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Book Review:Lastland (War of the Princes #4) by A.R. Ivanovich


(War of the Princes #4) 
A.R. Ivanovich 
Published January 5th 2016 
by Alloy Entertainment 

After a devastating attack on the Northern capital, Prince Raserion has taken everything from Katelyn Kestrel . . . everything but her will to fight back and save the people of Haven.

Out of the ashes of a burning city, Prince Varion, ruler of the Northern Kingdom, resurfaces, intent on ending the seven-hundred-year war once and for all. But he can’t succeed without Katelyn’s help. She has the powerful ability to find anything she seeks—even the enemy himself, Prince Raserion.

While the two armies gather strength for one final showdown, Katelyn finds herself on the frontlines of war, pinned between right and wrong, friend and foe, life and death. With Haven’s fate hanging in the balance, Katelyn’s struggle will not only decide her future, but the future of the broken Kingdom of Lastland.

Letting Go of Everything is Crushing Yet Necessary

I have been destroyed. I am so sad pathetically weeping away; the words on the screen are blurry as I type. I’ve had a lot of real loss in the last year so much in fact…books have not moved me. Yes, I’ve laughed and I’ve connected to characters but I haven’t truly FELT what the authors have conveyed. War of the princes changed that the lodestones clearly have lots of power! This series has shown me my heart is not gone and I’m not dead inside. Thanks for that Ivonavich I will forever remember this series the series that was able to reduce me to a puddle of tears longing for characters that have suffered so much and achieved their greatest dreams but not without sacrifice. Bittersweet indeed I just loved so much and though things had to happen the way they did its still difficult. I’m still weepy. 

The Story, this series has flown by in a flurry of action, love, loss, sacrifice, growth, wonder, and a litany of other amazing adjectives I could go on forever and ever! Picking up where Monarch ends Kat has to make a stand and she will do what it takes to safe guard her people. Just a year and a half ago was so different she was so different but determined to fight now is not the time for surrender. Every character has changed so drastically no one is the same as they once were. This will continue through the end everyone is vastly different than 2 years ago and one prince is different than he was 700 years ago. I certainly feel his pain he has seen so much violence the other prince has become so corrupt and so dark unable to understand reason has torn apart his humanity the wonderful person kind and loving has become the making of a very dangerous monster. Sigh.

The Characters, Kat bravo darling you rock way to crush it…Kyle man oh man I remember the first time you came onto the pages truly your zeal stole my heart…Ruby the easy love you share with Kyle and Kat is contagious…Rune YOU! What a wonderful coincidence you ran into a ghost one night in a cave. Dylan your snarky attitude is something I will always cherish. Raserion I’m sorry you became a monster my heart is broken for the force of good you could have been. Varion thank you, you cracked open my heart from the first time you came onto the pages my heart belonged to you. To all of the other beautiful characters that were perfectly placed to spell out an amazing read BRAVO! I want to cry again just thinking about how wonderfully everything fit into place.

The End, man oh man this is tough. I feel a lump in my throat and I want to throw myself on my bed. This series has been amazing. If I had to pick out something I didn’t care for I’d have to say it is Kat’s mom I wish she was more but I’m not the one who wrote the book and everything else was so powerful that this storyline is nonplused. As careful as I’ve been to not drop any spoilers don’t expect any out of me now but I will say this. This ending isn’t perfect and it isn’t pretty but the last 10% was so powerful and so shocking and so revealing and so sad and so happy and so just that all I can do is appreciate it for what it is. A beautiful gift to the world so…Thank you A. R. Ivanovich I will cherish this story more than you know. 

My Rating 
5.0 Million Trillion Stars!!!!! As if you didn’t know…this gem has been a game changer I knew it was going to be special when I couldn’t resist giving it 5 stars from the beginning. Something I’ve never done with a series ever before. I cannot recommend these books enough!

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About the Author

A. R. IVANOVICH enjoys being swallowed by forests, sleeping on lakes, and watching the sky. Her passion for writing is accompanied by a love of video games, painting, horseback riding and the subtle craft of nacho-making. A. R. regularly encourages those around her to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles, because, as she can attest, the rewards are more than worth the effort. She was raised in Hawaii, where she once again resides, with her husband and their extensive family of rescue pets. She loves hearing from her readers, feel free to drop her a message or say hello.

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