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Book Review: Unrequited by Emily Shaffer


Emily Shaffer 
Pub September 23rd 2014 
by Swoon Romance 
ARC for Review 

In the town of Belle Ridge there are doctors, lawyers and teachers... but there is only one vampire. Will Leighton has become an expert in making a life for himself amongst the unsuspecting small-town inhabitants, as the high school history teacher. He has spent hundreds of years crafting an identity and routine that make him feel almost human, but he is always missing that important final element, love.

Ashton Wallace is beautiful, smart, and angry. She was forced into an eternal existence, and now her family has moved her away from everything and everyone she knows. In Belle Ridge she is supposed to finish high school and start her life again, but how do you make plans for the next several centuries?

Will has never met another of his kind, and is immediately intrigued by Ashton. He longs to show her that the perceived vampire lifestyle, so popular in storybooks, is far from reality...but will she let him be a friend and guide in this new existence? Can Ashton accept Will into her life, or will she be led astray by a dark stranger with whom she shares an unknown connection?

Not Just Any Maker Will Do
I can absolutely say my heart is torn in two. Unrequited is right boy oh boy this was a super quick and super interesting read I look forward to seeing where the story will go from here. I’m typically a traditional Vamp fan I gave all of the twilight books 3 stars. I’m used to them being creatures of the night and very sexual beings I guess twilight was the first time I was introduced to a different type of vamp, so I had a hard time with it. Ever since I’ve been more open to different breed of Vampire other than Dracula & Anne Rice V’s. The way Will is described isn’t too crazy…Basically, the V’s you’ll find in Shaffer’s story are humans that live forever. There aren’t many and the most of the traditional traits aren’t true. Like I said human that can “potentially” live forever. I just hope the next book doesn’t take forever to come out. ;)

U-nsuspecting, Will has committed his life to being alone. Being a teacher in a quaint town suites him just fine.
N-aive, going out with her friends isn’t something Ashton wants to do but a recent breakup gives her the push.
R-egrets, looking back at the past Ashton wishes she had never made the choices that took her down the path to her present life.
E-qual, Will wants to help Ashton and her family because he knows he can. Having never met someone like him he begins to give his heart away.
Q-uest, Ashton will do what is needed to keep a semblance of normalcy in her life a big part of that is not allowing Will near her heart.
U-nrelenting, Will has made an undeniable connection to Ashton’s family and unknowingly in her heart.
I-ndecision, having met someone else that makes Ashton’s pulse quicken she forgets to listen to what her heart is truly saying.
T-rust, Griffin has never willingly opened up to anyone before but something about Ashton calls to him and he will take care of her no matter the cost to his heart.
E-ntangled, Ashton never thought things could become more complicated two incredible men vying for her affections now faced with death she is more lost than ever before.
D-estined, the future is shrouded in mystery the only certainty is nothing is certain. Rescued by the two men who brought all of this confusion upon her Ashton must figure out a way to decipher the truth within her heart.

Yep y'all guessed it it’s a MOTHER-EFFIN Cliffhanger!! 

gun animated GIF

I seriously had no clue there was going to be another one. I’m glad there is because Ashton has some splainin to do! Lol not only are there two totally different guys vying for her. At this point I honestly believe she doesn’t deserve either of them. One things for sure this girl has a lot of room for improvement. I know her personality stemmed from this sudden change altering her existence For-e-ver and the guys have had centuries to come to terms with it…ANNNNND thats why I havent lit the torches or pulled out the pitch forks…BUUUUUUT I truly hope she comes to grips with at least whats in her heart soon and stick with it. I’m looking forward to what the next book will hold and what the title will be hm…

My Fav’s
Yea if I had to pick a team it would be this guy. I’m sure y'all know by now the love triangle is thick…It didn’t present itself till a little past the half way mark, so you can see why by that time I was all in on Will. I’m not a huge fan of Ashton but I hope she gets her crap together and redeems herself a bit in the next. All the while from beginning to end Will is amazing perfect everything that Ashton needs. I hope she comes along soon!!

My Wish
If wishes were fishes we’d all cast a _____ 

Well here’s my net, Ashton to figure out what the heck she wants and asap. 

Whomever gets left in the dust to find someone because believe it or not I too have fallen for both Will and Griffin. 

Last but def not least We need to turn up the heat a notch(or twenty) This is the first Swoon Romance I’ve read that didn’t have an *ahem *cough *wink scene but I get it Ashton’s a smart girl and doesn’t want to rush into anything. I on the other hand want her to...

My Rating
3.5 Party, Solo Cup, Roofie, Woods, Year, History Teacher, Parent meeting, Dance, Promise, Blip, Griffin, Carnival, Confession, Discovery, Gwen, Quarry, Realization. For a different type of Vampire pick up this interesting read!

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About The Author
Whether writing stories to entertain her younger siblings, or typing up an essay for a class, Emily Shaffer has been a writer for as long as she can remember.  Her stories may have changed from talking cartoon frogs to angsty young adults, but her goal to write a compelling story remains the same.  When not writing, she lives in Nashville and enjoys all the music, food, and excitement that city has to offer.  Her first novel, the well-received chick-lit title That Time of the Month was self-published on Amazon in 2012.  Her latest novel, as the others before, are fueled by diet soda and pie.

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