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Blog Tour: Abel (5th Street #4) by Elizabeth Reyes

(5th Street #4) 

Elizabeth Reyes 




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GR's Summary

Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa’s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect. When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse.

No promises. No demands. Just pure unrestrained passion.

Abel’s training for the biggest fight of his career. He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship. So this arrangement couldn't be more perfect. A beautiful woman asking him to help her alleviate her neglected desires—no strings attached. What more can he ask for?

As the lines between lust and something much deeper, begin to blur, Abel finds himself in an even bigger fight.

The fight to regain control of his now demanding heart.

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The 5th Street Series

Lindy's Thoughts

Abel was...Phenomenal, Breathtaking, Romantic, Sexy, and Pure Perfection! As usual Ms. Reyes places the bar so high, that it's impossible for most books to be at the same level. The 5th Street Series has become a favorite of mine! In fact, I have the whole series in ebook format, and also paperback on my bookshelves. Ms. Reyes' writing puts a spell on me, and for the life of me, every time I read one of her books, nothing gets done. Cleaning, laundry, errands...all get put on hold. The only way I would have put Abel down is if somebody, had grabbed my Kindle by force (literally), and let me tell you, I think that my husband was tempted! I unashamedly admit, I pushed the ignore button on my cell phone quite a few times while reading Abel.

Abel was such an amazing character. He's one hot alpha male! He had it all, charisma, charm, loyalty, and was beyond devoted to the woman he fell madly in love with, Nellie. That's what I love most about these 5th street men. They may play around, and not settle down with one woman, or do committed relationships, but when they find "The One," game over! As in, they give their whole heart, and self to the woman that they love, become fiercely protective, and there's nothing they wouldn't do for her. It was fun watching Abel get to that point with Nellie. These two have been friends with the same group of people (The 5th Street Guys, and their women,) and have had an intense sexual chemistry. It was just a matter of time before they would stop fighting their desires, and give in.

Nellie was intelligent, strong, independent, and she knew what she wanted! I respected her character. It was fun having Roni, Noah, Gio, Bianca, Hector, and Charlie make appearances in Abel's story. Abel and Hector's mom, was funny, and had a very sweet heartfelt moment with Nellie that really touched my heart. We were introduced to new secondary characters as well, such as Abel's boxing opponent and obnoxious siblings, Logan (Nellie's co-worker), Emily, (Nellie's assistant) and Sam (a man she dated). All of these character's contributed to the drama, and appeal of the story, and there were a few character's that I "loved to hate." I always miss my favorite character's in a series, and the 5th Street character's are very special to me. I felt like I got reunited with my closest friends. I loved Roni's fierce loyalty and protectiveness of Nellie, after all, they were more like sister's than best friend's, and had been there for one another through the toughest times in each other's lives. Noah was a good friend, and worried about things going sour with Abel and Nellie, resulting in problems with the group dynamic. While Roni and Noah had good intentions, they hindered Abel, and Nellie's relationship by contributing to miscommunications, and misunderstandings, that could have been avoided. I enjoyed the tight fraternity, camaraderie, and deep friendships of the 5th Street gang, and admired how the were protective and deeply loyal to one another. It was admirable how protective Hector was of his brother, and in turn protective and possessive of Nellie for Abel's sake.

There are many great romance authors out there, but there is something very unique, and special about Ms. Reyes' writing. She completely transports you in to the story. Reading Abel, I was completely absorbed in Abel and Nellie's world. I became a part of their lives, felt what they were going through, as if I myself was going through the same things. I cared about these characters, connected with them, and became completely protective of them. I cheered them on, and wanted them to succeed and be happy. I LOVED Abel, and Nellie, and wish they were real people. If they were, I would be lucky to have a friend like Nellie, and would hold Abel in the highest regard. Ms. Reyes, bring on Felix! I can't get enough of these sexy, 5th Street men, and their amazing women!

Lindy's Rating 

I give Abel, by Elizabeth Reyes 5 Dynamic, Exceptional, Beautiful, and Emotion-Filled Stars! Abel has it all ladies, the full package! I am talking romance, sex-appeal, love, amazing characters, great friendships, and many beautiful moments that will touch your heart. You will need to take a lot of cold showers while reading Abel, or have a willing partner close by! This book is so H-O-T!!! Trust me on this! Read Abel if you want to get lost, and escape in to a spectacular story that will take your breath away!

Lindy's Favorite Quotes

"Maybe it was wishful thinking, but the way she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his chest made it feel as though her little confession, about having done this with only him, gave him hope that it meant more. Maybe this and everything else she'd experienced with him for the first time so far would stay just like that for good--with only him." (Kindle Loc. 1114)

"Closing her eyes, she sighed, giving into him once again. This is where she wanted to be forever. Even as her head screamed at her to jump ship and do it now, her heart clung to the unspoken emotion she felt from him." Kindle Loc. 2222)

Ro's Take on this Journey

I want to start by saying, "Eli, give me some Abel!!!" That guy is gorgeous, delectable, tender, kind, one of a kind, loving, sensitive, full of fire, still able to show his vulnerability, and all man! He blew me out of the water! Not only does he know how to treat his woman, but he loves his Mama. LOL! Gotta love that guy. Abel, by Elizabeth Reyes is the topper on the cake of the 5th street series. I didn't think that Eli could top Hector, but somehow she did it! I still haven't come down from this all encompassing thrill ride! Her writing is seamless, perfection at it's best, warms your heart, and will light a fire in your love life. Boy oh boy, do these 5th Street boys know how to make love to their women, and there is never a dull moment. Ms. Reyes writes so well that we are transported to another place and time, and we are with her all the way. My 83 year old mother reads these novels, and just eats them up!!! She loves them because she says they take her back to a time of family and traditions. Abel's mother is clearly representative of that. Always trying to tell her son's what they should or should not do, and what is right or wrong. That woman was something else! I especially loved the fact that she finally realized that her son's had the perfect women for them, and she was wrong about her assumptions. What a great mother-in-law ladies!!! Not too many of those around.

The writing of Abel was flawless, well developed from beginning to end, full of surprises, and a whirlwind escape into the lives of the 5th Street gang. The reader is brought into the private lives of all the couples are they gather for different occasions, and Abel and Nellie's private rendezvous. I read Abel through the night without putting it down, with my husband hovering over my shoulder over and again saying, "Wow, that must really be a good book, you seem mesmerized, and you haven't taken a break yet!" He was right! That and I found my newest swoon worthy, Man Candy on a Stick!" Abel was described to a tee, "I could picture every square inch of him!

Nellie was engaging. She had been put through the ringer by her insufferable sister, and her scum bag ex-husband. They were both scandalous, and self-centered. They deserved each other! L O S E R S... I was so glad when Nellie got the strength to move on from the broken woman she was, overcome her insecurities, and succumb to her inner wants and needs.  Nellie made the rules, placed the stakes, and was resilient.  She was completely encompassed by her hormones beyond her control when it came to Abel. She was putty in his hands. Who wouldn't be?  She was a great heroine in my eyes.  Nellie fought for what she wanted, and ended up on top.

The reader will be enthralled with the witty banter, interaction of the characters, and the riveting dialogue that is Ms. Reyes.  Her standards exceed our expectations, and we are the fortunate ones that reap the rewards of her effortless writing, and the way she conveys every thought and action, we become a part of their family and kinship.  Masterful writing!!! 

I love the 5th street gang, and all their personalities, defects, loyalty, devotion, ferocity, and unbridled passion. Their women come first, even though they are always surrounded by groupies ready to drop their panties on a dime!  These men know what they have at home, and they won't compromise their lives.  Get your hanky's ready, this is an emotional ride that will leave you tear stained, and heartbroken at times.

I give Abel, by Elizabeth Reyes, 5+ Brilliant, Hot, Pin Me Against the Wall, I'm Flushed with Fever, Panty Dropping, One Track Mind Stars!!! 

Ro's Favorite Quotes

"After sex with Abel, It'd be like indulging in a rich strawberry cheesecake dessert with loads of whip cream and the promise of no weight gain then giving it up for a rice cake with a dab of peanut butter."
(Kindle Loc. 222)   ~Nellie (comparing Abel and her Ex)   

"How in the world had she scored getting this man in her bed?  He was eye candy for crying out loud!"
(Kindle Loc. 483)

Mikki's Review

Abel by Elizabeth Reyes was a total KNOCKOUT! This book captivated me in so many levels. I have read all of Ms. Reyes books and I love them all, but ABEL had my heart racing from the start until the very end. I am officially declaring that ABEL is my favorite book from all the series combined by Elizabeth Reyes. I always say that when I finish one of her books, but this time he absolutely stole my heart! Prepare yourself for a good dose of swoon and romance. 
**Warning** Have a box of tissues ready because YOU WILL CRY! 

Nellie was everything I expected her to be: strong, confident, sexy and captivating. The betrayal that her ex-husband and her sister inflicted on her, broke my heart. Two people that she had an absolute trust, went ahead and shattered her life. She picked up the pieces and wants to have fun. What better way to start with a no strings attached ‘ ‘agreement’’ with Abel (Good choice Nellie!) Even if her friend Roni told her from the beginning that this would be a bad idea, I loved that Nellie stuck to her decision. She invested 100% of herself in this ''agreement'' and she was strong enough to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Abel was a surprise to me. I thought that I knew him, but boy was I wrong! I knew that he was reserved and that for him the most important thing was to prepare himself physically and mentally for the fight of his life. The way he invested himself in this ''agreement'' really blew me away. What I found was an Abel that was much more vulnerable that I would have ever imagined. His love for Nellie was so touching. He gave her his heart and soul. I was in a complete state of MUSH when he would express his feelings for her. He gave me butterflies in my stomach, my temperature rose a few times with his dirty talking ways and my heart broke for him when he thought that he had lost it all. Don’t even get me started on his sexiness! This Papsote is 100% alpha male.

With every new book that she creates we not only get a brand new story, but we get to find out what the previous characters we read about are up to. I was super excited to get an update on Roni, Noah, Bianca, Gio, Charlee and Hector. I fell even more in love with Charlee and Hector in Abel. Those two are just ADORABLE!!! Carolina, Abel and Hector's mom, stole the show in a few scenes. Not only was she funny, but she's a remarkable woman. We got teased at the end with an update from Felix. I can't wait to see what Ms. Reyes has up her sleeves for Felix. His book will be EXPLOSIVE! I can feel it!

Ms. Reyes books are filled with love, family, friendships and most of all with everyday life situations that we can all relate to. Whenever I read one of her books I feel like I belong in this family. The 5th Street crew and their beautiful ladies are my friends. I don't even know how to express how much these books mean to me. I have engraved in my mind in to every one of these stories and they all hold a special place in my heart. Her books have brought me so much more than a reading pleasure. She was the one person that made me smile again when my world was empty and dark.

I give Abel 5 extremely sexy, emotional, sensational stars! If you have not read any of Elizabeth Reyes' books, you need to add them to your TBR list! Ms. Reyes is a master at making us feel connected to the characters and their story. Oh, I almost forgot ... She's the QUEEN of tease. Her Tuesday teasers are the BOMB! Nobody teases like Elizabeth Reyes ;) 

P.S. My adoption papers are on the way Ms. Reyes...  I want to be a 5th street girl! LOL!!!


**Courtesy of Mikki**

Picture Teasers 

**Courtesy of Mikki**

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer to her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers #1) in 2010 she has now published 9 full length novels total and fast at work on the next. The excitement her Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, and Fate series have garnered has far exceeded her wildest dreams. It is with as much excitement that she'll continue to put out books related to these series as well as introduce brand new ones very soon.

In 2014 she will take her next step in the exciting world of writing and publish her first traditionally published book with Simon & Schuster/Atria. But she will continue putting out self published books as well.


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