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Book Review: Paperglass (War of the Princes #2) by A.R. Ivanovich

(War of the Princes #2) 
A.R. Ivanovich  
Published January 5th 2015 
by Alloy Entertainment 

This summary fits the story...the other summaries are not how the story unravels. 
After narrowly escaping the war-torn outside world with her life, Katelyn Kestrel vows to never again venture beyond the mountains of Haven Valley. But just as Katelyn begins to prepare for life after high school—a normal life with no warring princes, no dangerous magical abilities, and no handsome, duty-bound soldiers—the outside world comes crashing into her reality once again. 
A team of explorers from Haven has been captured by Prince Raserion, the leader of the Western Kingdom. Only Katelyn, with her remarkable ability to find anything she looks for, can hunt the team down and bring them home. And only Katelyn knows just how much trouble the explorers—and all of Haven—are in . . . 
The princes have been searching for Haven and its people for seven hundred long years. Like it or not, Katelyn must go back to the outside world and rescue the captives, or witness the destruction of everything she’s ever loved.

The Thirst For Lodestones Continues…

So obviously I picked up the second installment right after the first! Gah and still it rocked my socks! I loved and devoured it right away. I do have to point out some inconsistencies that confused me a tad. The book I read is called Paper Glass I’ve also seen it titled Dragoon. That is all and well but when I read the synopsis of both books though they were the same I was more confused. If anyone can help me understand please, please, help! The blurb reads that Kat was attacked by a classmate and this exposed her powers (that is not how it happened). There was an attack on Haven and several people were hurt. Kat used her powers of the Pull to locate and help people. Her classmate identified her powers but the person behind the attack was not her classmate. The Blurb also says that Haven prisoners are sent to the Prince of Shadows but that is also not what happened. Haven citizens have been missing and Kat is tasked with finding them. I’m not really going to dwell on those inconsistencies because the author crushes it again and delivers an epic read! I would like to know why the blurb reads the way it does though.(OKAY Y’all I’m a dumb dumb) I found a blurb that matches the book I read and its at the top. Maybe those other blurb’s I read were for previously published different editions? Who knows but yay mystery solved! 

The Story, well, well, well, if it isn’t the Haven Defense calling the lodestone Katelyn Kestrel. Talk about a juicy conspiracy unlike anything Kat expected. I will try to keep this review spoiler free but cut me some slack folks I have to talk about the books right? Kat is approached to help find what has happened to a team of explorers, this is the last thing she wants to do but knowing there really isn’t any choice she decides to go at it alone and not risk any more lives. Back to the war torn lands Kat discovers she isn’t alone but with nothing to be done about it Kat travels to find this Prince of Shadows and save those from Haven. We are reunited with RUNE Lol though that doesn’t happen until later. Dylan is also back and he blames Kat for his current predicament although he harbors negative towards her he will help keep her safe and retrieve her people. 

The Characters, we know Kat well we get to know more about the people in her town. Her friends follow her to the outside world and they will play key parts in the achievement of her mission. I enjoyed all of the characters once again. We get to meet more dragoons and even a Margrave. Kat continues to shine she is very powerful and her gifts continue to prove as very valuable assets indeed! The prince of shadows is particularly nasty and we get a glimpse of what its like to be a soldier of the north. Kat has a wonderful way of fitting right into whatever role is demanded of her and she will not rest until she can rescue those from Haven and bring them home safely to once and for all be rid of the outside world and their 700 year old war. 

The End, everything leads up to an exhilarating show down. The most epic bad gal gets just what she deserves. This installment has some very sad moments but come heck or high water Kat will see justice is served. Rune I’m happy to report is just as dreamy and honor bound as before. He too will risk everything in order to do the right thing. Dylan is well Dylan, sour and broken I hope he finds his way…I know there is more to this character I hope we get the chance to truly see him shine. Kat is brought face to silhouette with the prince of shadows and this leaves her stunned. The end of this installment was full of betrayal and bravery I cannot wait to see what happens next. There is so much I want to say about this book but in the spirit of keeping things spoiler free I will not. 

My Rating
5.0 Because what? Gooooooodness. This is just too good seriously stop thinking about it and just do it! Read this series! You will NOT Regret it!!

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About the Author

A. R. IVANOVICH enjoys being swallowed by forests, sleeping on lakes, and watching the sky. Her passion for writing is accompanied by a love of video games, painting, horseback riding and the subtle craft of nacho-making. A. R. regularly encourages those around her to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles, because, as she can attest, the rewards are more than worth the effort. She was raised in Hawaii, where she once again resides, with her husband and their extensive family of rescue pets. She loves hearing from her readers, feel free to drop her a message or say hello.


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