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Shadow Demons (Peachville High Demons #4)

Pub: Feb 24th 2011
By: Dead River Books
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Gr’s Summary
So far, life in Peachville has been tough for Harper Madison. She's survived attacks on her life, learned how to control her magic, and met the most gorgeous boy — who also happens to be a demon. After her latest stunt at Brighton Hospital, the Order of Shadows is determined to tighten their control on her life. So when a future Prima from a nearby demon gate comes to town, she and Harper decide to use magic to switch places at a party. All Harper wants is to have a little fun.

But the night will end in blood.

And Harper will find out the attack was meant for her..

The way I see it:
Shadow Demons was an in your face, jam packed book, from the first page to the last! Can you say un-putta-downable?!  Jackson finally, finally opens up.  No longer Mr. Aloof! The entire time I was reading, I cheered and cheered for Harper. There are so many surprises it makes your head spin! We meet some new characters that you just know are gonna kick serious butt! Harper goes through a major development, all you can do is beam because you know what she’s been through. Anyone else would crumble under those circumstances. From the moment you pick up this book to the moment you set it down, you will be enthralled with the story line. I found myself trying to guess what was going to happen next.  The revelations that came to light were just so unbelievable.  Almost like... “No way that did not just happen!” 

My Fav’s

She is strong, beautiful and has a snarky attitude. Lea is a liberator who holds fast to her beliefs. This Shadow Demon is going places and isn’t one to give up on what she believes is right.
Claire Brighton

We find out the extent of Claire’s love for Harper. She made so many sacrifices for her daughter's happiness and they all come to light. Sadly, we also discover all the betrayals that had to be endured. My heart breaks for Claire and she is definitely at the tippy top of that list. All mom’s should be as awesome as Claire.  

My Rating
4.75 Un-putta-downable Obsidian filled stars! I cannot recommend this book enough! Go buy it!  Go read it now!! Then tell me what you think!

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