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Book Review: Unruly (Knights in Black Leather #2) by Ronnie Douglas

Knights in Black Leather #2

Ronnie Douglas

Release Date:
Feb. 23, 2016

William Morrow PB

Finished Copy from publisher in exchange for a honest review

GR's Summary:

Nothing’s sexier than breaking all the rules . . . 

When the daughter of one of the Southern Wolves gets a flat in the middle of a thunderstorm, there’s only one thing to do—strip down to her underwear and get a little muddy. But when Alamo, the sexy biker shows up to rescue Ellen yet again, things are bound to get a whole lot dirtier. 

Between the trouble he left behind and club rules, Alamo knows he needs to stay clear of Ellen. He’s not looking for a woman or complications—even when that woman is everything a man could want. Unfortunately, Ellen isn’t playing by anyone’s rules but her own these days, and a Southern woman who’s been raised by Wolves is awfully hard to deny. 

So when they give in to their raging attraction, both get much more than they bargained for…. 

Knights in Black Leather Series:
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My Thoughts:

Unruly is the second book in the Knights in Black Leather Series.  However, it can be read as a standalone or out of order because the timeline in both books one and two run concurrently.  I enjoyed Unruly.  I liked the main characters, Ellen "Ellie" Gillham and Alejandro "Alamo" Diaz.  Ellie was a strong, sassy, brave, outspoken, and genuine woman.  She was a little rough around the edges and very blunt due to her upbringing in the Southern Wolves MC Club culture.  I liked her, as I got to know her in book one, but loved her by the time I finished her story.

Alamo was the strong silent type.  He was loyal to his MC brothers, as well as his younger sister, Zoe, whom he raised.  He was forced to relocate from North Carolina to another chapter of the Southern Wolves MC Club in Tennessee; due to getting himself caught up in serious trouble while defending his sister's best friend.  While in Tennessee, he meets the beautiful, intriguing, hot-tempered, Ellie, and would love the opportunity to get to know her.  

However, Noah "Dash" and Ellie's previous "friends with Benefits" arrangement, causes a problem for Alamo when Dash orders him (with the support of the MC Club) to stay away from Ellie.  It is obvious that Dash is not serious about Ellie, but doesn't want anyone else to have her either.  Alamo dislikes Dash, and is constantly tempted by Ellie, but doesn't want to cause problems with the club.  Ellie doesn't know that Alamo has been told to stay away, and doesn't understand why he keeps giving her mixed signals about his interest, when it's obvious that they share an electrifying connection.

While I enjoyed the main characters, and the beginning of the story immediately drew me in, the plot felt long and dragged.  The reason for this is because Ellie and Alamo spent most of the story yearning for one another. I love anticipation and the slow burn of passion, but felt that this story would have been better if more happened in the plot and between Alamo and Ellie a lot sooner in the story.  The end was great!  It was fast-paced, exciting, interesting, entertaining, and passionate.  I only wish that the middle of the story had more going on to move the plot along like both the beginning and the end did.

I hope Noah "Dash," and Zoe (Alamo's younger sister) get the next story.  Dash made me angry in this installment.  I didn't like the way he treated Ellie like a secret to be ashamed of.  He has commitment issues, and needs a strong woman to teach him respect.  Zoe, with her hot and passionate temper would be just the lady to do it!  Plus, it would make for some more drama and fun sparks between Dash and Alamo who already don't get along.  I just hope that the next installment has more activity, and plot-twists throughout the entire story. I would also like to see the main couple get together sooner.
My Rating:

I give, Unruly, by Ronnie Douglas, 3 Powerful Yearning, Anticipation Building, Falling in Love Filled Stars!

About Ronnie Douglas:

Ronnie Douglas is the writing name for a multiple New York Times bestselling author. Drawing on a lifetime love of romance novels and a few years running a biker bar, she decided to write what she knew—dangerous men with Harleys and tattoos. Her debut “Ronnie book” was indie-published as part of a series she created and wrote with friends in 2014.

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