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Book Review: Haven (War of the Princes #1) by A.R. Ivanovich

(War of the Princes #1) 
A.R. Ivanovich 
January 5th 2016 

From missing socks to missing people, nothing could remain hidden from seventeen year-old Katelyn Kestrel for long, but after locating a forbidden passage out of her isolated country, Haven, she discovers for the first time that there are some things that should never be found. Outside the safety of her homeland's borders, Katelyn meets Rune, a young soldier who will die without her immediate aid. She never considered that helping him would lead to her capture. While being held prisoner by the handsome Lord Dylan Axton, she learns that the outside world is rife with war and controlled by people with extraordinary powers. It becomes clear that there was a very good reason the founders of Haven locked their people away from the rest of the world. The depth of her peril reaches a fever pitch when a ruthless Commander wants Katelyn dead. Her only hope is to return to Haven, but can she survive long enough to find her home?

There’s a Reason Why The Pull is So Special

Okay…What just happened? Talk about an incredible read. Its not very often I want to give a book 5 stars but this one is really tugging at me to do so. It has been quite a while that I’ve wanted to not sleep so I can read. Juggling life and reading like a fanatic is a difficult task. This time the book won! I truly was not expecting such a pulling read(pun intended). Haven had it all and more there was plenty of action and there was love and sacrifice also chalk full of wonderful characters. I seriously cannot wait to finish this review so I can dive into the next. My one question is why oh why had I not heard of this author before? There is definitely an influx of steampunk and I didn’t even know it. Goodness gracious this book was a blast I hope the trend continues! I am beyond excited the rest of the series is out and you should be too. Don’t hesitate this one does not disappoint.

The Story,
there is this town called Haven the setting is wonderful the people are peaceful and everything is just peachy! Our main gal is very curious and she wants to know what is on the other side of the mountains. Seems okay at first but man oh man that is the very last thing anyone is allowed to do. For the past 700 years this quaint country has been in seclusion the part where things get very interesting is no one knows why and no one is talking. Katelyn has a knack for finding whatever she is looking for and she is positive she will be able to sneak out and sneak back in none the wiser. After a pretty terrible night when she is betrayed by someone she used to trust she makes a dash for it and her life will never be the same. Outside of her mountains she finds battle torn lands and quickly lands herself into some very serious trouble. She never meant for things to happen this way and now all she wants is to return home safely.

The Characters,
I guess I’ll start with Katie-bug an affectionate name given to her by her father. At a young age she and her dad where abandoned by her mother and this hurt has carried with her for many years. Kat’s father remarried and had a son the four of them have a great family and all she could ask for, but the pain is difficult to erase. Of course there are two best friends I really enjoyed their carefree personalities and joyful interactions with each other. We get to meet those that are most important to Katelyn right away which was really nice. Now for the slap ya mama fun stuff! Rune, Rune, Rune, and add a dash of Dylan! Sigh. The people she meets are broken and extremely unbalanced. There is something very special about those on the outside and one cant help but fall for them. The bad guys where really nasty and I cant wait to meet more and find out more about them, what lead them to be so vile. This war that is raging has to have a cause and I cant wait to see what it is.

The End,
I LOVED the ending because a major plot line is resolved and all seems “well enough” however, the author leaves the reader hungry for more! The balance between resolution and unanswered is exquisite. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will keep this portion of my review short what I will say is people get what they deserve and there is more to be discovered! I hope we get to find out the why in the mother abandoning Kate…there was a reference where it could just be nothing more than selfishness but as a mom myself that is a very difficult concept to wrap my mind around.

My Rating

5.0 Seriously this knocked my socks off the next book has really big shoes to fill I hope it does just that!! Rune Rune Rune Rune…

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About the Author

A. R. IVANOVICH enjoys being swallowed by forests, sleeping on lakes, and watching the sky. Her passion for writing is accompanied by a love of video games, painting, horseback riding and the subtle craft of nacho-making. A. R. regularly encourages those around her to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles, because, as she can attest, the rewards are more than worth the effort. She was raised in Hawaii, where she once again resides, with her husband and their extensive family of rescue pets. She loves hearing from her readers, feel free to drop her a message or say hello.

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