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Review: Filthy for the Night by C.J. Fallowfield

Filthy for the Night

Pub December 12th 2014
By Author Self Pub
ARC for Review

My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.

Tell me your fantasy, I’ll fulfil it ~ So, who do you want me to be?”


Filthy for the Night

My next client is Yasmin Taylor, a footballer’s wife who was bored of the constant lonely nights while he was on tour. She’s a regular of mine, booking me at least one a quarter. Due to her husband’s high profile in the media, he didn’t dare offer her the sort of kink that really got her off. Enter Logan Steele. I was more than man enough to accept that challenge, but given our last few encounters, when her brief specified that she wanted real filth for the night, I had to wrack my brains to come up with something new, something to raise the bar even higher. Something that hopefully wouldn’t land either of us in a jail cell for the night, or snapped mid act by a member of the paparazzi.


The novella’s are told in alternating points of view of Logan Steele, and his client, or clients. You can pick up any of them for a complete short burst of heat, however in order to fully enjoy Logan’s development they should be read in the sequence that they are released. Starting from October 2014, I will release one per month.

Strangers for the Night
Virgin for the Night
Filthy for the Night
Ménage for the Night
Sophisticated for the Night
Biker for the Night
Dominant for the Night

Actor for the Night (less) 

Depravity is in the Eyes of the Beholder
Man Logan Steele has captivated me and Ms Fallowfield is to blame!! What an entertaining read this has been! I cannot get enough of this infamous gigolo, he makes me want to save up my money and then reality comes crashing down! ;) lol that is what has been so amazing about this series. Talk about an escape! Though these sexy short reads can be read as stand alone I recommend you follow the whole she-bang. Logan had to make some pretty tough decisions when life presented him with a plethora of problems, but he did what it took. Now on top of his game there is nothing that will stop him from pursuing his dream. Living comfortably and not worrying about his past troubles. I can’t wait to see where this series takes us!

F-ocused, Logan has a goal his recent activities threaten. Just because he felt something unexplainable doesn’t mean he is willing to quit his dream or pursue the impossible. 
I-nstructions, always one to set rules Logan will make sure his client has the dirtiest deviant night of her life. 
L-amenting, everything that is transpiring should be getting Logan overly excited and ready for his conquest but something has changed and so have his reactions. 
T-rust, Logan knows that Yasmin has achieved her sexual peak anything that happens beyond this point is something he wants nothing to do with. 
H-aunted, trapped by memories of the past Logan wishes there was a way for him to have everything he has ever wanted. Recently he has realized money is not enough. 
Y-earning, feeling like he is not good enough Logan let go of something that made him feel in a way Logan doesn’t quite understand. Forgetting connections is not as easy as erasing a phone number or email. 

Like I mentioned before Fallowfield does NOT disappoint and let me tell you Filthy for the night is no exception. Logan’s wit and personality shines through the pages and I just CANNOT wait for his break through! Y’all know what I’m talking about…it’s that aha moment where everything just starts clicking. Logan is special and holds a significant amount of my heart if I want anyone to be happy its this guy. I want him so badly to realize his worth. Sure being a gigolo isn’t ideal BUT this man makes women’s dreams come true for an entire night. I can’t wait for him to want to do that every night with the same girl. As I mentioned before this can be read as a stand alone but you MUST read the WHOLE series novella by novella!! Get this now! Lets get together and figure some shit out!! Dear Logan…Why aren’t you real? lol jk ;)

My rating

4.5 Booking, Holes, Men, Club, Filth, Knees, Cock, Football, Suite, Shots, Makeup, Surgery, Wishing, Lamenting, Millions, Tryst, Realizing life changes you and things aren’t always as they seem

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About The Author

I am a very young hearted 44 year old female from the United Kingdom. I enjoyed writing fictional stories as a child but, like many, long working hours in my career meant that I had little time for anything else. Finding myself in the fortunate position of now being able to work from home part time, I have been able to rekindle this long lost passion for storytelling. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerrys and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider. 

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The For The Night Series

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  1. lol... thanks for the review! Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this book :)

  2. That is so cool how his personality and character overpowers the distaste of him being a gigolo.

  3. Great book review; I like the cover and it sounds hot. ;)

  4. Thanks Ria for a great review, as always! And thanks everyone for your lovely comments! CJ x

  5. Wow awesome review Ria I was really kind of iffy with this book but you sold me at dirtiest diviant night of her life and on filthy for the night oh my my this one looks and sounds so scrumptious good. Thanks for the great review.


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