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Blog Tour: Edible (Exquisite #3) by Ella Frank

Edible (Exquisite #3) 

by Ella Frank 

July 2nd 2013

by Author Self Pub 

ARC For Review 

GR's Summary 

Edible, delicious, delectable. 

Rachel Langley is more than familiar with those three words in her line of work. After all, she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingle.

They aren’t, however, the words she would have ever expected to think of when she locks eyes with a certain lawyer she knows only as Cole.

With each encounter, the infuriatingly persistent man becomes more impossible to resist, and edible is the exact word that comes to mind.

Crave, demand, covet. 

Cole Madison knows exactly what he wants, and Rachel Langley is it. From the moment he spotted her at Whipped, he knew he wanted to grab hold and take a bite.

However, the woman has enigmatic moves, avoiding him at every turn.

But not for much longer.

Rachel’s time is up, and as far as Cole is concerned, he’s waited too long for a taste of what he desires. Nothing, including the woman herself, will stop him from consuming what he hungers for.

The only question left is: Who will take the first bite?

The Way I See It 




It took me
2.5 seconds flat to fall in love with Edible!! It's been a little while, especially with my new job, that I’ve purposely fought sleep to keep reading.

If you’ve ever read anything by Ms. Frank you already know how amazing her books are...

What.Are.You.Waiting.For? This is a MUST READ!


You know you're in trouble when the dedication makes you misty eyed...


If you haven’t read any of Ms. Frank’s books then...WAKE UP! GET UP! GET ON IT! In case you missed it earlier, this is a MUST READ! Okay, enough blabbing. Now for the good stuff... Bittersweet, you know that aching moment, when you are giddy, because you get to visit beloved characters, combined with the dread that this will be the LAST time EVER you will visit them...I’m so sad, happy, torn, overjoyed, balling bucket of emotions!! Rachel is so special she has been, since day one and her story is captivating...

E-scaping, from herself and her fears. Rachel’s time to stop running has come, she knows she needs to find herself.
D-ecision, from the moment he saw her Cole was intrigued. He has let Rachel slip from his grasp too many times. Not anymore this man will not accept no, and he can be persuasive. ;)
I-nsatiable, after giving into each other, it seems they cannot get enough. Slowly their need for one and other will consume them with feelings they both thought they were incapable of.
B-rave, Cole will give Rachel the strength she needs to bare her soul to him. A dark past haunts her with Cole by her side chasing away her nightmares she will face her fears and trust again.
L-ove, what started as an attraction leads to seduction and playfulness. The end result will shock everyone that Rachel holds dear.
E-xpectance, embrace, together Cole and Rachel will face the accusations and judgements with open hearts. They know the power of their love and their decisions will not be swayed.

This beautiful and amazing series started as a little restaurant in Chicago, and it has introduced us to some very amazing characters! Spicy, vivacious, intelligent, sassy, strong, bullheaded, loving, wild, brave, and each so so special in their own way! I feel like I have been a part of their lives! Mason and Lena grab your heart! Josh and Shelly will shock you and make you melt! Cole and Rachel? Well...They will re-write all the rules! I had SOOO much fun with this bunch.  Once you read these books, I have NO DOUBT that YOU will TOO!!

My Favs 

She is sweet, wild, fun and charismatic! She is so broken and she needs direction, burning both ends of the candle begins to wear her down. In this book, we get to see what a beautiful and amazing person she is. Her past brought tears to my eyes, and I hurt for her. If anyone deserves an HEA it’s this special lady. Watching her finally trust again was an awesome gift.

He is so powerful.  His confidence exudes off the pages. Never one to accept no for an answer, he sees what he wants and goes after it. He has always been a controlled individual, and in control of things around him, until Rachel walks into his life. Slowly she will eat at his resolve and his self control will begin to waver. His control on situations and others? She gives him that because it’s what they both need. These two are P.E.R.F.E.C.T for each other. I have never met a pair like them.   

They will both remain in your heart forever.

My Rating

5.0 Leather, Subway, Pink, Tulip, Taste, Challenge, Swim, Passion, Promise, Banquette, Lydia, Brother, Caramel, LOVE filled stars!! MUST READ!!! Emphasis on the MUST! Go on y’all!  I mean it, these books will steal your heart!

Casting and Collage

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this is hawt

About Author 

I am the author of the Exquisite Series, including Exquisite, Entice and Edible. I also released my first Erotic Novel, Blind Obsession in March 2013.

I'm a happily married woman and mother to a crazy cat. I've been writing ever since I fell in love with falling in love and I credit that to my Nan who handed me my first romance novel.

Currently I reside in the Southern portion of the United States of America.

Guest Post

We would like to invite the AMAZING and TALENTED

Ella Frank 

to our blog! We are both honored, and excited for you to share a little bit about you, with all of us!!

#FanGirling #iLoveCole 

We wanted to know... 

What are 5 "ways," or "things" that help you release stress. "Don't be shy ;)" 

Ha! Ria, you are trying to get me in trouble!

Reading! I love to read – Erotica, Romance, M/M & Paranormal Romance (*Sigh* Blackdagger Brotherhood)

Music! I enjoy just lounging out on my balcony (or on my couch) and listening to all different kinds of music. From musicals (which I am a huge fan of and am currently listening to Miss Saigon as I type this) to P!nk and Keane. Oh and let’s not forget DMB!!

Eating! Should I say that?? Probably not but hey, it’s the truth. I LOVE to eat and lucky for me, so does my hubby. We love going out to restaurants and just having a nice meal. We recently found this beautiful little seafood restaurant that overlooks the water and serves the most amazing carrot soufflé (now I know that doesn’t sound great…but holy moly, that stuff is to KILL for!)

Cuddling! I love cuddling on the couch or in *bed* with my man, is anything more relaxing? Okay so maybe there are a few other activities in bed more relaxing but you ALREADY know what that is and that I enjoy it..a lot. You’ve read my books!

Vacations! I love going on vacations – specifically on ones that cause me to get on a cruise ship or a plane. There’s something about going somewhere and getting away that makes me relax and de-stress like nothing else. It is also a great place to do options, 1,2,3,4,and 4.5 (of course)!

SEE! Told Y'all!
Thanks again for joining us Ella!


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  1. Eeee!!! This looks great! 2.5 seconds is super quick to fall in love with a book, and definitely has me curious. I will definitely check this series out!

  2. Great post Ria, I love it all! I haven't heard of this book until now but it's definitely on my radar now!


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