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eBooks vs. Hard copies
Which do you prefer?  Why?

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While there are pros and cons to both ebooks and hardcopies, I have to say that I prefer ebooks way more!!! When I first started reading ebooks, it was really difficult for me to get into them, because it was something new. I missed the smell, feel, and non-glare of real books, plus I loved collecting  them, and being able to see them displayed prettily on my bookshelves. I especially love looking at all of the pretty book covers. 

However, now that I have been reading ebooks for a few years, I have come to love them so much more!   I have a Kindle Fire, Nook HD, and I-pad Mini filled with ebooks to prove it!!!  It is just so convenient to carry my e-readers every where that I go.  I never leave home without them, and when I have a spare moment, I can just take one of them out and start reading!  I have 900 books on my Nook alone, and my Kindle isn't far behind!  I love how easily I can store them in one small space!  Imagine over 900 books on my bookshelf-I just don't have the room. Plus, sometimes I don't know what I'm going to be in the mood to read.  So, I love the fact that if I go on a vacation or road trip, I have all of my books in one convenient place at my fingertips.  I don't know about you guys, but it just seems to me that I read a lot faster on my e-reader, than if I read a book in hardcopy.  Also, I save a lot of money!!!  When I buy a newly released ebook, I spend an average of $10, but when I buy the hardback, I'm spending $17-$20, so I get more for my money.   With my e-reader, I have discovered so many amazing Indie authors, that are not published in regular book stores, and their books tend to be extremely inexpensive.  Also, with ebooks, I can highlight important passages in different colors, and write my notes without ruining my books!  The settings on e-readers are amazing!  I can change my font size, font style, and font color.  I can also change my background color to black, white or sepia. This comes in handy for people with bad eyesight that need large print!  Also, you can get audio books, comic books, children's books, movies, music, apps, and games on e-reading tablet devices, which is an awesome perk! My paper books on my shelves get dusty, are turning yellow, and get fragile with age. My ebooks will never have this problem, and I'm saving trees :)

Now, I only purchase paper books of my absolute favorite books that are signed by the author.  Even then, I have an e-copy in my e-reader, which is the copy that I read. The hardcopy is primarily for display purposes.  I know that I can get an authorgraph for my e-reader, but I like seeing a real signature and/or comment in the book.  As you can see, I am pro e-books, and they are my reading choice of preference!!!!   I really do think e-readers are the way of the future!  What is your preference?  Please feel free to share your opinion with us!!!

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Not gonna lie folks...I'm part of the problem, you know it.
~The eBook pandemic ~

I can't help it! 
*points finger* 

Don't judge me! 
*hangs head* 

I'm going to list the pozzie's & neggie's of both and my final take.

Convenience!  No traffic, hardly any waiting, instant gratification! 
Highlighting and sharing quotes!
Interactive pages! (links to play songs or view art pertaining to book)
Portable Library!
Lending books KNOWING you'll get em back in 14 days cause they just pop back up!
Evil Voldemort Mouse can't get to them and DESTROY them!!!  Omg, I just had a flash back give me a sec... 
Oh the pain of loss :(

On the Neg
When the battery dies I feel like it takes a piece of my heart. :(

Hard Copy
Smell of print esp a newly purchased book. 
Weapon when being taunted I can yield a book like it's  a sledge hammer. ;)
Actually Holding A BOOK!  You know, the feel of it.
The comfort!  I've been holed up in countless libraries and book stores surrounded by a sense of peace. 
GAAAHHH!! So torn! 

On The Neg
Losing your most precious books... because an evil Voldemort mouse chews its way through a box in your garage and decides to make some sort of evil lair using your precious pieces of literature! 
GAAHH!!  Talk about balling...

The Punchline
I love both for many reasons...But I have to be honest when I say most of my purchases lately have been in the electronic format.

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I must say, that as a child I always loved to admire and carry all my books around with me, and stare at the covers for hours.  I still love to look at my books and my covers, but to read the printed lines on a hard cover book is straining on my eyes.  I know that a lot of people say that reading on computers and electronics is very bad for the eyes, I for one feel that the reading is much faster and smoother.  My eyes don't get blurry and tired like they do when I am reading a hard cover. 

I am known for being electronic crazy!!!  I have my I-Phone, I-Pad, Nook, Kindle, Tablet, Netbook and make sure all of them are fully charged every night.  I never leave home without my devices, because you never know when you're going to get stuck somewhere.  I also have an extra 4G device in case I am out of the area for internet service, a charging device that has 3 portals with different size plugs, that accommodate whichever device may possibly go out when I am on the run. 

I love the fact that I can put my Netflix, Hulu Plus, my music of choice, books, movies, games, and apps depending on the mood I am in.  The features are endless.  From the colors for highlighting, built in dictionary and thesaurus, back light, brightness adjustment, and note taking is a breeze.  Especially, the fact that I can type a note so quickly, no mess, and won't lose it, and return to reading without a lapse makes it even nicer to me. I have really bad eye sight, so the fact that I can make my font as large as I want, make the font as pretty as I like, makes it more personalized.  I just love everything about it! 

As I am sure you realize by now, e-readers/electronics are the way to go for me!  I still love having my other books on hand.  I must say that sometimes I do still like the hardcopies, because it is easy to go back and forth quickly when looking something up, but it is easy to look up on the e-reader also, and I never curl the ends anymore!  LOL ;)

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  1. Basically, I love everything about ebooks except that pesky little problem when you forget to load the device and just slip it into your pocket... grr.

    Other than that, ebooks solve everything that annoyed me about paper books: bad quality paper, creaky spines, really heavy, paper sucking your finger-tips dry (oh yes! lol) too small font, endless pages ahead of you to discourage you etc.

    (also, you guys I so so love your blog but I find that font incredibly hard to read because the letters are so big and so close together - I thought I'd let you know :))

  2. Thanks for participating in our discussion post Laila! You have some excellent points that I hadn't even thought about. Thanks for the advice, we'll keep it in mind for our next discussion post :) We like constructive criticism-anything to make our blog the best that it can possibly be!

  3. Love books! But I have to say the convenience of getting and carrying the books in my Kindle in pretty fabulous!

    1. I totally agree with you Stacey! I love just sitting at the bookstore, and looking at all the different books! I'm like a kid in a candy shop!


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