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Book Review: Boiling Point (Crossing the Line #3) by Tessa Bailey

Boiling Point
Crossing the Line, #3
by Tessa Bailey 

Release Date:
January 25th, 2016


Publisher via NetGalley

eARC received in exchange of honest review


Falling for a con man is the most dangerous game of all...

Con artist Austin Shaw's been in disguise so long he's not sure where his fake identities end and he begins. Now that he's been strong-armed into working for a specialized undercover unit working with the Chicago police—criminals with unique “skills”—the last thing he needs is to risk his iron control. Especially when it comes to a certain stunningly sexy hacker who tempts him with every look of disdain.

Polly Banks will never, ever trust a con man. On the trail of a ruthless crook who destroyed the only family she's ever known, Polly is unnerved by the shadow who follows her every move. The one who makes her pulse pound and breath short with lust. Austin. He's infuriating, enigmatic, and pure sex appeal, and she's determined to resist him.
But an untrustworthy man of disguise can become anyone he wants...including a man that Polly must trust if she's to escape their dangerous game alive.

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Lindy's Thoughts:

The Crossing the Line Series has been such a reading pleasure.  These are the type of romances that get a reader "hot and bothered!"  I have enjoyed this entire cast of characters, and Boiling Point is a book that I have been dying to read.  Austin Shaw and Polly Banks are two characters that I have needed to tell their story.  They had scorching hot chemistry and a love-hate dynamic in Up in Smoke, that I was highly anticipating being a spectator to how it would all play out.

Austin and Polly are two ex-convicts that have been recruited by Captain Derek Tyler for the use of their criminal know-how.  Austin is a master con-artist who uses the art of disguise to accomplish success, and Polly is a hacker extraordinaire.  Austin has been infatuated with Polly, and been trying to win her over.  

Unfortunately, she doesn't trust him, and while they share an attraction, at times she cannot stand him.  
While in Chicago, Polly is trying to find the con-man that swindled her fathers of their life savings.  She is determined to get their money back and return it.  Austin offers to help her, and she knows that he would be an asset to her cause.  

As these two search for the master con-artist, they fall in to an intoxicating and passionate whirlwind affair.  Austin gives up power in the bedroom and becomes Polly's submissive, because he knows that she needs to be in control.  Austin is in love with Polly.  However, he doesn't think he deserves her.  He worries that eventually she will end their affair when she finds out everything about his shady past.  Will Polly and Austin catch the master-con man, and survive Austin's past?

Boiling Point was beyond steamy.  Let's face it, Tessa Bailey knows how to write sensual, erotic, passionate, and carnal romance.  I enjoyed the way that she took a risk with Austin's character.  All of her male leads have been dominant, and he was the first submissive she's created.  I believe her risk paid off.  I loved seeing Polly embrace a bold, dominant, take-charge lead, and Ms. Bailey did it in a way that emphasized Austin's adoration, devotion, and love towards Polly.  He wasn't wimpy, and at times he too took the lead.  His intention was to give Polly whatever she needed most, and he was confident enough in his sexuality, to embrace the submissive role.

As far as the story plot is concerned, I would have liked to see more development.  The movie, the Saint, is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Like Val Kilmer, I was looking forward to seeing Austin go undercover, use his various disguises, and be on the hunt.  However, this story lacked the action, suspense, and story arc I was craving.  It focused mainly on the sexual relationship between Austin and Polly, and I would classify Boiling Point as erotica.  The sex scenes were very detailed, drawn out, and lengthy.

If you are looking for a passionate, and erotic story focused on a heated sexual affair, Boiling Point is just the book that you are looking for.  Add in a little suspense, danger, and intrigue, and Boiling Point will have you salivating for more!     


I give Boiling Point, by Tessa Bailey, 4 Vengeful Vendetta, Scorching Hot Erotica, On the Case, Filled Stars!  I am ready to dive in to the next book in the series, Raw Redemption!  A Tessa Bailey book is a guaranteed hot read!   

Mikki's Review:

Boiling Point, by Tessa Bailey, is one of my Top 5 most anticipated books of 2016. After so many months of teasing us with hot excerpt and sexy teasers, Tessa Bailey has delivered a book that caught my attention from the moment I opened the first page. I am a big fan of her work and the more I read her stories, the more I know that I have found the author that will always deliver all the feels when it comes to a riveting and unforgettable love story. Her stories are always fun, emotional, extremely hot and an all-consuming reading escape! 

There is a fine line between love and hate. Polly Banks is a hacker who is about that cross that line and there is only one person to blame; con artist Austin Shaw. Brought together to work undercover with the Chicago PD, Polly and Austin start off on the wrong foot. Their chemistry is undeniable, but neither of them is willing to cross that line that will irrevocably change their lives. Revenge is on Polly’s mind and she’s not about to lose focus because of the sexy as sin con artist. As day go by, Polly and Austin grow closer together and give in to temptation. Losing control has never felt so good, but the past will soon catch up and cause havoc for Polly and Austin. Will they be able to let go of their pasts and take a step towards a future together? 

From the moment I met Polly and Austin, I knew that these two would have a fantastic journey. They are so different from all of Tessa Bailey’s characters and I could not wait to see where this reading journey would bring me. Compared to her Line of Duty Series and all the other books she has written, The Crossing the Line Series has hands down the most inimitable and striking characters that I have ever met. The author did a fantastic job at bringing us characters that stand out and that leave you cheering for them while you discover who they are. They have so many layers and Tessa Bailey explored every single aspect of their personalities. The attraction between Polly and Austin is out of this world crazy hot! They can’t stand each other and when they get together it’s an explosion of sexiness. Their banter is pretty addictive and every single one of their encounter is intense. 

The Queen of Dirty Talk exceeded all of my expectations. I have to admit that when I was reading the teasers about this book I was a little scared that I would not like it. The male characters in Tessa Bailey’s books are strong alpha males. It was difficult for me to imagine one of her alpha males giving up control. Enters Austin Shaw. This alpha male gives up control and gives Polly the green light to dominate every single one of her fantasies. It was different and I liked it. It was not over the top and it did not dominate the entire story. Their story is much more than their intense attraction to each other. This is a story about two people that are so different from one another, but yet so perfect for each other. There is no disguise big enough to hide who Austin Shaw really is. Polly knew exactly what kind of man he was and she did a fantastic job at bringing to light is real identity. 

It was such a pleasure to reunite with all the other characters from this fantastic series. Bowen, Sera, Erin, Connor, Derek and Henrick, which is the main male character in the next installment. Each of these characters had a role to play in this story and the connection between all of them is absolutely amazing! 

Tessa Bailey’s male characters usually have a pretty good friendship between each other. In this series, let’s just say that there is a long way to go before any bromance develops between them … lol!!! They can’t stand each other, but they will fiercely protect each other no matter what. They are so different and I love them just the way they are. I would not see them acting any other way. Their personalities is a reflection of their life story. That is how they roll and they will never change. The girls are a completely different story. Sera, Erin and Polly share a beautiful friendship that brings a smile to your face. They started out as strangers, but became good friends that help each other out. 

You can read this book as a standalone, but I highly suggest you don’t. The first two installments will give you an inside scoop about the two other couples that will have a role in Polly and Austin’s book. You don’t want to miss these memorable stories. Trust me! 


I give, Boiling Point, by Tessa Bailey, 5 sheet scorching, thrilling, captivating, all-consuming stars!

About Tessa Bailey:

Tessa Bailey is originally from Carlsbad, California. The day after high school graduation, she packed her yearbook, ripped jeans and laptop, driving cross-country to New York City in under four days.

Her most valuable life experiences were learned thereafter while waitressing at K-Dees, a Manhattan pub owned by her uncle. Inside those four walls, she met her husband, best friend and discovered the magic of classic rock, managing to put herself through Kingsborough Community College and the English program at Pace University at the same time. Several stunted attempts to enter the work force as a journalist followed, but romance writing continued to demand her attention.

She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband of eight years and four-year-old daughter. Although she is severely sleep-deprived, she is incredibly happy to be living her dream of writing about people falling in love.

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