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Book Review: The Trouble With Goodbye (Fairhope #1) by Sarra Cannon

The Trouble With Goodbye 

Pub. May 21st 2013

by Dead River Books

ARC For Review

Gr’s Summary

One night can change everything…

Two years ago, Leigh Anne Davis shocked everyone in tiny Fairhope, Georgia when she broke up with her wealthy boyfriend to attend an Ivy League university a thousand miles away. At school, she finds a happiness and independence she’s never known.

Until one terrifying night takes it all away from her.

With no place else to go, Leigh Anne heads home to reclaim her old life. A life she worked so hard to escape. On the outside, she seems like the same girl everyone has always known. But deep inside, she’s hiding a terrible secret.

That’s when she meets Knox Warner, a troubled newcomer to Fairhope. His eyes have the same haunted look she sees every day in the mirror, and when she’s near him, the rest of the world fades away. But being with Knox would mean disappointing everyone all over again. If she wants to save what’s left of her old life, she has no choice but to say goodbye to him forever.

Only, the trouble with goodbye is that sometimes it’s about courage and sometimes it’s about fear. And sometimes you’re too broken to know the difference until it’s too late.

Lindy's Thoughts

Sarra Cannon has been a favorite author of mine since I began her Peachville Demons Series, when it first came out.  I loved it so much that I constantly gushed about it to Ria and Ro, and got them to read it also.  Of course, both loved the series, and also became instant Sarra Cannon fans!  When I found out about the release of, The Trouble With Goodbye, I knew it was a book that I needed to read, and this story captured my attention, and pulled me in immediately.

This is the story of college student, Leigh Anne, and is told soley through her perspective.  She grew up in an upper middle class family with her best friends Penny, Krystal, Summer, and Bailey, and went out with Penny's twin brother Preston in high school.  Penny and Preston came from a powerful, wealthy family, and their family, along with Leigh Anne's, hoped that their kids would marry one day.  However, Leigh Anne decides to leave her small town of Fairhope, Georgia, when something occurs, and attends college in Boston.  While away at college, Leigh Anne gets close to her dorm roommate Penny, and is happy with her new life. Unfortunately, something horrible happens, and Leigh Anne decides to return home to simplify her life, and escape Boston.

When she returns, she meets the gorgeous, and sexy Knox Warner.  He is everything that she could possibly want in a guy.  They have an immediate connection, and intense attraction.  The two start spending time with one another, and Leigh Anne finds herself falling for Knox.  However, there are very unfavorable rumors about him, and both Leigh Anne's parents, and old friends, don't approve.  Then, Preston realizes that he still loves Leigh Anne, and wants to reconcile, and continue their relationship.  Leigh Anne soon discovers, as she spends time with her friend's, that they've grown apart.  Leigh Anne isn't the person that she used to be, no matter how hard she tries.

After this realization, Leigh Anne decides to try to be independent and take charge of her life.  She gets a job at a restaurant, and her mother doesn't approve of her daughter's lowly position as a server.  Leigh Anne begins spending even more time with Knox, and appreciate's the person he is.  Knox has had a difficult life, and gone through a lot.  He's not very trusting, and many girls have tried to get his attention for the last year. He hasn't had any interest in dating anyone, until he met Leigh Anne.  These two grow incredibly close, share secrets, support one another unconditionally, and fall in love.  Leigh Anne feels like Knox is the only one who truly understands, and knows her.

I really enjoyed, The Trouble with Goodbye.  It was a story of substance, that sent a clear message.  Live your own life, make your own decisions, and stand up for yourself.  It touched on a very difficult topic, and how important it is to use your voice to stand-up for yourself, and don't let others influence your actions.  

There was a sweet, and sometimes hot romance between Leigh Anne and Knox.  I loved how Ms. Cannon created characters that I could really connect with.  I cared about Leigh Anne.  I know that there are many "Leigh Anne's" in the world that are experiencing similar traumatic events, and the emotional scars that are part of the aftermath.  My heart broke for the main characters, and all those I know have been through similar situations.  This was a fast-paced read, that kept my attention from beginning to end.  Check out, The Trouble With Goodbye, and let me know what you think!

My Rating

I give, The Trouble With Goodbye, 4 Courageous, Healing, Newfound Love, and Passionate Stars!  This story deals with the after effects of a traumatic event, healing, falling in love, changing, when everyone around you is staying the same,  standing up, and speaking out for yourself, and others!  It had a great message, an entertaining plot, fantastic main characters, and will make you feel many emotions.  I felt anger, hope, happiness, and excitement for Leigh Anne, and all that took place in her story.  Knox is sure to make you swoon!  He is a fabulous leading man, and you will feel for everything that he has had to endure in his life.  I'm excited to read the sequel in this series, and to learn more about the character's in Fairhope!

My Favorite Quotes:

"But like my tears, I'm a girl on the edge.  I hover at the top of some great height, peering over the side into nothingness.  If I step back, I might lose myself forever.  But one inch forward and I'm fu**ed.  It's fly or die.  And in this moment, I'm just not sure I'm the flying type." (eARC, Loc. 764)
~Leigh Anne

"You don't ever have to worry about what I think of you or how I feel about you, because right now and for the rest of my life, I am going to love you with all that I am." (eARC, Loc. 1754)

"To me, it's just one layer of many.  We're all somewhat the sum of our experiences, you know?  But each individual event can only define us if we let it.  If you don't want this to define you, then don't let it." (eARC, Loc. 2055)

The Way Ria Sees It

This was a wonderful story about a girl who breaks out!  After being under her family’s thumb her whole life, Leigh Ann starts to make decisions on her own, and I can’t help but cheer her on!!  This was a quick and fun read.  From the first turn of the page, to the last I was completely captivated!

T-rust, Leigh Ann leaves to reinvent herself after her heart is broken.
H-ope, a scholarship and new friendships give her a second chance.
E-clipse, a horrible event overshadows everything Leigh Ann has worked so hard for.  Her new life becomes an unbearable prison.

T-rouble, a deer, a tree, and a ditch later, Leigh Ann needs help.
R-esign, this is what has become of Leigh Ann’s life.  She is just so tired of fighting.
O-utcast, a handsome loner will be the one to save her in more ways than one.
Unwilling to give in, Leigh Ann will fight her parents and the hold they have on her.
B-eautiful attraction, two strangers are pulled together by a force stronger than words or emotions.
L-ove, sudden and deep, Knox will do what it takes and fight or wait for as long as he has to.
E-ntitled, a first love’s family feels it's only the right thing to oust everyone in Leigh Ann’s life in order to “protect” her.

W-orry, Knox wants desperately to be close to Leigh Ann during these times in her life.
I-ll with despair, Leigh Ann is taken away from the one thing that grounds her and makes her feel safe.
T-ruths, Knox shares his past, and she discovers an amazing gift.
H-ope, Leigh Ann realizes the most beautiful things can sometimes start off a little broken.

G-uide, this time Leigh Ann will focus on her heart, to see her through.
O-bedient, always the girl doing as she was told, Leigh Ann will finally take a stand.
O-bligated to his past, Knox will step away, if that is what it takes.
D-etermined, Leigh Ann will see Knox, and show him how deep her love goes.
B-elonging together, is the only thing Leigh Ann has ever been 100% sure of.
Y-ears of struggle, and tough times seem like a small price to pay to be together.
E-ver after, they have promised to do what it takes, because in the end it's their love for each other, that has started healing all of their broken pieces.

The Trouble With Goodbye was such a good read.  I really enjoyed the fact that once Leigh Ann made up her mind on what she was going to do with her life, and once the truth came out, her friends, and even her family started supporting her.

My Rating 

4.0 Boston, Movie Star, Believe Crucifix, Old Truck, Strong Embrace, Walk home, Lake House, Waiting Job, News Reporters, buried skeletons, Happy Future Together, filled Stars!!  For a book of second chances, and rebuilding what was once broken, check out The Trouble With Goodbye!!


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About the Author

Sarra Cannon
grew up in a small town in Georgia where she learned that being popular always comes at a price. She is the author of the young adult paranormal Peachville High Demons series, which she first began self-publishing in October of 2010. Since the series began, Sarra has sold over 120,000 copies and recently signed a contract with Sea Lion Books to create a graphic novel adaptation of Beautiful Demons, the first book in the series. Sarra lives in North Carolina with her amazing husband, her new baby boy, and her teeny tiny Pomeranian, Snickerdoodle.



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  3. At first glance, the plot seems similar to many of the NA novels that are already in the market. But Lindy, your review helps me see how much I'll enjoy reading what Leigh Anne do to take charge of her life. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. And I loved the way Ria sees it :)

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