Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (20)

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition...
These ladies kick serious BOOTY. I wish everyone on the planet would read their books...Oh, well everyone who is age appropriate for their material ;) LoL! Seriously! Check these awesome ladies OUT!

What Authors do you think deserve more recognition?

Laters Baby,
Ria ;)


  1. Wow!! I haven't heard of any of these authors. I will have to check them out. All of my choices are commonly mentioned in YA circles...They just aren't main stream like Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyer, Veronica Roth, etc.

    Here is my TTT: http://jacquesbooknook.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-ten-tuesday-authors-who-deserve.html

  2. Wow, I haven't heard of any of these authors! I'll check them out.

  3. Ooh Ria! They do kick booty! I loved Sarra Cannon's Trouble with Goodbye and I can't wait to read Jennifer Snyder's Catalyst! I've seen Nikki popping up on a quite a few lists and I definitely need to read something by her! Great picks!

    My TTT

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  4. That is a great list! I can think of so many authors who deserve more recognition. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Haven't heard of any of them! Though maybe I've heard of their books... I'm not so great with author names.

  6. I have a couple of these on my to-read shelf. Off to add the ones I don't! :)

  7. I’ve only read a Jennifer Snyder book out of your list but I liked it. It makes me sad when really good authors don’t get recognition they deserve. Here’s my list:

    CJ Roberts
    Nyrae Dawn
    Trisha Wolfe
    Jana Oliver
    Chloe Neill
    Simone Elkeles
    Tarryn Fisher
    Karina Halle
    Kristen Proby
    Kirsten Hubbard

  8. Kim Karr! Connected will rock your world!!! can't wait for her next book Torn!


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