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Blog Tour: Consume (The Clann #3) by Melissa Darnell

(The Clann #3) 


Melissa Darnell 

August 27th 2013 

by Harlequin Teen 

ARC for Review 

These violent delights have violent ends 

And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, CONSUME.
 —William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 

Tristan Coleman has survived the change from Clann magic user to vampire, much to Savannah Colbert's joy—and despair. By changing the Clann's golden boy and newly elected leader, even to save him from death, she has unleashed a fury of hatred and fear that they cannot escape.

As the Clann and the vampire council go to war, Tristan and Sav face a new threat—a fracturing of the all-consuming bond they share. To fight for peace, they must forge a new trust and risk everything to take down their deadliest enemy, even as they must run for their lives. Soon they will learn that some bonds are stronger than love—and some battles cannot be won without sacrifice.

Lindy's Thoughts

I read the first two books in the series, Crave, and Covet, when they first came out.  I loved them so much, and have been waiting for the opportunity to read Consume for a long time now.  I love young adult books, because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my high school years, growing up, forming strong friendships, and falling in love for the first time.  The Clann series has brought me back to my high school years.  Then, you add elements of magic, mystery, action, love, romance, deception, betrayal, and adventure, and are given an amazing series!

Consume began where Covet left off, and was told from the alternating perspectives of Savannah, and Tristan.  It begins with Tristan going through his transformation and learning to let go of his old life, and embrace his new reality.  Savannah, and her father are instrumental in helping Tristan adapt, and adjust to the changes that are taking place.  Unfortunately, as Tristan goes through his transformation, many conflicts arise.  Some of these conflicts include not acting off of instinct alone, the fact that Savannah and him cannot shield their thoughts from one another, disagreements, and powerful enemies.  Danger errupts, and lives are lost, leaving Savannah and Tristan at a crossroads, when they have a huge difference of opinion.  As a war begins between the Clann. and the vampires, Savannah, and Tristan are caught in the middle.  They are on the run, and their enemies seem to always be a step ahead of them.  Unfortunately, Savannah and Tristan are facing a war on many fronts, and the largest one seems to be the inner conflicts that each of them face.

I loved how Consume hooked me right away!  The author even recapped the most important events that occurred in the first two books in the series, which helped my memory, since it had been a while since I read them.  I enjoy action-packed stories, and plot twists that pique my curiosity, and keep my attention.  Consume was magical, imaginative, and captivating!  Savannah and Tristan were well developed characters, and I enjoyed hearing their voices, as they each told me their part of the story.  This series would make a great movie.  It had aspects that were unique, vivid imagery, tugged on my heartstrings, and touched on universal life lessons.  If you are looking for a young adult paranormal series, this is one you should definitely try!  

My Rating 

I give Consume by Melissa Darnell 4 Magical, Adventurous, and Suspenseful Stars!  The Clann Series is a great  series for YA Paranormal Romance lovers!  If you are in the mood for a series filled with drama, secrets, mysteries, and magic, then this series should be at the top of your list.  I have highly enjoyed this series, and have been following it since Crave came out.  Like a good friend that moves away, I am sad to say goodbye. 

My Favorite Quotes

"He pressed a slow, lingering kiss to my forehead, then each cheek, the tip of my nose and then my lips again.  And I was finally whole once more."  (eARC, Loc. 350)

"Anywhere you are is my home, Savannah."  (eARC, Loc. 853)

"You know perfectly well that we don't have to kill anyone to survive anymore.  Nothing makes any of us monsters except the decisions we make and the actions we take."  (eARC, Loc. 1590)

"It is both human and apparently vampire nature to want to hold on to that which you love with every ounce of strength that you possess.  But if you truly love someone, that is the only way to love them.  To love loosely is the hardest love to learn.  But it is also the strongest and most selfless form of love you can give another."  (eARC, Loc. 2143)
~Savannah's Dad   

"It was what each of us went through, the terrors and trial we faced and survived, that made us grow up or, in Mac's and my cases, faster."  (eARC, Loc. 3453)

The Way Ria Sees It

Seriously this book goes by at vamp speed! I’m so sad this trilogy is over. I wish there were just one more. Maybe a New Adult 4th installment? That would be splendorific! Alas, I understand that is just my huge fandom speaking and Ms. Darnell knows whats best for her characters. Can I say how happy I am about the way these books ended? I am through the moon! Every thing was nice and tidy. The ONLY thing I would’ve changed is... I would’ve wanted it to be longer! Lol, I imagine you could’ve guessed that though. This was a great fun escape!

C-hange, everything as Tristan once knew it, is different. It will take immense willpower and patience to face life as it is now.
O-pportunity, all that they have ever wanted was to be together and now they must face other challenges that are pulling them apart.
N-ormalcy, Tristan will fight his inner demons for a chance to be with and love Savannah the way she deserves.
S-urprise, death and ultimate war surrounds them they must fight to get to the ones they love. It will take careful planning and strategizing to keep everyone safe.
U-nforeseen, an unknown source holds the evidence and the key to stop the nightmare that has become everyones life. Getting what they need will be their greatest challenge.
M-erger, long time enemies must join forces in order to overcome the truest evil. A long lost friend will help eradicate the greatest enemy.
E-ndeavors, a time of peace is in the future but to ensure the continued alliances, it will be up to Savannah and Tristan accepting another daunting challenge.

Yay Pom Pom’s out! 

I just love Tristan & Savannah all of the characters have come such a long way. Everyone is faced with difficult decisions and they handle them spectacularly. I really enjoyed Caravans roll as vampire council leader. It seems Ms. Darnell really did a great job tackling all of the paranormal topics and steam rolled right through them. Whether in the thralls of war or the personal misunderstandings between our characters, there is never a dull moment. If you enjoy reading about vampires and witches this series is for you!

My Fav's

Wow, Tristan has gone through so much. He has been a resounding hero throughout. I never doubted him, not for one second. He has never let the challenges he faces keep him for obtaining his goals. My heart goes out to him for all the loss he has had to endure. Every terrible event just cements his incredible worth for me.

Lol, out of all of the characters Savannah shows the greatest growth. I loved the way she develops a sense of right for those around her. She looks out for everyone she cares for and some how becomes the foundation that holds their group together.

My Rating

4.5 Circle, Impromptu diner, Synthetic Blood, RV, Demonic Dog, Vampire Dancer, Watch, Family Meeting, Peace Ambassadors, Eternity Together Love Filled Stars! YA Paranormal strikes again and the story and ending are awesome! Go Team! Read This Book!

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About the Author

Melissa Darnell is the author of a growing list of adult and YA fiction and nonfiction books. Born in California, she grew up in Texas and has also called the following states home since then: Utah, West Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Iowa and South Dakota. She currently lives in Nebraska with her husband Tim and two children, Hunter and Alexander, where she enjoys watching Whale Wars, Glee and True Blood, designing digital graphic products for the virtual world of Second Life, and of course writing her latest book.

About Covet

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  1. It's always great when you're both sad and want more from a beloved series. Awesome review, Ria!

  2. I've only read Crave, but I'm currently rereading it so that I can read Covet as soon as I'm done and then soon follow up with Consume! Thanks for the giveaway :)


    1. Oh you'll love Covet! I read it in a day! Consume is good too, but not as good as Covet!

  3. I haven't read the series yet (sadly). I've wanted to since I first heard about it, but my library won't order the books. I'm lusting over these books so bad though, I'll find some way to get them. Maybe a box set?

    1. Isabel, you should get the set! They're so good!!!

  4. There are many authors but most recently Cassandra Clare! I just started TMI last month and I read the first 4 books in about a week! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! This is one of my favorite series!

  5. Jennifer Armentrout, Larissa Ione, Jennifer Echols, Kristan Higgins.... I could go on :)

  6. There are a lot of authors that consume me. Wendy Higgins, Jennifer Armentrout/J. Lynn, Nicole Williams and a bunch others. Thanks!

  7. Aleatha Romig, Rebecca Donovan, EL James, Cassandra Clare, RK Lilley, OMG I could go on for days lol!!!


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