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Blog Review: Crave (Billionaire Bachelor's Club #1) by Monica Murphy

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(Billionaire Bachelor's Club #1)
By:  Monica Murphy
Published:  August 6, 2013
Publisher:  Avon Impulse
Mature Content:  18 & Up
Source:  Inkslinger PR

GR's Summary:

Billionaire Archer Bancroft always gets what he wants—and he’s wanted Ivy Emerson, his best friend’s sister, for far too long. Being forbidden and untouchable only makes her more tempting. When a million-dollar bet with his friends throws down a challenge—last bachelor standing takes all—Archer knows he can win. That is, until one enchanted evening with Ivy takes his heart for a ride.

Ivy knows Archer is nothing but bad news: Infuriating, arrogant…and completely intoxicating. But despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to keep away. When a stolen kiss leads to a night of heated passion, Ivy realizes she’s in trouble and in head over heels.

But in the light of day, everything seems clearer and Archer’s not so sure a one-night stand is all he wants. Concocting a plan to keep Ivy by his side, Archer might just be willing to lose this bet…and win the jackpot instead.

My Thoughts:

Crave was a fun, fast-paced, and sexy story that I really enjoyed.  It was a friend's to lover's story.  The main character's Archer, and Ivy grew up together, because Archer was best friend's with Gage, Ivy's brother.  They were all affluent, along with their good friend Matt.  Ivy had been plain, and awkward at the tender age of 13, but then she blossomed at the age of 17.  From this point on, Archer was really attracted to her, but knew to stay away, because he didn't want to upset Gage, plus he didn't think he was good enough for her.  He surrounded himself with other women, but was never interested in a relationship with any of them.  Then, when they are all at a friends wedding, Matt proposes a bet after Archer, and Gage claim that they are not interested in ever getting in to a series relationship, and/or getting married.  Matt suggests that he will be the last one to get married.  Gage is so sure that Matt will lose this bet that he suggests each man put a million dollars in to the pot, and the last bachelor standing wins all of the money.  Matt then proposes a side bet with Archer, that he will be the first one to settle down out of the three of them, and bets $50, 000 that it will be the next girl that Archer talks to.  To ensure that Archer doesn't lose the bet, Gage suggests that Archer talk to Ivy, since he "knows" that Archer would never be interested in his sister in a romantic way.  Little does Gage know how wrong he is, and that night a sexual encounter, becomes the catalyst for a steamy romantic affair between Archer and Ivy.

I enjoyed learning about Archer, Ivy, Gage, and Matt.  Archer had a tendency to put his foot in his mouth whenever he was around Ivy.  I loved how she would put him in his place with her sassy, and snarky attitude.  Archer was polished, intelligent, sexy, ambitious, and hard working.  He could be very sweet and charming to Ivy when he wanted to be.  Ivy, had a tendency for picking guys that had a lot of problems and needed to be fixed.  However, even though she thought that Archer could not be "fixed," she was still strongly drawn to him.  Archer, and Ivy had amazing chemistry, and the love scenes were really good!  Ms. Murphy sure knows how to write hot and sexy scenes that keep you wanting more!  I would have liked to have a little more background information on Archer and Ivy's pasts.  I am really excited to continue the Billionaire Bachelor's Club Series.   Gage is the biggest self proclaimed Bachelor, and very arrogant.  I can't wait to meet the woman that brings him to his knees, and challenges him.  I also look forward to reading Matt's story, and getting to revisit these character's and see what they are up, as the series continues.

Ms. Murphy became one of my favorite author's after I read One Week Girlfriend, and Second Chance Boyfriend!  Now, I have Crave to add to my list of great books written by her!  I am excited to see what the future holds in Ms. Murphy's writing career.  Her stories have gained popularity, and there's a reason why--because she is a very talented, and gifted author.  Check out Ms. Murphy's books!  Once you've read one, you'll want to read them all!

My Rating:

I give Crave by Monica Murphy 4 Steamy, Entertaining, and Enjoyable Stars!  Read Crave for a super fast past story, that is an easy, feel good read!  This story didn't have angst, major issues, and drama.  Instead it offered a wonderful escape that will have you craving more!  I for one, am beyond excited to continue this series!  

My Favorite Quotes:

"It's not just her beauty that does me in though.  There's so much more to Ivy.  How she listen's to me, how proud she seems to be when I tell her what I'm doing in my career.  It's like she really cares.  (Kindle, Loc. 281)


"Just hearing his voice works me up.  Archer Bancroft is dangerous for my well-being and I know it.  Delicious.  Wicked.  Appealing.  Wrong.  At least he's wrong for me." (Kindle, 1413)


"More than one woman has glanced in his direction since I sat down.  Power, wealth, authority, it radiates from Archer in palpable waves.  Funny how I can forget that when I'm not around him .  How potent he is to my well-being.  Couple all that potency with a devastatingly handsome face and outrageously sexy body, no woman is immune.  (Kindle, Loc. 1633)



***Courtesy of Ms. Murphy***


“What is this?” I take the wadded up fabric from his hand, our fingers accidentally brushing and heat rushes through me at first contact.
“One of my T-shirts.” He shrugs those broad shoulders, which are still encased in fine white cotton. “I know you didn’t have anything to wear to…bed. Thought I could offer you this.”
His eyes darkened at the word bed and my knees wobble. Good lord, what this man is doing to me is so completely foreign, I’m not quite sure how to react.
“Um, thanks. I appreciate it.” The T-shirt is soft, the fabric thin, as if it’s been worn plenty of times, and I have the sudden urge to hold it to my nose and inhale. See if I can somehow smell his scent lingering in the fabric.
The man is clearly turning me into a freak of epic proportions.
“You’re welcome.” He leans his tall body against the doorframe, looking sleepy and rumpled and way too sexy for words. I want to grab his hand and yank him into my room.
Wait, no I don’t. That’s a bad, terrible idea.
“Is that all then?” I ask because we don’t need to be standing here having this conversation. First, my brother could find us and start in again on what a mistake we are. Second, I’m growing increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that I’m completely naked beneath the robe. Third, I’m still contemplating shedding the robe and showing Archer just how naked I am.
“Yeah. Guess so.” His voice is rough and he pushes away from the doorframe. “Well. Good night.”
“Good night,” I whisper but I don’t shut the door. I don’t move.
Neither does he.
“Ivy…” His voice trails off and he clears his throat, looking uncomfortable. Which is hot. Oh my God, everything he does is hot and I decide to give in to my impulses because screw it.
I want him.
Like an idiot, I can’t come up with anything to say. It’s like my throat is clogged and I can hardly force a sound out, what with Ivy standing before me, her long, wavy dark hair tumbling past her shoulders, her slender body engulfed in the thick white robe I keep for guests. The very same type of robe we provide at Hush.
But then she does something so surprising, so amazingly awesome I’m momentarily dumbfounded by the sight.
Her slender hands go for the belt of the robe and she undoes it quickly, the fabric parting, revealing bare skin. Completely bare skin.
Holy shit. She’s naked. And she just dumped the robe onto the ground so she’s standing in front of me. Again, I must stress, naked.
My mouth drops open, a rough sound coming from low in my throat. Damn, she’s gorgeous. All long legs and curvy waist and hips and full breasts topped with pretty pink nipples. I’m completely entranced for a long, agonizing moment. All I can do is gape at her.
“Well, are you just going to stand there and wait for my brother to come back out and find us like this or are you going to come inside my room?”

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About the Author:

Monica Murphy is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series. She writes new adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She also writes romance as Karen Erickson. A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite.
Representation: All questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my books and inquiries regarding foreign translation should be directed to my agent Kimberly Whalen.


  1. Great review, excerpt & quotes. I've been curious about this one so i'm glad readers are enjoying it :)

  2. I loved Crave! Archer and Ivy were hot, hot, hot! So glad you enjoyed it, too, Lindy. Great review!

  3. I am glad to hear you liked this. I was intrigued by it since reading One Week Girlfriend. Glad to hear that it is hot! Thanks for your thoughts!


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