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Book Review: Demon Princess (Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales #1) by Kassandra Lynn

Demon Princess 

Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Book One 
(Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales #1) 
Kassandra Lynn 
Published December 22nd 2015 
By Author Self Pub 
ARC for Review 

With her father gone and her brother missing, Demon Princess Adriana has to assume the throne, temporarily becoming the Demon King. The procession is underway, and the princess is nervous yet determined … until the unthinkable happens and she is summoned! Somehow, Aldric, a mage-in-training has summoned the princess into the human kingdom. Now trapped, Adriana must hide her identity and escape before she loses her life in the hands of her mortal enemies.

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Hmm Not Sure Yet

Demon Princess was an interesting read that captured my attention throughout. It wasn’t my favorite and I’m a bit on the fence with regards to continuing this series. The author places our lead girl in a precarious situation. I didn’t really care for the “good” people…they all seemed pretty awful especially towards Adriana. There is no mention of a date but the landscape and wagons and shops made it seem pretty long ago. Also there is no technology but the dress style seemed pretty modern. Like I said things move along pretty steadily this read kept my attention but something about it I just didn’t particularly care for. Not to say it was bad but maybe not for me, everyone is different and this may be your next 5 star read it just wasn’t for me.

The Story, okay so Adriana is the Demon princess heading to the thrown with the absence of her father and brother she is the only one who can stand in their place until they return. I’m going to try and keep this review spoiler free as that is my customary way of reviewing. Do to reasons revealed mid way Adriana is summoned away from her kingdom. No one knows who or what she is and Adriana will do whatever it takes to make sure things stay this way. She is stuck by the side of an awful sniveling little troll ugh…I did not like that guy one bit. His cousin is the only person who shows Adriana any sort of kindness. So sad. Truly. There was a nice storyline about Savior Bloods, Warriors, Wisemans, and of course Demons. Everyone is at odds and always has been it seems that everyone has common ground when it comes to destroying demons. We get told about a few demon accounts that seemed truly horrifying, I did grow to care for Adriana even though all she wants to do is kill everyone.

The Characters, Adriana as I mentioned she wants to kill everyone and go home. I can’t blame her. She was torn away from everything she knows and the people who have always been her mortal enemies are absolutely vile. Adriana is a strong and determined character I really enjoyed the way she confronted her adversaries time and time again. One thing I really did not like is her situation. Her will is ripped away and the person in charge of it is a slimy worthless bug. There is one person who takes a liking to her and they will fall for each other even though Adriana knows they are doomed something about their connection is too strong to ignore. I don’t see how things will ever work out between them especially with the discovery Adriana makes at the end.

The End, there is no cliffhanger and our main girl achieves her goals. I felt like it was a good ending and something I can walk away from with closure. Though there are many, many unanswered questions I’m not sure if the curiosity is there to continue this series. I liked the characters okay but it seemed a bit too…oh I don’t know I can’t quite put my finger on it except to say why. Where are all the links and why were we not given more of a history. Although I’d like to know how it ends I don’t see myself rushing to the book store. If any of y’all know what happens tell me!!! LOL jk I’ll probably keep an eye out on all the installments and make my final decision later.

My Rating
3.0 Hall, Summon Beast, Cuts, Trash, Floor, Dragon, Shop, Starvation, Slavery, Dress, Wiseman, Wings, Quest, Spell, Staff, Prison, Truth, Escape, Desperation for Home filled stars!  

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About The Author

 Kassandra Lynn is the author of Book of Immortals series and Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales series. Her favorite genres are fantasy and romance. She especially enjoys reading and writing about unique concepts, unpredictable plots, and protagonists who aren't the typical protagonists.

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