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Book Review : Your Gravity-Part One by L.G. Castillo

Your Gravity
Part One
by L.G. Castillo

Release Date:
October 11th, 2015


eARC received in exchange of honest review

New Adult
Contemporary Romance

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Can the heart fight the pull of gravity? 

Refusing to bow down to her parents' wishes, Nicole Ashford decides what path in life to take, letting go of the past and choosing her own future. Like any determined college student, nothing is going to stop Nicole from following her dreams and achieving the goals she set. But when she meets sexy and brooding Professor Cooper, her world is tilted off its axis. Despite his sullen and distant demeanor, Nicole can't deny the pull she feels toward him, almost as if nature itself has plans for them. Refusing to give in to her intrigue, Nicole tries to keep Cooper out of her head. But she can't fight the desire and draw she has toward him, especially when that pull takes her breath away.

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My eyes flicked to Cooper, who was looking way too self-satisfied. 
“You did that on purpose,” I snarled. 
“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I was merely being helpful.” 
My eyes narrowed. I wasn’t buying it. “You had his car towed, didn’t you?” 
“And why would I want to do something as sophomoric as that?” 
“You said you didn’t want me to date Travis. That’s why.” 
“A mere suggestion. You think much too much of yourself.” “Why you—you—” 
“You’re not in any condition to find a way home, Ms. Ashford. Come with me.” His hand clasped my arm and electricity charged through my body. My breath caught at the immediate reaction to his touch. Why, oh why, couldn’t I feel like that with Travis? 
“I can call a taxi.” I jerked my arm out of his hand. “I’m not stupid.” 
I spun on my heel way too fast. The heat, pounding music, and flashing lights made me dizzy. I took a step forward and down I went. 
My face. 
Cooper’s chest. 
His intoxicating, incredibly muscular chest. 
The moment our bodies locked, I lost all control. My fingers crawled up his body, tracing in the smattering of hair that peeked out of the “V” of his unbuttoned collar and up to his heavily-scruffed chin and lips. Those perfect lips. The moment I touched them, they parted slightly. I wondered what he tasted like. I licked my lips in response. 
I gazed up, my fingers relishing the feel of his rough stubble. He stood motionless, studying me as the strobe lights danced over his handsome face. 
The beat of the music pounded against my chest, and I found myself swaying. Slowly he moved with me. 
The alcohol was definitely making me stupid, because if I were smart, I wouldn’t latch on to my professor, my incredibly sexy and hot professor, the way I was doing now, pressing my body against his, urging him to dance. 
I couldn’t help myself. My hips moved with his. Pressing harder into his body the way I did with Travis. Only this time when his hands moved over my waist holding me to him, my body lit on fire.

Someone Knows More Than They're Letting On

Gah! Expect the unexpected. When you read this know that a cosmic event is coming your way and it is going to knock your socks off. Castillo has taken an ordinary romance and made it extraordinary. Not only does the main character go through a gambit of ups and downs the reader does too. This read was so much more than just a read get ready for a mind explosion. When I finished this I felt like I had gone down the most delicious of rabbit holes and I never want to come back out. I’m actually going to be sitting in this rabbit hole until the next book release! I cannot express how much of an awesome read this was. 

The Story, I don’t want to give away to much but know this. Nicole is tired of being under her parents thumb so she moves to her aunts house to attend Texas State best friend and all. There are a few things that are off for Nicole but once she meets Jackson Cooper her axis tilts and things get very interesting. By the time the reader gets to the end your brain is so deliriously worked that it is WHAT WHAT?!!! Now what…such book withdrawals thats what. 

The Characters, Nicole is our main girl and the story is in her POV. She isn’t sure of herself or what she wants. Tired of not living up to her parents expectations she accepts that she never will and moves on with her life. She is a wonderful character and I hope to see a lot of growth from her there are so many things she could do and be. I want her to take a stand and focus because although she does those things she needs to come to know that those are the things that make her strong. She has a lot of self doubt and I can’t wait to see her overcome that. Mr. Cooper is a grade A jack wagon. This guy is all bark and bite he is such a mystery I will leave it at that. I could speculate all day and I will in my brain lol but ill leave my mad woman ramblings for later. 

The End, GAHHHHHH So be warned this has a cliffhanger ending but its not life or death. Everyone is warned by the author so expect it deal with it and it will embrace you like the quick tight hug of the promise of more to come. I will be dying a little more each day until the next is in my hands. As I said before I don’t know what is going on and I cannot wait to find out more! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

My Rating
4.9 Seriously right there, What the heck happened, Why has no one told her, Jammin on the strings, Nicole is my real name, These brownies are delicious, I’m going to have to wait an eternity to get to the next book STARS!!!

Mikki's Review:

I'm a new fan of serials. I have to admit that in the beginning I did not want to try them at all! I always waited that all the installments were available to read the story. I have read a few serials in the last couple of months. My changed my mind about them. I love getting that rush of waiting for my questions to be answered and for the story to take an unexpected turn. Your Gravity-Part One, by L.G. Castillo, is one serial that has left me on the edge of my seat!

It's a new beginning for Nicole Ashford. She is determined to leave her past behind and take a step toward her dreams. Starting a new journey is never easy, but with her BFF, Greg, by her side everything seems possible. Her first day of college is nothing like she expected. Her first encounter with Professor Cooper has left her breathless. The chemistry that develops between them is undeniable and Nicole tries to stay away, but there is something so familiar and comforting about Professor Cooper. As days go by, Nicole is getting mixed signals from Professor Cooper. Will she risk it all to be with him?

I really enjoyed Nicole and Professor Cooper's story. I really feel like I have so much to discover about them still. There is a mystery revolving around them that was driving me crazy!!! I was trying to figure out what the author had planned, but I was left speechless with the cliffhanger that she delivered at the end of this first installments. OMG!!! I want some answers NOW!!!!!!

The chemistry between the main character was great and I really liked the supporting cast as well. This author always delivers likeable characters that make you get lost in the story. Like I mentioned before, I still have a lot of things to find out about Nicole and Professor Cooper. I was intrigued by the mysterious flashbacks that Nicole was getting and by Professor Cooper's reaction when he was around her. There are some things that left me confused more than once, but I know that I will get my answers in the next book. I cannot freakin' wait!!!!! The cliffhanger at the end is driving me nuts!!!!


 I give Your Gravity-Part One, by L.G. Castillo, 4 intriguing, enjoyable, forbidden love stars!

About the Author:

Known for her high-intensity New Adult Romance novels, native Texan and psychologist, L.G. Castillo writes books that explore the tumultuous and psychological journey of self-discovery and falling in love. Her stories feature dramatic, life-changing events interspersed with a good dose of humor, feisty heroines, and the swoon-worthy men who love them. 

When she's not writing, L.G. is binging on Netflix or adding up frequent flyer miles for her next vacation. She's been married to her own swoon-
worthy hero for over two decades.


  1. The cover has me staring...the excerpt has me hot...the review had me ready!

  2. oh man, I am totally sold, never heard of this one and it sounds like fun, going on my TBR~


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