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Blog Tour: Three Brothers by Nicole Williams

Three Brothers
by Nicole Williams

Release Date:
January 20th, 2015

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I grew up with three brothers. They weren’t tied to me by blood, but our connection went beyond genetics or bearing the same last name. Our connection was forged the summer I turned thirteen, the summer my mom ended her life and left me in the custody of John Armstrong, a man I’d never met. Packing all I owned in a couple of boxes, I left the familiarity of the big city and headed west to Red Mountain Ranch, set in a lonely valley outside of Jackson Hole.  

Nothing was as it seemed at Red Mountain—it didn’t take long for me to figure that out. John was kind to me but distant, as if he was afraid to let anyone get too close. His three teenage sons had their own devices for keeping love as far away as they could. The eldest distracted himself with cheap relationships that had a shelf-life of one night. The middle son threw himself into the rigor of running a ranch, and the third wielded cruelty and mind-games in his quest to keep people from getting close.  

Time has gone by, and I’ve spent those years trying to forget the brother I’d fallen for—the biggest mistake of my life.  Finally, I’ve moved on. 

Finally, I’m back. But what I didn’t realize was that running away from the wrong brother meant I’d also run away from the right one. The one who’d been there for me all along, waiting in his brother’s shadow for the day I either would or could move on. 

But a decade is a long time to wait. Has the brother I should have chosen all of those years ago moved on too? Am I about to discover that my biggest mistake wasn’t falling in love with the wrong brother, but failing to return the love of the right one sooner? 

Does unrequited love have an expiration date?  

I’m about to find out. 

Author’s Note: This book is a "sweet" romance that isn't overly sexy. Fans of LOST & FOUND will be interested in THREE BROTHERS.

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Lindy's Thoughts:
When I saw Three Brothers, I had to read it! I am a huge Nicole Williams fan, and her Crash and Lost & Found Series' are two of my ultimate favorite's in the New Adult Genre. 

Three Brothers has such a beautiful book cover, and it is very representative of the story inside. In Three Brothers, we meet Scout. She is returning to Red Mountain Ranch located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, after she's been away for several years. The reason for her return is that the man who became her guardian and raised her since she was thirteen years old is in the final stages of Parkinson's Disease. Scout has known much sorrow in her twenty-five years of life. Her mother committed suicide when she was young, which is why she went to live at Red Mountain Ranch when she was thirteen. Also, the one man she ever loved, Conn Armstrong, played too many cruel mind games with her, before she realized it was best that she separate herself and leave the only family she had. The oldest Armstrong brother, Chase was just like a real brother to her, and even though he had good looks and a sexy way about him, she never saw him as anything other that her adoptive brother. The middle brother, Chance, was her best friend. He was her closest confidante growing up, and they did everything together. Unfortunately, she separated herself from Chance, in order to get the distance that she needed from Conn. 

When Scout returns to the ranch, she finds the three brothers struggling day to day. Chase has been recently widowed and is in utter despair, Chance is working crazy hours taking care of the ranch and struggles with watching his father die, and Conn is just as difficult as ever. As Scout vows to keep her distance from Conn, she finds herself reconnecting with Chance, and her feelings towards him start to change in to more than friendship. As she learns that Chance has always loved her, she also learns that he is not willing to take a chance on her life, because of a family curse that has taken all of the woman that the Armstrong men have ever loved at a young age. Can Scout change Chance's mind, or is she she bound to lose the man that she loves just when she finally realized that he was always the one for her? 

Three Brothers was a character driven story. Scout and Chance were extremely well-developed characters. I love the friendship to lovers trope, and the dynamic between Scout and Chance was strong and emotional. Chance was such an amazing character. He was selfless, loyal, caring, and a good person. Scout brought fun, teasing, and levity to the Armstrong household. She was one of those people that wanted to rescue and fix everyone one and everything. I thought that Scout and Chance made a beautiful couple and they completed each other in a way that few do. The love that blossomed between them came from a pure and divine place. The plot in the story delivered a really huge surprise that I never saw coming! I was happy with how it all ended. 

Three Brothers was filled with a lot of angst, heartbreak, emotionality, friendship, and the strength and ties that bind together to make people in to a family. I give, Three Brothers, by Nicole Williams, 4 Sorrowful, Soul Mates Forever, True Love Filled Stars!!!

Mikki's Review:
I have heard amazing things about Nicole Williams and her books. My co-blogger, Lindy, is a big fan of hers. From the beautiful book cover to the very intriguing synopsis, I could not wait to read Scout's story! 

Scout is reunited with her past when she receives a call about John, which is the man that took care of her when her mom died. John Armstrong opened the doors to his house and took care of Scout until she ran away.  It took years for her to get her feelings back to normal, but when she comes face-to-face with Chase, Chance and Conn, the brothers that she grew up with, her world comes crashing down. Old feelings come back, new feelings take over, and secrets are revealed.

I don't want to give too much away of what happened with this book because there is an important twist that happens that I was not expecting. The whole time that I was reading, I kind of already knew what was going to happen with Scout and the brother that she should have chosen. What I did not expect was the emotional journey that I would live with these characters. 

I really enjoyed this story. It was my first time reading a book by Nicole Williams and I look forward to reading more from her. I liked how the story was written, but I would have wanted more scenes from the past. I think I would have connected with all the characters a bit better. Scout, Chase, Chance and Conn were intriguing characters to follow. They each had their struggles to deal with. What I really loved is that we see them grow as individuals, but as a family as well. Scout's romance with the brother she should have chosen is sweet and heart-warming. I could really feel the connection between them. Their romance was an important part of the story, but there was so much more to this story. Each of these characters had a story to tell and the author did an amazing job at writing about each of them.

The one thing I really had a hard time with is that I kept on rereading parts of the story because I was confusing Chase and Chance all the freakin' time!!! Not because I did not know who was in the scene, but because their names are almost the same. It was a little detail, but it took me some time to get used to it.

I give, Three Brothers, by Nicole Williams 4 heart-warming, healing, emotional, sweet stars!


About the Author:
I’m the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the CRASH series (HarperTeen, S&S UK), LOST & FOUND series, UP IN FLAMES (S&S UK), The EDEN TRILOGY, and a handful of others. I write stories about everyday kinds of people who find themselves in extraordinary kinds of situations. I tell love stories with happy endings because I believe in making the world a better place, and that’s one tiny way I can make it so. I’m one of those people who still believe in true love and soul mates, and would rather keep my head in the clouds any day over having my feet firmly on the ground.


  1. This one does sound quite interesting! I have been loving some angst in my books lately! Great reviews ladies

  2. Awesome reviews I also heard great things about Nicole Williams books but I have not got a chance to check her out yet but now after reading your reviews I am most difinately going to check her out this book looks and sounds amazing!

  3. I haven't heard too much about this author and her books, but Three Brothers sounds really good. Very emotional, very romantic! Swoony, dare I say! I really need to start looking at more NA's because this is proof that I am missing out on some great books by avoiding it!

  4. I love the idea of the setting and the background of the brothers and the girl. You gals have me intrigued about the twist. Thanks for the intro to this one.


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