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Book Review: Infinite Love (The Austin Series #6) by C.J. Fallowfield

Infinite Love 
(The Austin Series #6) 
C.J. Fallowfield 
Pub July 25th 2014 
by Author Self Pub 

Infinite Love is the sixth and last in The Austin Series.

With the Campus Killer having been revealed and life changing decisions having been made, it should be smooth sailing. As ever, nothing goes to plan. Much personal progress is made, but massive backwards steps are also taken. Will they finally get their happy ever afters?

A Love Like This is Worth Dying For  

Gah!!! I’m a bag of emotions right now! Fallowfield takes you through the full gambit of emotions with this one!! I can NOT express just how much I love Gabe and Mia!! They are my favorite super couple and will remain in my heart for years to come! I have been following this series very closely and Fallowfield does not disappoint. This ending is absolutely everything the reader could ask for. Its always bitter sweet knowing the final conclusion looms near Mia and Gabe faced many road humps along the way but their love was absolute. Seeing them happy brought me happiness as well. I cannot recommend this series enough. Its a MUST read. Mia and Gabe are breathtaking.

ncredulous, Mia has been taken but things aren’t always as they seem. After a hurtful confrontation she is confused and vulnerable.
ightmare, Mia had suspicions but never knew she would one day have to face pure evil. The pain will haunt her but being in Gabe’s arms makes her feel safe.
indings, Gabe knows Mia’s heart and he wants to show her he will be everything she needs.
mmense, the feelings and vows Gabe and Mia share just skim the surface of their love. Their love hasn’t been easy but they will face come what may so long as they're together.
ews, Mia and Gabe share a new dream but every attempt has failed. Not knowing how much more Mia can take puts heavy stress on their relationship.
rrational, Gabe has such high expectations he cannot accept failure fighting defeat will push Mia away and hurt her in a way she never thought possible.
ragic, fighting for what they have will prompt Mia to walk into the trap of a vile creature tearing her heart to shreds.
scape, being near those that have always cared for and loved her Mia will try to come to grips with the way her life is now.

ies, confused and hurt Gabe can’t understand why Mia is so hurt. Bringing the truth to light will cleanse the poison threatening their love.
pportunity, Lexi has been through so much but the only reason she has survived it all is Mia. Knowing she holds the key to ensure Mia and Gabes happiness Lexi will give them a most precious gift.
acation, Gabe and Mia almost lost everything but in the end they ended up gaining much more than imaginable.
nding, their love will live through them together forever Mia and Gabe have grown so much through their experiences and tribulations their love has become stronger. Coming full circle cements everything they have been through tomorrow will be wonderful for them because together they are stronger.

Gah!! So so so so so so so many things happen! Mia and Gabe’s story is beautiful its tragic its sexy and endearing. Fallowfield has skyrocketed to my Favorite authors list with this one. I was all over the place with these beautiful characters I felt every emotion. Tears upon tears upon tears were shed happy ones and sad ones. Mia and Gabe’s sexual encounters are just as hot if not hotter than when they first met. Fallowfield is a talented erotica author who can paint a scene with words better than most out there. Whew!! I’m still flustered epic epic epic. Infinite Love was perfection all around the humor was lovely and highly enjoyable. All of our characters stories are developed and closed nicely. Throughout the series Mia and Gabe had serious demons to deal with but they do so perfectly imperfectly. Their loved ones and friends story lines were treated with as much care as the main characters and let me tell you that was just another thing that made this read so special. I never wanted it to end and I’m sure you will feel the same. This is a MUST READ(adults only) yummy yummy yummy. *sigh

My Rating
5.0 Knife, Hospital, Cuffs, Yes, Christmas, Infinity Bracelet, Sacrifice, IFV, Peanut Butter, Ladies Night, Tattoo’s, Uni, Secret Club, Monogamous, Eternal Love, Tampon Isle, Red Hair, New Phone, Christmas Present, Four Years, Visiting Tabby, Full Circle, From New Leaves, No Strings to an Infinite Love Unlike any other!!! I love this so HARD Perfection filled stars! Seriously this was amazing!!!

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