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Book Review: Drew + Fable Forever (Drew + Fable #3.5) by Monica Murphy

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Drew + Fable Forever
Drew + Fable #3.5
By:  Monica Murphy
Published:  Jan. 
14, 2014
By: Bantam Books
Source:  Publisher
Mature Content

GR's Summary:

Monica Murphy returns with her most beloved characters, Drew and Fable, in this eBook original 40,000-word novella that brings her bestselling New Adult series full circle.

Fantasy. How I ended up with NFL player Drew Callahan, the guy every woman wants, is beyond my wildest dreams. All I know is that once he chose me as his one and only, I sure wasn’t looking back. I had past wounds and he showed patience and concern—even taking responsibility for my messed-up kid brother. Now, once again, he’s found a way to blow my mind: an exotic wedding and honeymoon miles and miles away from home. What else could a girl ever ask for?

Reality. Now the honeymoon’s over. Drew’s football schedule takes him on the road constantly, while I need to stay put and look after my brother until he finishes high school—because God knows our sorry excuse for a mother won’t. I know Drew loves me with all his heart, and I’ll always be over the moon about him. This just isn’t how I imagined our life as newlyweds . . . dealing with the distance, missing him all the time. But we’ve gone through hard times before. We can get through this, too, right? We’re Drew and Fable, together forever. At least I hope so. . . .

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My Thoughts:

Drew + Fable Forever by Monica Murphy was a beautiful continuation of an epic love story.  I have been following this series from the very beginning, and my love for these characters just continues to grow.  These two beloved characters have faced so many challenges in their lives and in their relationship.  Yet, together they are strong, unbreakable, and have proven that their love will get them through any adversity put in their paths.

In this novella, we get a beautiful glimpse in to the future of Drew and Fable.  Drew has become a quarterback for the Forty-Niners and is financially well off.  Owen (Fable's brother) is in high school, and is being taken care of by Drew and Fable.  Drew wants to get married before the football season begins, and whisks Fable off to Hawaii for a very romantic and beautiful wedding. Once the football season begins, Drew is required to travel regularly, and while Fable travels with him at times, she also needs to keep any eye on Owen also.  Drew and Fable get lonely for one another.  Pretty soon, Fable is thinking about starting a family, but Drew is not ready.  As their marriage progresses, they have ups and downs, go through trial and error as they learn how to communicate effectively and compromise with one another.  Their story is all about what happens after the wedding.

I loved this novella!  It was a real treat, and I know all of the other Drew and Fable fans out there are going to love it as well.  Drew made me fall in love with him all over again as he supported Fable, wrote her beautiful poetry, always made her feel special and beautiful, and loved her unconditionally.  Fable went through times of self doubt and insecurity, where she questioned whether she was good enough for Drew and worried that he might get tired of her.  Yet, Drew always knew how to reassure her.  Fable was a great wife to Drew and a wonderful sister to Owen.  Drew & Fable was a beautiful story.  It made me smile, and feel sentimental.  There were so many sweet and heartwarming moments, as well as sexy and swoon worthy moments.  I give Drew + Fable Forever by Monica Murphy, 5 Touching, and Beautifully Romantic Stars!

My Favorite Quotes:

"She's no longer a girl anymore.  The jaded, angry, and defiant girl who was so determined to fight the world is gone, though shades of her still shine through.  I loved that girl.  Fiercely.  And I love the woman she is now, just as fiercely.  She's my fiancee, my future wife, the future mother of my children.  Fable is the woman who will always stand by my side.  Forever."  (eARC, Loc. 164)


"When you struggle for something so good, so right, you cherish it more.  You hold it close, nurture it, protect it, make sure you never, ever let your guard down."  (eARC, Loc. 181)


"I'll always be the one to rescue you, Fable.  You never have to worry about that."  (eARC, Loc. 534)


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About Monica Murphy:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.


  1. Drew + Fable Forever was just amazing, wasn't it?! I loved every single moment and cried the entire time.
    Great review, Lindy!

  2. I've only gotten to the first book in the series, so I only skimmed your review. But from what I picked up... This was a wonderful novella! I adored the first book, so I am super excited about getting to the other books :D Drew and Fable were just amazing, and I know I have to get the rest of their story!

    Great review!!

    1. Thanks Magen! You will love the whole series :) Happy Reading!!!

  3. I loved this one also Lindy! I gave it 5 stars too! It was beautiful and I loved how much Drew and Fable were there for each other no matter what!

    1. Yes, I just love Drew and Fable!!! It's awesome that we love all the same authors and books!!!

  4. How is it that Monica Murphy manages to find a way to make readers fall for Drew and Fable all over again? I loved seeing them in the future and together. I also liked/disliked the foreshadowing but know it'll all be taken care of in Owen's book.

  5. Great review! I've loved all the books in this series and I need to pick this one up. Drew and Fable are such a sold couple,so it's fun to read about them.


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