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Blog Tour: Restore Me by J.L. Mac

Restore Me (Wrecked #2) 

J.L. Mac 

Pub April 29th 2013

by Author Self Pub
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Gr’s Summary
Navigating the world alone is all Josephine Geroux has ever known. Life altering tragedy struck early on for her. She endured an admirable struggle through her youth and learned the hard way how to adapt and survive. She managed to arrive at adulthood in one piece in spite of it all.

After such chaos, maintaining a life free of complications is a priority for her. Everything changed when a man with amber eyes came through her door and claimed her heart. She fell hard in more ways than one. The pull between Jo and Damon seemed like fate bringing things full circle.

With another devastating loss looming, Jo fights to hold on to the very thing that brought her to her knees. She finds herself torn between a promising future and clinging to a devastating past. But that’s not the most worrisome problem on her hands.

She must convince more than just herself to let the past stay in the past, where it belongs, but on her journey to find closure and resolution, she does the exact opposite. An old wound caused by a heinous act becomes exposed for what it is. The truth is catastrophic and Jo is helpless, watching as the ruins of her fragile world endure more turmoil.

Can something conceived from tragedy and malice end well? Can something so completely poisoned conquer adversity? Jo is left to make a decision; accept the circumstances she finds herself in or fight with unwavering ferocity to restore what has been damaged. *Restore Me is the second book in the Wrecked series*

Lindy's Thoughts 

I was downright excited to get the opportunity to read, Restore Me! Especially, after reading Wreck Me, which was an amazing story, that left me with a huge cliffhanger, and a ton of anticipation! Also, I love the book cover, and think it's both sexy, and representative of Jo, and Damon's relationship, and past. The first 20 or so pages of Restore Me just about killed me as I was trying to figure out what exactly happened to Damon after the devastating ending in Wreck Me. Finally, I got my answer, and was relieved in one aspect, and upset in another aspect. After the accident, Damon has mentally checked out. Gone is the passionate, loving, caring, man that worships Jo, and in his place is cold, "Zombie Damon," as Jo refers to him. I felt Jo's frustration, hurt, and guilt, in regards to Damon's current mental state. She blamed herself for Damon's current state, and tried to do everything she could to get back her old Damon. She was lucky to have the support and friendship of Damon's assistant Brian, and the wise advice of grams, who really knew her grandson well, and was able to shed some light on Damon's coping mechanism. Jo was extremely patient, loving, attentive, and sensitive to Damon's needs. I understood to a certain extent what was happening with Damon, but I still wanted him to return to his usual charming, teasing, fun, and flirty self. Damon has a very slow recovery, and locks himself in his office for hours at a time working. Damon has these cabinets that he keeps locked up, but Jo often catches him staring at them, and I was very curious as to what exactly was locked in those cabinets. When Jo ends up looking through them, it causes a ripple effect of things to come in the story.

I enjoyed so many aspects of Restore Me. I loved how fast-paced, and entertaining the story was. It captured my attention immediately, and held it, the whole way through. I enjoyed getting to know Brian a little more than from Wreck Me. Of course, Grams is my absolute favorite! I just love her! She's hilarious, snarky, wise, loyal, and just downright real. She's down to earth, and actually reminds me a lot of my grandfather. She always speaks the truth, and what you see is what you get with Grams. There's no facade, and she doesn't put on a show for anyone! I missed Captain a whole lot, but I liked how Ms. Mac still found a way to incorporate him in the story, as Jo had dreams where he would talk to her, and give her advice. I liked trying to piece together the meaning behind what Captain told Jo in her dreams. The horrible, good for nothing, Edward, managed to make a reappearance in this story. I can't fathom how someone as amazing as Grams, could have such a horrible son. I loved reading about all of the secondary characters, Noni, the waitress from the coffee shop, the hot maintenance man that grams had a crush on, Elise (Damon's sister,) and even Dr. Versan. All of these characters were essential to the development of the story, and played their parts well, and I enjoyed how all of them were connected in one way or another. Most author's tend to have a character driven story or a plot driven story from what I have observed. However, what I love about Ms. Mac is that not only does she create complex, authentic, interesting, and very real characters, but she also has the ability to weave a story full of suspense, intrigue, mystery, passion, emotion, and real life. With this winning combination, we as readers, are on the receiving end of brilliant storytelling! My only wish is that Restore Me would have been longer. It was more the length of a novella, but the story was just as enticing as the first book in the series. Maybe, I'm being a little greedy, but I'm hoping, Accept Me,will be a lot lengthier.

Restore Me was an amazing sequel to Wreck Me! I guarantee, that as a reader, you will not be able to help but fall under the mesmerizing spell of this swoon-worthy, and gritty series! I read Restore Me in record time, and fell in love with Jo and Damon all over again with Ms. Mac's ability to weave such an enthralling story! This series, has all you could want in a story; well developed and authentic complex characters, an entertaining and fast paced plot laden with suspense, a hot and steamy romance with a swoon-worthy male lead, and a meaningful story that deals with tragedy, fear, courage, strength, and ultimately, the power to heal through one's capacity to love, and be loved!

I give Restore Me, by J.L. Mac 4.5 letting go of a painful past, letting in unconditional love, and breathtakingly passionate, Big-Man Stars! Jo and Damon's love story will break your heart, and then mend all of the pieces back together again. It is a story filled with turmoil, angst, and sadness for both of these character's tragic pasts, but it is also a story with great passion, life lessons, and the hope two broken people have when they get together, and make each other whole again! I recommend this series to readers that enjoy not only a great story, but also a couple that share great chemistry, and a very physical, and erotic relationship. I would say that this series is on the borderline between romance, and erotica. I am highly anticipating, and downright giddy, about getting my hands on the third book in this series, Accept Me, which will be releasing this summer!!! 

My Favorite Quotes

"Hope is a mostly foreign concept to me, but where Damon is concerned, I have all the hope in the universe, multiplied by a million and that still doesn't accurately describe it." (EARC, 30)

"If you tell me that you'll give yourself to me, I'll be taking you completely. I'll have you in every way a man can take a woman." (EARC, 51)

"I guide one of his big hands up my stomach to my chest. I press his trembling hand, palm down to my chest; to my heart "My heart beats for you. Let me save you." (EARC, 84)

"I lean in and press my lips to his. It feels like I haven't kissed him in millennia. The feel of his mouth against mine is like breathing for the first time. Painfully perfect. It makes me abundantly aware that loving him can be painful as hell, but being without him is a hellish agony." (EARC, 55)

"Everything. I'd be lost without you. Josephine, you save me a thousand times a day in a thousand ways and you don't even know it. I remember thinking that I wanted to be your person that day at the accident." (EARC, 121)

The Way Ria See's It 

Applause, applause, resounding applause!!! Damon!! I FA-REEE-KING LOOOOVE YOU!!! Jo!! I’ve missed you!! This book sizzles and focuses on rebuilding and bringing together what was once broken, two lost souls. Okay after the BRUTAL cliffhanger we are left with the first book, I feel like I can handle just about anything. Full disclosure, the ending in Restore Me is a little cliffy! *Winks, and wags finger.* As soon as I cracked this book open...  




Yes Ms. Mac has done it again! Just enough drama, sexy steam, and tantalizing dialog to keep you engaged, engrossed, and enamored at every turn of the page!

R-egain, once again breathing and bandaged, a body is saved but a soul is lost.

E-lating and Earth shattering. The best news Jo could receive quickly turns into one of the most painful times of her life.

S-urprise, a reaction is elicited the pain still evident a soul wanders without his other half.

T-ormented, and lost Jo’s desperation is palpable and heart breaking.

O-pportunity, to rebuild and mend no matter the cost. Regardless of the pain Jo will do what it takes.

R-esolve, a new goal becomes his passion and he is determined to do what it takes to prove his love.

E-nlighten, unaware of the dire situation Jo decides to share Damon’s burden since childhood with those that love him most.

M-usic, promises are spoken. This beautiful union relishes in the moment. Finally things are starting to come together.

E-ach other as long as they are together I see these two fighting, whatever or whomever comes at them.

Love is the most powerful weapon in the world. 

I really enjoyed all of the characters interactions, all of the side characters were perfect for the story. I will say this, there is something about Andy I just don’t like. Andy might be hot and all but he needs to...


Jo is Damon’s! UGH!..This is a series I highly, highly, highly recommend!! You’ll fall in love as your glued to the pages! Promise!

My Fav’s

She is such a breath of fresh air!!! I love her Snark and Sass! Her potty mouth is almost as bad as mine. I missed Jo more than I knew! She is such a fighter. In Restore Me she shows us just how strong and determined she truly is! I Love her! I Never doubted her! I Would’ve done the same thing as she!

Tormented and broken. He wants to wash away the demons from his past and make Jo happy for the rest of his life. He is so strong having the awful childhood he did and coming out on top takes courage and a strong will. His love for Jo is amazing. I have to admit I kind of really liked when he got jealous.

I’m cheering for these two to find their happiness! 

My Fav Quotes

“You’re a good Woman, you know. It may be damn selfish of me, but I am glad you came into our lives. No matter how. I’m still glad.”
~Grams (Nook pg. 50)

“Its not perfect and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be. Just being is enough.”
~Jo (Nook pg. 83)

“Loving him can be painful as hell, but being without him is a hellish agony.”
~Jo (Nook pg. 93)

“I’d be lost without you. Josephine, you save me a thousand times a day in a thousand different ways and you don’t even know it.”
~Damon (Nook pg. 130)

My Rating

4.5 Parked truck, Day Nurse, Handyman, Fight or Flight, Frank, Hemingway, Blindfolded surrender, Stolen checks, Coffee confession, Forever mine filled stars! For an intense highly addictive read pick up this series stat!


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Guest Post

We want to welcome the very talented and amazing author J.L. Mac to A Bookish Escape, and wish her much success in her future endeavors. We are so excited to read her upcoming work, and are are huge fans of her Wrecked Series. 

What are 5 Reasons why you love being an author?

o I get to wear whatever I want to “work”. 

o It’s slightly narcissistic, but I’m the ruler of the universe when I’m writing. 

o I love hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed my books. 

o It’s neat seeing my characters come to life through readers. 

o I get to spend quality time with my family while doing what I love! 

Thank you so much Ms. Mac! 
We Love getting to know our Favorite Authors!

About the Author
USA Today Best Selling Author,J.L. Mac is twenty-six
years old and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, where she enjoys living near her family. She was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, until she married her husband in July of 2005. She has two young children and is married to a soldier in the United States Army. J.L. and her family have lived all over the United States and have enjoyed each new experience in each new place. J.L. admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has loved every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion,and says way too many swear words to be considered “lady-like.” J.L. spends her free time reading, writing, and playing with her children.


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