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Release Day Launch: Savor (A Billionaire Bachelors Club Novel) byMonica Murphy

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Billionaire Bachelors Club #3
By:  Monica Murphy
Release Day:  Jan. 21, 2014
Publisher:  Avon Impulse
Source:  Publisher
Mature Content: 18 & Up
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GR's Summary:

New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy concludes her sexy Billionaire Bachelors Club series with a fiery romance that refuses to be left at the office…

Bryn James can’t take much more. Smart, sexy Matthew DeLuca is everything she wants in a man, but he’s also her boss—the youngest, hottest vineyard owner in the Napa Valley—and he doesn’t see her as anything more than his shy assistant. That’s all about to change. Armed with a hot new look and an attitude to match, Bryn is determined to catch Matt’s eye… professionalism be damned.
With his winery’s grand reopening approaching, Matt is trying to stay focused, but Bryn is suddenly making it very difficult. He’s always thought her prim demeanor effortlessly sexy, but Matt can’t deny that her transformation is jaw-dropping …and going to make it very difficult to keep his hands to himself.

But when one thing leads to another and suddenly Matt is stripping Bryn bare, he’ll be faced with the biggest risk of his career—and his heart. Can he convince her—and himself—that this might just be more than a no-strings office affair?

Billionaire Bachelors Club:

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My Thoughts:

The Billionaire Bachelors Club Series has been so much fun!  If you are in the mood for a little old fashioned romance, with great stories, and extremely likable characters, I suggest you try these out!  In Crave, we got to watch as three best friends, and billionaire playboys, Archer, Gage, and Matt, made a bet. These three never thought that they'd fall in love, and turn in their bachelor status.  So, the agreement was a million dollars would go to the last bachelor standing, paid for by the two, "losers."  It was fun and memorable as we watched Archer, (the biggest playboy of them all) lose first, when he fell in love with his best friend, Gage's sister, Ivy.  Then, we got to see workaholic, Gage, fight against love, as he fell in love with Marina, the daughter of the business owner's empire that he wanted to buy out.  

Now, we get playboy, ex-professional baseball player, and winery owner, Matthew DeLuca's story, in Savor.  It would seem that the bet was won fairly by Matt.  However, Archer proposes a side bet, that if Matt can hold out for an extra 45 days, (without sex, or getting involved in a relationship) then Archer and Gage will pay Matt even more money.  Matt takes the bet and has overwhelming confidence that he will win.  After all, he's held out this long, what's another 45 days?  However, Ivy sees the strong attraction between Matt and his business assistant, Bryn.  

She, along with the help of Marina, come up with a plan to get Matt and Bryn together.  They take Bryan shopping for a sexy new wardrobe and to the spa for a complete makeover.  Bryn is a little hesitant about the makeover at first.  She knows that she is good looking and it has caused her nothing but problems her whole life.  In every job she pursued, men would never take her seriously, and would try to use her for sex.  She came from Cactus Texas and grew up in a trailer park.  She was treated like a brainless slut and moved to California for a new start.  After she started working at the winery, she downplayed her looks by wearing loose beige clothing, no make-up, and always had her hair pulled back in a severe bun.  

However, she has been enamored by Matt for quite a while, and decides that she wants him to notice her.  So, she decides to do the makeover!  Little does Bryn know, but Matt has noticed her.  He loves the way she smells, and he is attracted to her, but as her boss, he believes he must stay professional.  Yet, Bryn's makeover proves to be too hot for him to handle.  She ends up wearing sexy form fitting clothing, high heels, make up, and doing her hair in pretty feminine styles.  Her makeover becomes a catalyst for change, as things finally heat up between Matt and Bryn!

Savor was such a fun story!  I loved seeing Ivy up to her usual match making shenanigans.  I loved the strong friendship that grew between Ivy, Marina, and Bryn.  I also loved when the guys would get together and tease Matt.  It was wonderful watching Bryn come in to her own.  She was very insecure, but Matt did a great job of showing her how much he valued her as a person.  These two had to overcome some challenges, but without those challenges, Bryan would never have gotten to see what a spectacular man Matt was, and how much he cared about her.  Matt's father was a horrible antagonist, and I found myself wanting to reach through the book and give him a piece of my mind, (and a few slaps in the face,) throughout the story.  The friendship between Matt and Bryn was already established and the perfect foundation for them to get intimately involved.   I enjoyed watching these two, "fall in love" and create a relationship full of depth, caring, and love.  Matt and Bryan provided many sexy and steamy moments in this story, but also some very sweet and emotional moments as well.  I give Savor, by Monica Murphy, 4 Sweet, Sexy, and "They Lived Happily Ever After" Stars!  Pick this story up for a fast-paced, fun, and flirty, "Feel Good" story!


“Don’t be so cranky. It’s okay to admit you have a thing for Bryn.” Ivy leans forward in her chair, a secretive smile curling her lips. “I have a feeling she has a thing for you too, you know.”

I do know. And I can’t act on it. Bryn James works for me. She’s my assistant. She’s by my side constantly; we spend more time with each other than probably anyone else in our lives, especially lately what with the winery’s grand reopening approaching. She’s a representative of my business. If I were to fuck around with the help and the relationship fell apart, I’d be in huge trouble. She could screw me over financially every which way by suing me for sexual harassment and I’d be left with a limp dick in my hand and a ruined business.
Yeah. Not going to take the chance. Saw it happen with my father. Not going to let it happen to me.

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing can happen.” I send Ivy a stern look. “And this conversation can never leave this office.” Glancing over her shoulder, I try to see if Bryn is at her desk but the chair is empty.
Thank Christ.

Ivy’s expression goes solemn and she holds up three fingers. “This conversation stays here. Scout’s honor.”

“You were never a scout,” I mutter, afraid she’s making a promise on an untruth. She’ll probably just blab to everyone. Or specifically Archer and Gage. I don’t need to hear their shit.

And I am worrying way too much over this.

She laughs again. “I won’t say a word, I promise. But I need to tell you something, Matt.” She leans in close, her voice dropping. “She’s got a major crush on you. You might not see it but it’s there—sounding in her voice, shining in her eyes, every time she looks at you, talks about you. The way her body turns into yours every time the two of you are together . . . it’s pretty obvious. A body language expert would have a field day with you two.”

Body language expert? What the hell is Ivy talking about? “I have no idea what you’re referring to, but office crushes are just that. Crushes. Harmless attractions no one ever acts on. Period. End of story.”

This is what I keep telling myself. I can’t pursue anything with Bryn, no matter how much I’m tempted to. Not only would it be wildly inappropriate, dating my assistant, but we come from two different worlds. She seems nice and normal, quiet and unobtrusive, and I am anything but. My life has been a circus sideshow for years.

“I get it. You’re trying to do the right thing, and I admire that. So, of course you don’t see anything beyond an efficient assistant in Miss James.”
Well. Ivy’s not too far off the mark. When I first met Bryn, she hardly said two words, kept her head bent when I spoke to her and offered lots of yes-sir and no-sir answers. She had this way of almost blending in with the walls, like she didn’t want anyone to notice her.
So I didn’t.

As we got comfortable working together though, something happened. I’m thinking Ivy had a hand in Bryn’s slow transformation. She actually makes eye contact when she speaks to me, and she’s become somewhat animated. Started to wear bolder colors as well, drawing my attention to her chest though I keep my eyes averted as best I can.

These subtle changes made me notice all of the little things—like the color of her eyes (blue), how her hair looks (like silk and I want to touch it), and the tempting fullness of her lips (they’re spectacular).
Her gaze lingers when she looks at me and sometimes so does mine. Her smile softens, her voice drops lower when she speaks, sparking my imagination. Would she sound like that right before I kissed her? Took off her clothes? Took her to my bed?

Yeah. All of those are dangerous thoughts. I almost prefer the old Miss James. The one who was like the wallpaper—boring and nondescript. Mean to say, but hell, the last thing I need is a distraction.

And she’s become the biggest distraction I’m currently facing. The very last one I need.

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About Monica Murphy:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.



  1. I've really enjoyed this series and can't wait to read Savor. Great review, Lindy!

  2. I am so behind on my Monica Murphy books, I need to catch up!

  3. This is a series I really need to get started on! It just sounds like so much fun! Love the excerpt and great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  4. I haven't read any books in this series yet, but it really sounds like it's fun! I'm adding all the books to my TBR as we 'speak' Lindy :) I love stories where the romantic interest happens because they have known each other for a while. Friends-to-lovers or employee/boss-to-lover stories are among my favorite romances. I can't wait to delve into these billionaires and their heroines :)

    Thanks so much for sharing, and also for the giveaway!

    Have a fantastic Tuesday, my friend :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  5. As you know I got this and ended up buying the others as well. I am really excited to read these ..thanks Lindy!

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    Great review and loved that excerpt!

    Magen Corrie
    ~ Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

  7. I haven't read any by Monica Murphy yet. She is on my TBR pile, just haven't gotten around to it.

    1. I hope you get to read one of her books. She's one of my favorite authors :)

  8. Ohh.. this sounds fun! And I enjoyed that excerpt. :)

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