story.  I would have liked the pace of the story to go a little faster, and to have had more romance in the story.  However, it was nice focusing on Lucy, as a strong, powerful, lead character, that empowered herself, and dedicated herself to learning the necessary magic, and song spells.  I also enjoyed reading about the secondary characters, Norrie, Nat, Penebrygg, Sir Barnaby, Lady Helaine, and various members of the invisible college.  They were well-written, each served a purpose, and they became a tight-nit group that all helped guide Lucy to try to overthrow the powerful, and evil, Scargrave, that employed dark magic, and evil to do his bidding.  Chantress ended in such a way that there wasn't a cliffhanger, but the ending was the perfect set-up for the beginning of the sequel.

Overall, Chantress was a creative, and refreshing new type of fantasy story.  It used history, folklore, magic, and a great imagination, to create a story that is different from anything else I've ever read.  It was slow to develop, had a little romance, and mainly focused on the main character, her goal, and challenges that she had to successfully overcome.  I give Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield 4 stars filled with mystery, wild magic, deception, and a powerful legacy!  This is a story that uses elements of historical fact, and adds in an imaginative and creative fantasy to create a unique, and authentic story that is different from anything that I have ever read!  If you enjoy historical fiction and fantasy combined, Chantress is the perfect combination.  If you enjoy Fantasy, but would like to try something new that has not been overdone, Chantress would be a good choice for a refreshing change of pace!  

My Favorite Quotes

"It was as if singing had pierced a hole in me,  a hole only it could fill."  (Nook, 9)

"I again felt a strong current pass between us, as if we were something more than reluctant allies-as if we somehow knew each other through and through.  (Nook, 150)

"But that was beyond me, at least for the time being.  And perhaps that was just as well.  Some secrets shouldn't be forced.  I needed to be patient, letting the future unfold in its own time and its own way."  (Nook, 243)

The Way Ria Sees it

Was I just wrapped in a song and taken back in time to experience a wonderful adventure?..

I should bloody well, say SO! 

Eeeeep!  I am like on cloud Chantress right now, and it's pretty freakin' AWESOME *sing song voice*

My question upon finishing was, will there be more?  Did some digging,  30 Seconds later...

BAM (Chantress Trilogy #1) 

How awesomely magnanimous is that?  Can’t hardly wait! ERMERGERD, I get two more!!  Yay!  Elation!  No cliffy ending here, it was all quite jolly.  Which I LOVE btw. ;)  Very YA read no “questionable behavior” scenes are even thought of...I was 100% okay with that because I was wrapped up in SONG, turning the pages seeking the final SHOWDOWN!! 

C-hild, safe and protected hidden from the world.
H-aunted, a melody from afar calls its audience towards her destiny.
A-ncestry, lore and unfathomable tales depict an ancient history.
N-aive, so sheltered and safe guarded she gives her trust willingly.
T-yrant, consumed and corrupt by power he will stop at nothing to kill.
R-egal, estranged family of high standing will coach Lucy for her task.
E-nigmatic, and aloof we know there is more to Nat...
S-ecrets, of a painful past, of a bleak future, the truth will burst through.
S-urprise, a promise made, a promise kept, even though it came with a great sacrifice.

Lol, funny thing I haven’t mentioned yet, I pretty much loved this book. 

Stop it... You couldn’t tell... ;) 

In case you missed I’ll say it again!  I LOVED CHANTRESS!!  I loved the cover, (not gonna lie)... "Ria likes pretty things.  "The cover drew me in and...


Not an ounce of disappointment here!  Ms. Greenfield painted a perfect picture, for me.  She wasn’t over the top with the description, she gave me just enough to set fire to my imagination.  Let me tell you, my imagination came alive with song and it spread like "wild magic" fire!  I’m soooo looking forward to part 2 in this trilogy!  Can't wait! 

My Fav’s 

So innocent and young, she wants to find out who she is and where she comes from.  I love her determination, and yes, she was naive, but I loved that quality of hers.  Yes quality!  She trusted those around her no matter how many times she was burned, because she followed her heart.  I see Lucy doing some great things.  I’m totally going to be cheering her along.

So loyal and brave...He tells Lucy that he will be the one to keep her safe.  You know what?  I believe him.  Nat had a pretty rough childhood, as in (someone call Child Protective Services please type of childhood.  He is very guarded, once he realizes what is truly in Lucy’s heart, he lets go and embraces his feelings for her.  Eeeeep!  I can’t wait to find out more about him.  I can see him turning out to be much more than anyone has ever given him credit for.

My Fav Quote

“If anyone is to be trusted, it is not the person who seizes power. It is the person who turns it down.” 

~King Henry (Kindle Loc 2850)

My Rating 

4.5 Musical, Lyrical, Ruby, Diamond, Broken Collar, Apothecary, Grimoire, Shadowgrim, Recovered letter stars!! For those that love YA to the core, and want to have a magical fun adventure, I Highly Highly recommend this book!! Eeeep!

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About The Author

Amy Butler Greenfield was a grad student in history when she gave into temptation and became a writer. Since then, she has become an award-winning author. 
Born in Philadelphia, Amy grew up in the Adirondack Mountains and later studied history at Williams College, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Oxford. She now lives with her family in England, where she writes, bakes double-dark-chocolate cake, and plots mischief.

Amy Butler Greenfield's

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