Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 Year Blogoversary: Epic Giveaway

A Big Big Thanks To All These Wonderful Authors & Publishers For Their Amazing Contributions! This Giveaway is going to be EPIC!

A signed paperback of By A Thread (U.S.)
and an eBook bundle which is three books and a short (INTL.)

Signed set of The Killer Next Door series! (U.S.)

M. Leighton
Choose One!
One Signed Paperback of any Book by M. Leighton, Winner's Choice.  (U.S. & Canada)

Signed copy of THREE BROKEN PROMISES! (U.S.)

Signed Paperback of Lash (U.S.)

Signed eBook set of Lash and After the Fall!!  (INTL.)

A Signed Paperback 
& (U.S.)
 an eBook Copy of Freeing Asia. (INTL.)

Enn Bocci
Gabriel’s Inferno Series Paperback Set to One winner!  (U.S.)

Print copy of Lover Divine (U.S.)

The Oracle Of Delphi Series 
Books 1-3 as eBooks (INTL.)

Gallery Books
A Paperback of White Trash Beautiful (U.S.)
by Teresa Mummert 
A Paperback of Real (U.S.)
by Katy Evans

A Paperback of Terrible Love (U.S.) 
by Marata Eros

Harlequin Teen
A Hardback of Pushing The Limits
by Katie McGarry (U.S.)

A Paperback of Safe in the Tycoon's Arms (U.S.)

Ebook of So Much It Hurts (INTL.)

eBook of Before (INTL.)

3 ebooks (kindle only) of Surrender to Fate. (INTL.)

eBooks of Real, Mine, and Remy (INTL.)

eBook of Connected (INTL.)

eBook of Sweet Thing ❤ (INTL.)

The Edge Trilogy (eBooks) for 2 Winners (INTL.)

eARC of A Matter of Fate (INTL.)

eBook of Daughter of Isis &amp (INTL.)
3 Swag Packs to 3 Winners (U.S.)

eBook of Lexi, Baby (INTL.)

Alyssa Rose Ivy
Pick One!!
Winner's Choice of any eBook Written by Alyssa Rose Ivy (INTL.)

The ENTIRE Kingdom eBook Series (INTL.)

Smashwords Free Download Codes for all of her Titles (1 of Each For 6 Winners)! (INTL.)

eCopy of Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Vol. 1. (INTL.)

One eBook of Break You (INTL.)
One eBook of The Unloved (INTL.)

2 eBooks of Homecoming (Cloaked Devices #0.5) (INTL.)
2 eBooks of A Need So Insatiable (Hearts #1) (INTL.)

A Digital Copy of He Belongs to Me (INTL.)

eBook of any one of her Creepy Hollow books!  Winner's Choice! (INTL.)

Enter Here:

U.S. & INTL. Giveaway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

U.S. ONLY Giveaway: 
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  1. What an awesome giveaway!! Great blog spot and love the your banner!!

  2. Goodness! I had no idea your blog was so young. You guys do such a fantastic job with your reviews and other posts. Happy Blogoversary and best wishes for another good year.

    Thank you so much for the generous giveaway opportunity.

  3. What an incredible giveaway! I love this blog and visit it several times a week. Keep up the good work!

    1. Awww, Thank You so much Amber! We are so appreciative to have readers like our blog and it keeps us motivated to do our best :)

  4. Happy Blogoversary!! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you guys, and proud that I've been a follower since the beginning-ish! Lol :P
    *big hugs*

  5. WE SHARE A BIRTHDAY! Wooot! Congrats ladies! Love your blog and so glad I met y'all this year! <3

  6. HOLY CRAP GIRLS! This is epic! And amazing! My blogoversary is next month and I haven't really thought much about it! (Now I kinda feel bad! LOL) Can I just say how glad I am that I've gotten to known you gals and how much I love reading you girls' posts and reviews? <3 <3 Congrats on one year lovelies!

  7. Congrats on the blog anniversary Ladies! I was checking out all the books listed and wow I would love to read Wreck Me by L C Mac. I know this is going to be a really good read! Thanks for posting some excellent reads!

    1. Your Welcome :) J.L. Mac's Wreck Me Series is awesome! Good Luck!!!!

  8. so many books,I want them all but Wreck Me looks tasty

  9. Congratulations, ladies! I'm so glad we're friends!

  10. Congratulations on your blogoversary, girls!

  11. Congrats on your 1st Blogoversary, ladies! And EPIC sure is correct - there is so much awesomeness in this giveaway it's incredible.

    Big hugs :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  12. GREAT GIVEAWAY - Thanks for the heads up on Goodreads.

  13. I don't think I left y'all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you ladies lots!

  14. I love most of the books in this giveaway. I have read some and some I am excited to read. Gabriel’s Inferno Series is one that the reviews are overwhelmingly attention catching and have me anxious to read this series. It would awesome to win this series in paperback. Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway.

  15. *throws confetti* Congrats and Happy Blogoversary Lindy, Ria, Ro & Mikki Wahoo!!! Woot! Woot!

  16. I would love love love to have the Marie Hall series!

  17. Thank you for an awesome huge giveaway!

  18. This is an awesome giveaway! I'm very happy to find your blog! :)

    1. Thank You! We are happy you found our blog too :)

  19. Wow! What a great giveaway!! Happy 1st Blogoversary to you all :) And here's to many more to come too! I love your blog... it has lots of great info and I love the way you have it set up too! :)

  20. Awesome giveaway! Happy Blogoversary!!!


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