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Arouse (Spiral of Bliss #1) 

Nina Lane 


Dec 24th 2012
by Snow Queen Publishing
ARC for review
17+ Mature Content

Gr’s Summary

"One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me," he said.
And he did.
Struggling with a tormented past, undergraduate Olivia Winter once led a practical but isolated life. Then she met Professor Dean West, a brilliant scholar of medieval history who melted Liv's inhibitions and taught her the meaning of both love and erotic pleasure. But after three years of a blissful, lusty marriage, Liv and Dean now face a crisis that threatens everything they believe about each other...and sex might not be enough to save them.

The Way I See It

Arouse was a very sexy, fun, and intriguing read.  I zipped right through it, curious as to what would happen next.  I enjoyed the several different things Ms. Lane did.  Most of the story is in Liv’s POV, but we also get Dean’s POV, and it's perfect.  Also, when its time to get a “back story,” it's more than that.  Ms. Lane takes us back in time to show us all of the raw emotions, and the events that brought our dear Olivia and Dean together.  I enjoyed the different tempos of this wonderful novel!  I also really, really enjoyed the side characters!  Kelsey was a breath of fresh air, snarky and sexy!  There are a couple of things that happen that are shocking and pretty hard to deal with, but life is shocking and hard to deal with.  I recommend this book for a dramatic entertaining read that shows us even perfection isn’t always perfect.

A-rmor, Liv has never let anyone near, she has always been guarded.  Until she meets her knight, that will slay all of the monsters.

R-evelations, secrets and betrayals, of both past and present have a painful way of surfacing.

O-ath, promises made, to never lie, to never betray, it seems these dark forces are trying to destroy what once was a perfect union.

U-ncertainty, in themselves, in each other, in everything that surounds them.  Rifts will form between the powerful love and trust that was once there.

S-urpass, the nightmares the betrayals these two know. They are meant for each other.  Will they have enough love to overcome these difficult times?

E-lation, the thing that has kept them apart, may be the thing it takes to realize their deepest and truest feelings for one and other.

I really, really enjoyed getting to know all of these wonderful characters!  Love is one of the most amazing and beautiful feelings we get to share, and Arouse shows that everything requires work.  There isn’t a cliff hanger ending, but I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in this series!!  GAH!!  SO.SEXY.  Sexy and sultry.  I highly recommend this book for a great read ;)

My Fav’s 

Liv (Olivia)

I love her because she isn’t perfect.  Amazing, yes. Perfect, no.  She had a crummy past, but this didn’t affect her heart, or capacity to love.  She loves Dean with every ounce of her being, sure she makes mistakes...Isn’t that one of the things that make us human?  I love that she is real, beautiful, but still real!!  I must say, I have a wish for her!  Though, Dean is her protector and partner...I kinda want her to break out, ya know?  Liv is beautiful and smart.  I want her to roll up her sleeves and... Be all like... "Alright Bee-yotches!  Time to Get’er done;)"  *fingers crossed*


Gah!!  I Love NERDS (I kinda am one)!!  Lol!!  I’m usually the oddball that geeks out talking Star Trek, Star Wars and comics.  I’m a Marvel girl, but DC gave me Superman, so they’re cool too ;)  Mad love for the sexy nerds, that have no clue just how sexy they are!!  lol!!  To each is own, right?  Dean is different than most sexy lead guys...He brings something different, a certain quirkiness with passion, and protection...It's nice *le sigh* My heart breaks for him, and there are times I want to slap him, and times I want to jump him *spider monkey style* but those feelings are normal right? ;)  These two are perfect for each other 

*fist pump* *pom pom’s out* *I <3 Dean+Liv*

My Rating 

4.0 String Figures, Medieval Knights, Unlocking Keys, Villainous Plants, Forbidden Kiss, Men's Locker room, Perpetual Love filled Stars!  If you're looking for a sexy, steamy, fun, well-written read...This is a good pick for you!


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About the Author 

Nina Lane is a multi-published author of elegant, romantic and often raunchy erotica. Her recent release AROUSE is the first book in the Spiral of Bliss series, and her novel THE EROTIC DARK is a #1 Amazon erotica bestseller.

Nina used to write novels under the name Natasha Rostova and has published stories in anthologies such as “Best Women’s Erotica” and “Erotic Travel Tales.”  Her work has been translated into both German and Japanese.  In addition to writing, she's an avid reader who loves popcorn and has recently joined a workout boot-camp that is kicking her rear end.


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  1. Ah that sounds so great! I'm alaways looking for awesome New Adult books :)

    1. Its a FUN REFRESHING read!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! I believe its not quite NA but definitely still one you should pick up :D

  2. Arouse looks like a book I'd really enjoy. Thanks for the review!

    1. Eeeeeeeep! H YES you WOULD!! Its different and very fun!!

  3. I have it on my wishlist :)

    Ria, girl you sure know how to cast characters... Holy Crapola!!!! Hot pics!!! Thanks for the eye candy :P

    Always a pleasure to read your reviews <3

    1. Yay!! It's a steamy sexy read! Ms Lane was spot on with the title ;) Aw!! Thank you!! I really tried to capture Dean's sexy/sweet side ;) Anytime!!

      PS I will def buy you a coffee to make up for that Travis spill *winky face*

  4. Ria, thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed AROUSE (especially my beloved nerdy-but-hot professor), and your casting has my heart all a-flutter. Liv breaks out eventually, I promise, she just has to figure out how! Thanks again so much for the support.

  5. Yay!! Glad you enjoyed it! :) Oh yes I have a HUGE weakness for the Nerdy-but-Hot!! EEeeeeeeeeeeeep! *HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DANCE!!!!!* I'm totally going to be by her side CHEERING her on!!! YAY!!! Thank you for a wonderful read!!!

  6. Wow, great review! I like how you expanded on each letter of the title! :)

    1. Thank you so much!!! Its my way of talking about the content of the book w/out giving away spoilers :)

  7. i love the cast you picked out love the review would love to read this denise smith

  8. thanks for the fun review! Sounds awesome!

  9. Sounds like a fun group of characters and a great read! I look forward to reading it soon! Great to have dual pov too!

  10. I think this sounds amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it!


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