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Blog Blitz & Giveaway : Temperance (The Arcanian Chronicles, #1) by Ella Frank

The Arcanian Chronicles, #1
Ella Frank
Release Date:
January 13th, 2015



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“Tell me about this place. This…Arcania.” 

What if your life as you knew it ceased to exist? That is the question Naeve Brannigan and her three sisters are faced with on the eve of their 25th birthday. Continuing a tradition they’ve hidden from their mother for years, the four women arrive at a tarot shop to have their futures told. Only this time their futures aren’t predicted—they’re forever changed. 

They’ve awoken in a strange time and place with no knowledge of how they got there. All they have to go by is the word of a man who claims to be family—a family they’ve never heard of. He tells them of a world they could never have imagined. One that has been cursed by an Empress fueled by old revenge—revenge their mother appears to be at the center of. 

As they fight to survive the people and dangers of an unknown land, they slowly begin to unravel its mysteries to find that they hold the key to saving this world…this Arcania. 

The question that remains for each of them is: Who do you become when the you that you always were is no longer?

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You Know What They Say About Prey
What a delightful surprise this has been. Often times when I love a genre that an author writes whenever they do something different it falls a little flat. NOT THE CASE HERE! Arcania is in serious serious trouble and the story Ms. Frank has come up with is stunningly captivating. As far as fantasy goes this has sky rocketed to the top of my fav’s list. Seriously I’m convinced Frank is a genius! World building=phenominal. Captivating characters=%100. An epic story full of magic and mystery=check and check! This was one I could not put down from the moment I picked it up I was paralyzed with the all consuming need to keep going until that ending that left me craving MORE!

T-rust, as a child Maeve always relied on and trusted Sera the day of Maeve’s coronation will prove to everyone the madness within. 
E-mpress, cold and calculating her rule has been absolute. Casting a curse on everyone is only part of the plan to have everything she's ever wanted. 
M-isguided, though warned to stay away Maeve's daughters venture where thy know their mother would never approve. What happens next is the beginning of a very twisted tale and an incredibly bleak outcome.
P-urpose, knowing he is the best at what he does it is no wonder Li’Am would seek Kai. No one knows the payment he will require but it comes as much as a surprise to him, than it does to everyone else.
E-ncounter, meeting with the Empress sheds light on her intensions but darkness in Naeve’s heart. As if the pull she feels towards Kai wasn’t enough she is now warring with other emotions. 
R-ealization, Maeve now knows everything has always been a part of a bigger plan but nothing will stop her from fighting for her girls. Even if it means walking into the lions den she will do it proudly. 
A-nger, Bastian has always been a prisoner when all he has ever wanted was peace and acceptance. Life has not been kind but he doesn’t understand all of the truths that are just within his reach. 
N-eglect, Li’Am has made decisions which he felt were justified but all of the people whom were affected would sorely disagree. He holds many secrets and one of which is about to turn his world upside down.
C-raving, unable to fight the passionate pull that seems to be consuming Naeve she finally succumbs to her desires. Not only does she feel something unlike anything ever before, she has also unlocked a tender side of an immovable man. 
E-scape, this whole new world started with these wonderful sisters now they will once again go in search of the other.  

GAH!!! That.Ending. BRUTAL!!!! Okay not in a someone is dying on the floor but it was enough to make my heart drop…Because…Well…I WANT MORE!!! As in NOW as in YESTERDAY!! When does the next come out? What a seriously kick a$$ way to start a new series! This read contained every element of a wonderful fantasy read! Don't get me started on the steam factor! Ms Frank is a seasoned magician in that department. Whew, va, va, va, voom, I’m still fanning my self. HAWT barely begins to describe the passion!! *Sigh* The only thing that is missing is ANSWERS!!! I’m not completely in the dark but boy oh do I still have tons and tons of questions. If you haven’t guessed what my recommendation would be… Its READ THIS BOOK!!! If your a fan of amazing magical worlds then this is a MUST. The attention to detail is breathtaking. I felt immersed in an entirely different realm and loved every single second of it!

My Rating
4.5 Tequila, Dinner, Rain, Tarot, Arcania, Keys, Tower, Disappearance, Cousin, Woods, Huntsman, Prey, Rabbit, Connection, Disease, Castle, Conscience, Sisters, Mother, Brother, Dungeon, East Tower, Scar, Madness, Omnipotence, All consuming passion filled stars!!  

Mikki's Review:

When I saw the book trailer for Temperance, by Ella Frank, I was very intrigued! Fantasy Romance is not my usual genre, and since I made it a point to read more books out of my genre this year, I was very happy with the way Temperance captivated my attention and kept me turning the pages until the early hours of the morning. 

It’s hard to write a review of this book without giving too much away. This story was filled with twists and turns that will leave you guessing what will happen next! I have to admit that it took me a bit of time to get into the story, but once the girls arrived in Arcania, I could not wait to see what would happen next! 

This story is set in the past and present. It takes place in the magical and mysterious world of Arcania and on the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina. Temperance is the story of fours sisters: Naeve, Siobhan, Fiona and Audra. Every year on their birthday, the sisters track down a fortuneteller and have their futures told. Something that their mom, Maeve, does not approve of. This year their reading takes an unexpected turn when the sisters are literally transported into a whole new world they never knew existed. As the days go by, the Brannigan sisters meet people that are connected to them and others that they are not sure they can trust. The girls are intrigued by the mysterious stories that surround Arcania. What will happen and how will they react when they find out what hides in Arcania? 

I really loved how Ella Frank wrote this story. I have no clue how many books are going to be released after Temperance, but I really loved that nothing was rushed and that the romance was slow building. Naeve and Kai have this exquisite chemitry that is addictive! And that is all I'm going to say about them! You need to indulge every single detail of their journey! Ella Frank knows how to write some pretty scorching scenes! *Fans Freakin' Self* One thing that was instant was the connection I had with all these characters. I even connected with the Evil B*&?% Empress of Arcania!!! Oh, how I loved to hate her! All these characters have an important part in this story and they all hold a piece of a puzzle that fits right into this mysterious and page-turning story.

I can't wait to see what's next! I need some answers!!! Like NOW!!!!


I give, Temperance, by Ella Frank 4 flirtatious, mysterious, page-turning, magical stars!


“Don’t. Make. A. Sound.” 

The low, gravelly voice reverberated through her as she felt a tear escape the corner of her eye. The arm that was banded across her chest was full-on muscle as it easily held her in place against a body that was as impenetrable as a brick wall. 

Naeve didn’t move a muscle, but she lowered her eyes the best she could and saw a black leather glove that went halfway up that thick forearm. As the hand on her right shoulder tightened, she grimaced and felt the tip of the knife press against her throat. 

“Where is your other sister?” 

Naeve remained silent, not sure she could even remember how to speak, and then she felt those fingers grip her shoulder harder as they spun her around and pulled her up close. 

The sight that greeted her was like something from her worst nightmare. 

She couldn’t have imagined ever feeling the terror she felt right then. For that reason alone, she’d never known that her response would be to become one hundred percent paralyzed. 

As she stared up at the towering figure before her, she had to wonder if maybe she was already dead and he’d been sent to collect her. Cloaked from head to toe in nothing but black, he almost blended into the shadows except for the shiny blade he had pointed at her throat. She couldn’t make out a face behind the hood and mask, but all she continued to hope was that, if he planned to kill her, he’d do it fast.

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About the Author

I am first and foremost a proud Australian, but currently reside in Texas with my husband. 

I love to read and write contemporary and erotic romances, but I also like to step outside of the box at times when it comes to telling a story that really speaks to me. 

I absolutely adore dessert. I could skip the main meal and head straight to the dessert line every time…especially anything that is covered in caramel. 

I am a GLEEK (yes I admit it… So? It makes me happy), on the other hand I love Dexter and he makes me happy too, so analyze that! 

I love to sing really bad at the top of my lungs, and I often have conversations with myself. 

Some of my favorite authors include; JR Ward, Tiffany Reisz, Nalini Singh, Lori Foster, Lauren Dane, SJ Frost and many more. 

Last but certainly not least, I am the author of The Exquisite Series, Blind Obsession and most recently Try.

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  1. Wow awesome wonderful reviews love it and I also love the book trailer and the teasers great post! I never read a lot a fantasy books quite like this one before but it looks and sounds fantastic I most definitely need too check it out when I can get a chance! Thanks for the awesome post!

  2. Love it when you can love an author across genres!


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