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The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never #1) by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never

Pub November 15th 2012
by Grand Central Publishing
ARC & Galley For Review
Mature Content:  18+

Gr’s Summary:

--The New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling blockbuster--

Sometimes life takes you off course . . .


Twenty-year-old Camryn Bennett thought she knew exactly where her life was going. But after a wild night at the hottest club in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, she shocks everyone-including herself-when she decides to leave the only life she's ever known and set out on her own. Grabbing her purse and her cell phone, Camryn boards a Greyhound bus ready to find herself. Instead, she finds Andrew Parrish.

Sexy and exciting, Andrew lives life like there is no tomorrow. He persuades Camryn to do things she never thought she would and shows her how to give in to her deepest, most forbidden desires. Soon he becomes the center of her daring new life, pulling love and lust and emotion out of her in ways she never imagined possible. But there is more to Andrew than Camryn realizes. Will his secret push them inseparably together-or destroy them forever?

Due to sexual content and language, this book is recommended for 17+ – Adult Contemporary Women’s – New Adult Fiction

The Way Ria Sees It

WOW... Okay, WOW... I’m going to start my review by defending a few things that some of those negative Nancy’s that hate love might think... This is a book of FICTION as in NOT real... This book is about LOVE so yeah... It's going to contain ROMANCE. Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest! Oh yeah, I almost forgot...


TEoN (The Edge of Never) will make you cry.  It was beautiful!! Super sweet in an INSTA-Love SOUL-Mate kind of way. My headache from the HUGE Ball fest I just had is FINALLY starting to ease up... Seriously, this book was almost perfect. PUT the Pitch Forks and Torches down people. As much as I LOVE, LOVE, and FICTION. There was just a teensy tiny bit that made it not a full gazillion star review. Hey I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, and RECOMMEND RECOMMEND, and RECOMMEND this book to ALL!!

T-ragedy seems to be all that surrounds Cam, she has lost so much, she herself is lost.
H-ollow, is all that Cam is, an empty void fills her not knowing what to do she goes through the motions, vacant.
E-vening, meant to be a fun distraction turns into a destructive force, that will turn Cam’s life upside down, again.

E-nraged, selfish and destructive, Cam’s friend will betray her trust, and push her into an awful situation.
D-ecision, one of the hardest she’s ever made blows up in her face, and Cam finds herself alone for the last time. She will take a leap she never thought possible.
G-enuine, kind and charming, Cam finds Andrew in the oddest of places, and her life takes her down an unknown and scary road.
E-xpectations, from everyone.  Camryn and Andrew are tired of doing things the way everyone has planned out for them. This is their time to break the mold and live for themselves. 

O-pportunity to know Camryn, Andrew will seize it and not look back, and in an effort to help Cam, Andrew will begin to live.
F-riend, betrayed by one at home and finding solace in her new travel companion, Camryn begins to open up to the last person she ever thought she could.

N-ecessity to leave, Andrew finds his destination and Camryn seeks out a new one. An awful attack will collide these two back together as fate would have it.
E-scape, from his ghosts, Andrew decides to go down a painful road. Too selfish to turn away, thinking it can only end with pain and broken hearts, he ignores logic and goes after his heart.
V-iolating, every rule Camryn made at the beginning of this journey of finding herself, she realizes she would do it all over again. Her heart and soul no longer belong to her, but to Andrew, and she gives it willingly.
E-urydice, a myth, an impossible dream.  Andrew finds and feels that life is cruel. He will live his life full of love, and enjoy every moment he has with Cam, not changing a single thing. 
R-esigning, Cam knows what she wants, and she will not give up without a fight, even though she knows she is fighting fate, she will stand up to destiny, even if it means getting destroyed in the process.

This was truly a powerful read! The romance is strong and sudden, such as the fates that brought these two together. This is definitely a must read!  TEoN will keep you up ALL night, and shake you to the core.  This is a highly addictive read that I recommend to ALL!!  Oh man, can Ms. Redmerski ever write!!  Captivating and enthralling, don’t get me started on the steamy scenes!! ;)

My Favs

Kind, living, and slightly out of place. Cam follows everyone's expectations, even if it means compromising a part of her self. I wanted her to break out and live life for herself! I love seeing the changes that took place within her, because of Andrew. I loved the way she was everything that Andrew needed...There, but not pushy, loving, but not overbearing. Without knowing it, she heals his wounds.  I love the way she balanced him out.

A man in every sense of the word.  He is strong and gentle. He teaches Cam what it is to live. He pulls things from her soul that she never knew existed. Andrew finds his Eurydice, and she completes him, giving him reasons to do the one thing he fears most. For Camryn, Andrew is willing to do anything and face all obstacles, as long as he can have her by his side.

My Favorite Quotes

“What you wear really doesn;t matter much,” he says, walking back to the closet. “All that matters is where you’re going and what you’re doing while you’re wearing it.”
~Andrew (Galley pg. 146)

“Two people unable to cry finally cry together and if the world ended today, we would be fulfilled.”
~Camryn (Kindle Loc. 4001)

“I was taking the long road and Camryn was taking the road to nowhere and it just so happens that they led to the same place.”
~Andrew (Kindle Loc. 5096)

“I think that if past lives are real then we have been lovers in every single one of them. I’ve known you for a short time, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.”
~Andrew (Kindle Loc. 5595)

“It’s perfect, lined up with Andrew’s flawlessly. When we lie next to each other like this, the two pieces become one.”

My Rating

4.5 Best Friend, Depression, Night Club, Bloody Nose, Baked Potato, Classic Rock, Vending Machines, Dying Wish, Rain Storm, Loving Duet, Forgiving, Embracing, Eternal Love and completing a puzzle filled stars! This is a MUST read! Add it to your TBR like last week and start reading it like yesterday! This gripping journey will move you!

Ro's Take on this Journey

Camryn Bennet is the main character in J.A. Redmerski's first novel in The Edge of Never Series.  Camryn continually questions her life, it's purpose, and the dullness in the daily routines of it.  She has been walking through life for a very long time now, since Ian, (the love of her life) died, her brother was  imprisoned, and her parents divorced.  Her best friend Natalie drags her to a night club for the evening with her boyfriend Damon, and tries to get her out of her depression.  Natalie is there for Camryn, though quite flamboyant, Bi-sexual, has a lack of class and morals at times, and is quite the opposite of Camryn, who is strong minded, yet subtle, sweet, conservative, and to herself.  Something happens that night night at The Underground that changes everything for Camryn and she decides to leave town.  The next day Camryn boards a bus leaving North Carolina, and her best friend Natalie behind her, to go to Idaho.  She needs change and purpose, and figures it's time to start living and feeling again, and she needs to figure her life out.

Camryn experienced a lot of trauma and needs to let it all go, and her inhibitions as well.  On the bus she meets Andrew Parrish.  Andrew is on his own journey trying to heal as well.  The reasons for his journey are kept secret.  Little do they know, that their initial encounter will lead to a state wide road trip, which will lead to friendship, healing, flirty fun, lust, daring, tension-filled drama, angst, passion, romance, and love.  This novel has quite a slow buildup, and progresses accordingly.  There was no insta-love, though their shared magnetism is evident from the start.  These two young people are part of fate's plan, to relieve each other of their life long pain.  They've been carrying heavy burden's on their shoulders.

Andrew was refreshing, sweet, and up for anything pretty much.  Andrew and Camryn made bets often to see which one of them had to submit to the other's demands, and at times it was fun and hot!  Andrew taught Camryn how to open herself up, be daring, learn to live in the moment, and finally enjoy her life.  Together they made for one combustible, steamy romance, and were each other's kryptonite.  Once the story took off, there was no turning back!  Andrew was sentimental with his words, actions, and his loving gestures, and at other times he could be ravaging, forceful, and swoon-worthy.  Both these characters were well rounded, quirky and frustrating at times, and terribly broken.  The best part of their relationship was that they were there for each other, and each needed the other to heal, though they didn't realize it.

Ms. Redmerski does a wonderful job with her descriptions, and her prose are flawless, and alluring.  I couldn't put down this novel.  Once it started moving, The Edge of Never became a page turner, and it all fit into place like the perfect puzzle.  The characters were true to life, and playful together, filled with a roller coaster of emotions that the reader will eventually succumb to.  The author has weaved an unmistakably, growing, loving, nurturing, tender, friendship and steamy hair raising romance.  Ms. Redmerski's prose will bring the reader to their knees with an abundance of emotions.  I could sympathize with these characters engulfed with a range of feelings such as sadness, anger, heartbreak, happiness, love, comfort, giddiness, and euphoria.

The characters, Camryn and Andrew, are unforgettable, and truly soul mates.  Their friendship, banter, lightheartedness, emotional wounds, tenderness, and love, will fill your heart as you read through the prose.  You will live their adventure, live in each moment with them, and root for them all the way, as they heal each other with such enlightening tenderness your heart will feel warm to the touch.  This journey was emotionally charged, had so many life lessons, teaching each and every one about living your dreams and not to live in a rut.  The storyline is realistic, has a devastating turn of events that will leave you weeping, feeling heart-broken, and gasping for air. Both these characters were afraid to allow anyone in, but once they did, they couldn't envision their lives without the other.  I was glad that the characters took chances, and realized their dreams together.  I loved how they really were like Orpheus and Eurydice, truly inseparable.

I give The Edge of Never, by J.A. Redmerski, 5 Fate Filled, Fly Off The Seat Of Your Pants, Steam Filled, Soul Inspiring...It's Time For Everyone To Take A ROAD TRIP Of A Lifetime Stars!!!

My Fav Quotes

"Yesterday I thought about why I felt the need to get up at exactly the same time as the day before and do everything like I did the day before.  Why?  What compels any of us to do the things we do when deep down a part of us just wants to break free from it all?" (eARC, Loc. 52).    


"Just you and a backpack with a few necessities.  No bills.  No getting up at the same time every morning to go to a job you hate.  Just you and the world out ahead of you.  You never know what the next day is going to bring, who you'll meet, what you'll have for lunch or where you might sleep." (eARC, Loc. 57).     


"For the first time in my life, I've felt whole, alive, free.  You were the missing piece of my soul, the breath in my lungs, the blood in my veins.  I think that if past lives are real then we have been lovers in every single one of them. (eARC, Loc. 5593)     


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About the Author

J.A. Redmerski, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of THE EDGE OF NEVER lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas with her three children and a Maltese. She is a lover of television and books that push boundaries and is a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead.


  1. Great review, ladies! Some of the NA contemporaries out right now make me want to gag but based off of your quotes, this book seems like its hauntingly beautiful. Added to the TBR :)

    1. Thank You Diantha! Yes, it is not a formula book!!! I'm right there with you. Hope you like it!

  2. Oh yay! You both loved TEoN! I loved how this book started off so introspective, and turned into a big, crazy, love story/journey. Such beautiful reviews, Ria and Ro!

    1. Thank You for your kind comments. You always make my day!


  3. Oh wow! I'm so glad to see that you both enjoyed this book. I've seen it around a lot and have it up on my TBR as well, but I just never got to reading it or I kept putting it aside for some reason. Obviously I've been wrong! From your fab reviews, this looks like an amazing book and I now have all the reason to read it. I'm high on insta-love and so that makes this one even better. Awesome reviews, Ro and Ria!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  4. Love the review. This was a good book!


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