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Book Review : Over You (A Mr. Darcy Romance Novel) by H.M. Ward & L.G. Castillo

Over You
A Mr. Darcy Romance Novel
by H.M. Ward & L.G. Castillo

Release Date:
February 14th, 2016

Laree Bailey Press


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A contemporary retelling of Pride & Prejudice by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo. 

Charming. Sexy. Rich. William Darcy is the triple threat that should make any woman twerk on sight. He’s everything a woman could want—a beautiful billionaire with sad eyes and a crooked smile. Woman try to lick him on sight, he’s that yummy. Well, unless that woman is Beth Bennet. Her panties don’t drop for anyone, unless there’s love, so a guy like Will Darcy doesn’t stand a chance. 

Being shoved up the socialite ladder in New York City chafes so Beth goes to college as far away as possible, but when her father gets sick she finds herself right back where she started—stuck together with a bronzed god who hates her. 

The prideful will fall to ruin. 

Their prejudice will be their undoing. 

And William Darcy will be the first to fall, Beth is certain of that.

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Things Are Never As They Seem

Alright y’all…get ready…get ready to throw tomatoes my way. I’ve read just about every book Ms. Castillo has written and I’ve loved every moment especially most recently her Your Gravity Serial GAH!! It was like 5 star heaven all the way…THEN!!! H.M. Ward? Wow talk about a heavy weight combination of epic proportions!!! I’m so SAD to report Over You was a bit of a wet noodle for me. NOW, NOW!!! I still really liked it and do recommend others to read because one thing is certain. The drama is high the temperature is set to scorching and you will not want to put this down. Alright get your tomatoes ready cause here we go.

The Story, this is a modern day Pride and Prejudice and it was quite clever the way these authors put everything together. The characters where the same and had many similarities but Beth fell a bit short for me. The depiction of the Bennett family was not a good one throughout almost the entire story. By the end we find out what was really going on but…some things just weren’t the same like in Pride & Prejudice, I would seriously get excited and giddy whenever William had a moment with Elizabeth and that just didn’t happen in Over You. Insert pretty sad face here-____ the way things were tied together was quite wonderful and like I said drama filled jaw dropping moments from beginning to end.

The Characters…Maybe this is why I just could not connect? Maybe the stars weren’t aligned I’m not sure why but I didn’t really care for Elizabeth. To me she didn’t even come close to measuring up to the willfully bright and endearing character from P&P. Mr. Darcy was sexy and I enjoyed him very much I could sense the struggle to stay away from Ms. Elizabeth but instead found himself falling more deeply in love with her. Was it sweet yes…but there so many moments that these two “dissed” each other that when the big confessional occurs it just didn’t feel as organic. There was a super sluty moment for our dear Elizabeth but I’m happy to report she doesn’t totally slut it up. Though this wasn’t accomplished by her choice so I was like wagging my finger at her. OH BOY THE FAMILY?!!! Talk about CRAY, CRAY and momma Bennett ugh I did not care for her at all though she did make me laugh quite a bit her meddling was atrocious. I was probably looking for a more romantic read and when I got drama and paparazzi it made it all meh for me.

The End, one of the last scenes really made me feel like I were in the Bennett home and I really enjoyed it. Things all fall into place and we get our big reveal. PLUS!!! All of the horrific things I was conjuring in my mind about mama Bennett were wrong and we are explained what the real happenings are. Whew that was a wonderful moment! So all and all I’d say YES READ this book. Just know it’s VERY SIMILAR AND VERY DISTINCT from P&P. Was it my bag of Bro-tater Chips? Not completely Bro-fessor but I’m glad I read it cause it was enjoyable.

My Rating 

3.5 Hospital, Jerk, Daddy, Red, Ball, Room, Cocaine, Phone, Mural, Runaway, Marriage, Outrage, Shopping, Wedding, Engagement, Coming Out, Return, Revealed, Loved, an Unlikely connection that collided without regard of status LOVE filled stars!  

Mikki's Review:

I always love books that add a twist to a classic story. I'm very familiar with L.G. Castillo's work and I love everything that she has written. H.M. Ward is a new to me author. After I finished reading this book, I went to look at her previous books and Oh my world!! I have some catching up to do! I love when two authors join forces to bring us a great reading escape. 

Even if this story is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, the two authors did a fantastic job a bringing us a modern twist to a captivating love story. I have to admit that it was difficult for me to connect with Beth in the beginning. It did end up connecting with her more towards the middle of the story. The beginning of the story was a little slow for me, but things picked up once I started to connect with Beth a little bit more.

As for Mr. Darcy, I loved him from the very beginning. He's exactly the kind of hero I was expecting. He's not big on socializing with people, but there is just something about Beth that makes him want to stick around and listen to her talk all day long. The pull he feels towards her is undeniable and he's never felt anything like this before.

I loved all the characters of this story and the role that each of them played in Beth's life. From the sisterly love that she shares with Jane and Mary, to her wonderful friendship with Colin, Beth was surrounded by people who love her. 

Beth and Mr. Darcy's love story is not an insta-love kind of story. The chemistry is there from the beginning, but their love only grows with every moment that they share together. Both these characters have learned from the mistakes that they have made through this journey and they grow into two individuals that are perfect for each other. Great work by H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo!


I give, Over You, by H.M. Ward & L.G. Castillo, 4 lovely, entertaining, fight for what your heart desires stars!

About H.M. Ward:

H.M. Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who is swiftly approaching 10 million copies sold since 2011, placing her among the literary titans. Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few. 

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About L.G. Castillo:

Known for her high-intensity New Adult Romance novels, Texas psychologist and professor, L.G. Castillo writes books that explore the tumultuous and psychological journey of self-discovery and falling in love. Her stories feature dramatic, life-changing events interspersed with a good dose of humor, feisty heroines, and the swoon-worthy men who love them. 

When she's not writing, L.G. is binging on Netflix or adding up frequent flyer miles for her next vacation. She's been married to her own swoon-worthy hero for over two decades.

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  1. How cool that they tackled a classic retelling. Glad it had some good points after the initial slow start and difficulty with Beth.


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