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Book Review: Sinner's Creed (Sinner's Creed MC #1) by Kim Jones

Sinner's Creed
Sinner's Creed MC #1

Kim Jones

Release Date:
March 1, 2016

Berkley Romance

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GR's Summary:

First in a new series—welcome to the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club, where hard bodies and hot leather are made for each other, and love gone wrong is the most irresistible of all... 

“I was the demon-possessed monster and she was the innocent, na├»ve angel. But none of that matters. She asks, I give and right now, I'll kill anyone who tries to stop me from giving this woman what she wants—me.”

Dirk lives in the shadows—performing hits, maintaining order, and upholding the no-holds-barred legacy of the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club. A nomad with a restless spirit and a cold heart, the open road is his world. One of the few constants in his life: his desire for the one woman who has consumed his thoughts for years. 

Saylor Samson grew up far from the harshness of Dirk’s world. But ever since she was seventeen she’s been drawn to this dark and mysterious man who always seemed to show up just when she needed him. 

After years of fated encounters, he’s back. This time he’s taking her. This time she’s ready for the ride. But just when the darkness in Dirk’s life begins to fade, Saylor reveals a secret that puts them both to the ultimate test. Now, Dirk has to make a decision: submit to his destiny with the MC, or choose his own.


Sinner's Creed MC Series:
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My Thoughts:

This is my second read by author Kim Jones and I really enjoy her raw, edgy, and unique writing style.  She takes risks in her writing, and I appreciate the fact that her stories aren't predictable or traditional by any means.  For someone like myself, who reads a lot, this is a nice change of pace.  

I think Ms. Jones books will not be every romance readers cup of tea.  You will most likely either love or greatly dislike her stories, with no in between.  The reason for this being that not all of her characters are lovable or even likable, there are behaviors that happen within the MC that go against the grain of what's acceptable in society, and there is a lot of explicit language and sex in her stories.

Sinner's Creed was an emotionally draining read, yet unconventionally beautiful as well.  It is the story of Dirk Dixon the Sinner's Creed Nomad National Enforcer, and the vibrant, beautiful, and very loving Saylor Samson.  Told exclusively from his point of view, we learn about their love story.  Throughout the years, Dirk ran into Saylor, and always seemed to arrive when she needed saving.  She made quite an impression on him, and he could never stop thinking of her.  Evidently, he had the same impact on her as well.  

On one such day, she begs him to take her with him, and he can't find it within himself to deny her request.  So as he tends to club business, she rides on the back of his motorcycle.  With each day that passes, they fall deeper in love with one another.  However, obstacles due to Dirk's hot temper and the secret that Saylor is keeping, will forever change life as they know it.

As I began reading Sinner's Creed, I found Dirk to be full of unchecked anger, and his short fuse made him constantly act immature, illogical, impatient, and insensitive.  Saylor was a saint compared to him.  She was so full of life, vitality, optimism, and all that was good and pure.  As the story progressed, it was beautiful to see the stark contrast in personality that only Saylor could bring out in Dirk.  He was gentle, loving, adoring, and doting where she was concerned.  Together, these two had so much passion that stemmed from such a deep emotional connection.

Sinner's Creed does not give a traditional happily ever after.  Let me put it this way, I cried non-stop from the 70% mark on.  I had to take a break at the end, because this story had me in such a state of emotional turmoil.  I went through a ton of tissue, had puffy eyes, a stuffy nose, and a heavy heart by the time I finished this book.       

My Rating:

Sinner's creed threw me for quite a loop.  It was unique, passionate, full of surprises, and gave me both an unconventional male lead as well as romance.  It was also such a raw, powerful, and visceral story.  This story had a huge impact on me, and I would highly recommend it to those that don't mind reading an untraditional romance that lacks a HEA ending.  

There is violence, and a harsh dose of reality where real life, as well as the MC Club life of a one percenter is concerned.  However, there is also great emotion, realistic and flawed characters, passion, surprises, and a beautiful, but tragic love story.  I give, Sinner's Creed, by Kim Jones, 4 Serendipitous Soulmates, Soul Shattering Passion, Painful Heartache Filled Stars!    

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About Kim Jones:

Kim Jones is a writer with big dreams. Inspired by her personal experience inside the MC life, she’s chosen to write biker romance stories that are authentic—expressing the true meaning of brotherhood and the lifestyle of motorcycle clubs. 

In 2013, Kim began her self-publishing journey. Saving Dallas, her first MC series, is based on the life of an influential president who juggles the pressures of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club, and the search for true love. 

Taking the club life and her career a step further, Berkley will be releasing Sinner’s Creed, her second MC series, in March of 2016—an inside look into the life of a 1%er and his sacrifice for what he believes in. 

Kim plans to continue to self-publish off her Saving Dallas series, and has signed a two book deal with Penguin-Random House for Sinner’s Creed. She resides in south Mississippi with her husband, Reggie, two dogs, a cat and a donkey.


  1. I am really eager to try this book out, I do love a tough gritty romance. I am just waiting until I am in the right mood for it. Great review hun.

  2. This was my first book by her and I get what you're saying about her taking risks. I think I respect her more for writing the story the completely instead of pulling back to make it more palpable for a larger audience.

    Insightful review!


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