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Book Review: Monarch (War of the Princes #3) by A.R. Ivanovich


(War of the Princes #3) 
A.R. Ivanovich 
Published January 5th 2015 
by Alloy Entertainment 

Again...I read the wrong summary #ImADingBatSometimes this one lines up nicely Rune Thayer’s rebellion in Cape Hill has placed all of Breakwater in danger from the ruthless and mercurial Prince Raserion. Now, Katelyn Kestrel and her best friend, Kyle, must do something that no one in the Western Kingdom has ever attempted: travel North to request aid from Prince Varion, the mysterious monarch who’s been locked in a bloody war with his brother for centuries.

But as Katelyn sets sail for enemy territory, she’s confronted by Prince Raserion. He knows what she’s planning to do and offers her a deal: his brother’s life for Rune’s. She suddenly has an impossible choice to make. Risk everything in the hopes that Varion might help, or turn traitor to her own cause and trust Raserion to free the soldier she loves . . .

Wick…You Sly Protector of the Realm You

This is too much. I simply cannot take it. Wow. The five star trends continue but I’m really nervous. I’m so nervous I feel like someone I love is going to die and it has me pretty scared. I digress we aren’t here to talk about my fears we are here to talk about Monarch. The story picks up very shortly after the events of Paper Glass. Again I will try to keep this spoiler free but if some tiny details slip about the first two books then you have been warned. I am happy to report the summary wasn’t totally different though I would argue that Kat is brought face to face with Raserion after they’ve left for the north. ***Arg! I read the wrong summary again! LOL *face palm* Every part of the above summary is just fine! Seriously there is soo much that happens in this installment my head is spinning. So many little things come together for an epic surprise.

The Story,
Kat is en route to the north to ask for an allegiance with Prince Varion. She is determined to stop Raserion once and for all for Haven, Breakwater, and most of all Rune. Well Raserion has other ideas and given that he is over 700 years old he may have a trick or two up his sleeve. When Kat is brought right to the Prince of Shadows she has to make a deal with the devil there is simply no other choice. Knowing things aren’t a simply as they appear Kat will bide her time. Then the most jaw dropping and amazing thing happens and Kat has to protect her secret not once thinking she would ever use it.

The Characters,
Kat has truly grown so much! I’ve always enjoyed her character she is straightforward and genuine but she has doubted herself throughout the series. In Monarch she really shines! (Pun intended lol.) We see her wield her gift with the utmost precision. Each time she is faced by an insurmountable foe or obstacle she defeats or sails right through it! I must say it isn’t without pain or loss but Kat does it with style! Rune, Dylan, Kyle, Carmine oh my! The supporting cast is front and center in this installment but I can’t say anything more about them because I may spill some beans. I will say this though…Dylan! He just makes me crack up and my frozen heart is melting for him little by little.

The End,
there is an attack on the capital and all heck breaks loose. There are so many things going on at once that my brain and my heart were going to explode. Seriously talk about super charged (pun intended.) Almost everything is revealed except the great and terrible why! Raserion has made his reasons known but we still don’t know Varions!! I will say when I got to the end after being on the edge of my seat I had to pick my JAW…OFF THE FREAKING FLOOR!!! Seriously all the feels all the hearts and all the stars!! Now That I’m near the end I will bring up my fears again…I cannot lose ANYONE ELSE!!! Okay maybe Kat’s mom? LOL hey I mean it in a nice way like she redeems all her betrayal with a selfless sacrifice but I have a feeling I’m reaching for straws with that one. 

My Rating
5.0 duh are you kidding me can’t stop won’t stop this series has been a blast! I will wish on a thousand falling stars the final installment doesn’t crush my soul and leave me feeling like the empty.

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About the Author 

A. R. IVANOVICH enjoys being swallowed by forests, sleeping on lakes, and watching the sky. Her passion for writing is accompanied by a love of video games, painting, horseback riding and the subtle craft of nacho-making. A. R. regularly encourages those around her to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles, because, as she can attest, the rewards are more than worth the effort. She was raised in Hawaii, where she once again resides, with her husband and their extensive family of rescue pets. She loves hearing from her readers, feel free to drop her a message or say hello.

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