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The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence #1) by Jessica Sorenson

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden (The Coincidence #1)
by Jessica Sorenson
Nook, 193 pages
Published: December 13, 2012
By: Self-Published
Source: Purchased
Mature Content 17 & Up

Goodreads Summary:

There are those who don’t get luck handed to them on a shiny platter, who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, who don’t get saved.

Luck was not on Callie’s side the day of her twelfth birthday when everything was stolen from her. After it’s all over, she locks up her feelings and vows never to tell anyone what happened. Six years later her painful past consumes her life and most days it’s a struggle just to breathe.

For as long as Kayden can remember, suffering in silence was the only way to survive life. As long as he did what he was told, everything was okay. One night, after making a terrible mistake, it seems like his life might be over. Luck was on his side, though, when Callie coincidentally is in the right place at the right time and saves him.

Now he can’t stop thinking about the girl he saw at school, but never really knew. When he ends up at the same college as Callie, he does everything he can to try to get to know her. But Callie is reserved and closed off. The more he tries to be part of her life, the more he realizes Callie might need to be saved.

My Thoughts:

I was absolutely mesmerized and invested in The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorenson.  Callie is a social outcast at her high school.  She's the girl who was called a freak since she was in grade school.  The girl who never had any friends, never got invited to any parties, and who never wanted to be noticed.  She learned at the tender age of 12 how everything can change instantly.  Kayden was part of the popular crowd, the golden boy of his high school, and a talented quarterback.  He never really noticed Callie or gave her a second glance, until one night Callie witnesses one of his biggest secrets on the way to pick up her brother from Kayden's house, during his High School graduation party.  That night Callie saves Kayden, and a special bond is formed.  When she looks at Kayden she see's herself from the intense pain in his eyes.  After that night, Callie and Kayden can't seem to forget one another or how one moment changed both of their lives forever...

My favorite aspects of this story were the characters, elements of surprise in the plot twists, and the ability to connect with the story.  I enjoyed the way that the characters were developed throughout the entirety of the story. They were well written, and 3 dimensional.  Even the secondary characters Seth and Luke (Callie and Kayden's best friends) climbed their way into my heart.  I disliked the antagonists with a passion, as they too came to life for me.  Callie and Kayden could have been real people that attended school with you or I.   I saw Callie clearly, as she thought back to being harassed and bullied in school.  I saw her eating lunch by herself, lonely for a friend and never being truly accepted by her peers.  I pictured Kayden as the guy that everyone liked.  All of the guys admired and wanted to be like him, and all the girls wanted to date him.  Yet, no one really knew Callie or Kayden.  Opposed to all outward appearances, Callie and Kayden had a lot in common.  They were both lonely, carried the heavy burden of shame and a painful secret that they kept hidden.  This story was an emotional read for me.  It was a bittersweet love story filled with the depths of pain, hurt, and betrayal, as well as the highs of hope, friendship, intimacy, passion, and love.  I enjoyed the fact that Callie and Kayden made huge character growth.

If you enjoy the New Adult Genre, specifically stories like The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay, and Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, you will enjoy this story.  If you enjoy stories of angst and sexual tension, and learning to trust again, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden is a perfect choice for a great escape!  I also enjoyed the plot in the story immensely.  There were a lot of plot twists that kept me entertained, and hooked on reading, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden.  Overall, the reason that I loved this story so much was, because I was able to connect with the characters and feel their pain.  I felt the connection so much that I was crying, smiling, and feeling heavy hearted from the very beginning to the very end of the story.  I give, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden 4 1/2 Heart Wrenching Stars!

My Favorite Quotes:

"It's amazing how the things you remember forever are the things you'd rather forget and the things you desperately want to grasp onto seem to slip away like sand in the wind..." (Nook, 30)

"She places her palms on the table that holds a display case full of glasses.  No, I just never wanted to throw them away.  Even if they were broken, I still loved them.  She peers down into the case, completely oblivious to how much her words mean to me..."(Nook, 96)

                                      Escape in a book,

The Coincidence of Callie and Kaden Book Trailer:

About the Author:  Jessica Sorenson

I’m the author of the Fallen Star Series, the Darkness Falls Series, the Death Collectors Series, and the New York Times and USA Today Best Seller, The Secret of Ella and Micha, a New Adult Contemporary novel.
I love writing and reading almost anything that is YA. Some of my favorite authors are Cassandra Clare, Sarah Dessen, Becca Fitzpatrick, Abbi Glines, Tammara Webber, Jamie McGuire and Jennifer L. Armentrout. I’m also an avid watcher of TV series The Vampire Diaries and of Modern Family.
I absolutely love music. When I’m writing, 9 out of 10 times I have music blaring in the background. My list of favorite songs could go on and on, since I have a very broad taste in music. But a few of my favorite bands are Chevelle, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Death Cab for Cutie, Flight 409, Nirvana, and I’m going to stop there or else I’ll keep going on forever.

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  1. Great review! I Have this on my kindle waiting for me. & after reading your post, boy am I glad I already Have it. The reason you loved this book is the reason I read - connect with characters, experience emotions with them.
    Hope you Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you! I loved this book! Have tissues with you and expect a crazy cliffhanger at the end!

    2. Ugh what's up with all the cliffhangers lately?!

  2. Heart wrenching is an understatement! I loved this book, a lot. But what is killing me even more than the ending is the expected release date for the next book!!!! This book was amazing, emotional and lovely!
    Thanks for sharing your review on this one!

    1. Thank you for reading my review! Yeah, the wait of the sequel is killing me! I loved this book :)

    2. Dang, I guess I must have forgotten that I did read this review! I may have to re-read this book just to get my Callie and Kayden fix! Loved your review Lindy!

    3. Thanks Dione! I need a Callie and Kayden fix too!


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