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Book Review & Spotlight: Your Gravity 2 (Your Gravity #2) by L.G. Castillo

Your Gravity 2

(Your Gravity #2) 

by L.G. Castillo 

Pub October 25th 2015 

by Author Self Pub
ARC for Review 

Can gravity pull you back and never let go?

Confused and distraught, Nicole Ashford wakes up in 1984 without knowing what has brought her back in time. Determined to find her way back home to her life in 2002, she sets out to find answers. But those answers lead her to what she never thought she'd find--the love her life, Jax Reynolds.

Torn between going forward and staying back, she must decide where she truly belongs. But is the choice really hers or does destiny have a different plan?

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Love is Our Greatest Gift but it is by Far the Scariest of All
Warning…This book contains a cliffhanger. There now you can’t say I didn’t tell you so! Get ready for another whirlwind of emotions! Gah! This series is too much! Too much of a delight not to read! Seriously PICK THESE UP STAT! Lol the brownies and mushrooms aren’t the only thing laced with addictive enticements! Castillo knows the way to the readers emotions and has them panting for more. Seriously after reading this I thought wow…I think there may be some sort of drug in those words because I’M ADDICTED! and I know YOU will be TOO! GAHH!! Non stop from one jaw dropping moment get ready to get lost and carried away to a different time but a beautiful beginning where love is untarnished and two opposite yet similar lives collide like gravity. 

The Story, I think its safe to say Nicole has no clue what the heck is going on all she knows is she is pulled to a boy who steals her heart. Having never known love or a happiness as deep as the one Nicole feels now there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to fight for those she cares most about. Jax didn’t think or care to meet anyone but Nicole is different together its like they can move the cosmos something like that is worth preserving and treasuring forever. Their love is delicate but immovable. the lives they touch are forever linked. There are so many questions and so many blanks I cannot wait to see how everything is tied together. In this installment we get to see Nicole come into her own and battle some of her own demons. I enjoyed her pursuit of finding home and seeing that aha moment when she realized what exactly home meant.

The Characters…yikes bikes Nicole as I mentioned has a lot of self doubt. In part 2 of your gravity she really has to come face to face with those demons. Knowing Jax and the way energy itself comes to life around him will help Nicole immensely. Their love and chemistry is off of the charts…completely on another level. The reader can seriously feel the emotions pouring off the pages. Bravo Castillo I’m hooked and can’t wait to see where this wonderful story goes.

The End…as I mentioned before this cliffhanger is wicked. Im still reeling from it and I don’t see these feelings subsiding any time soon! Get ready for a shocker!! DO NOT let that stop you from picking these up. Seriously highly addictive and worth ever penny and word! This is a read thats sure to linger long after the book has closed. I can’t wait to find out if Nicole gets her happy ending and how everything is connected!! Eeeeeep! 

My Rating
5.0 because I cant help myself this was bloody brilliant cant wont and don't want to put this down…holy moly when does the next come out????? I need the next in the series in my life stat or i’m going to die love filled stars! 

Mikki's Review:

WoW !!!! 

I had high expectations for Your Gravity-Part two by L.G. Castillo. Your Gravity-Part One was a great intro to Nicole and Professor Cooper’s story, but in this second part I got most of the answers to my questions. L.G. Castillo wrote an extremely intriguing second part and I finished reading it in a flash! 

If you have not read Your Gravity-Part one, the rest of my review will contain some spoilers. If you have read the blurb of this second part, you can guess how the first book ended. That was the ‘’Boom’’ effect for me so I highly recommend that you read the first part. Nicole wakes up in a different decade in this book. In 1984 to be more specific. She is lost and confused and she has to pinch herself multiple times to make sure she is indeed in 1984 and not in 2002. When she meets Jax Reynolds, her world is once again turned upside down. Since meeting him, her nightmares have stopped and she finally feels like she belongs somewhere. As days go by, their connection grows and sparks fly. Nicole is torn between wanting to go back to the future and staying in the past. Will she make the right decision? 

This second part was an exciting reading journey! I got to know Nicole’s character much more and I fell in love with Jax and his little sister. L.G. Castillo always creates lovable characters that you cheer for from beginning to end! Nicole and Jax’s chemistry gave me butterflies This was a sweet love story with emotional moments. Both these characters have hard decisions to make and it broke my heart to live does difficult moments with them. I don’t want to give any more details about this book because you NEED to read it! Another cliffhanger rocked my world!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!


I give Your Gravity-Part One, by L.G. Castillo, 4.5 exciting, sweet, page-turning, fascinating stars !

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About The Author
Known for her high-intensity New Adult Romance novels, native Texan and psychologist, L.G. Castillo writes books that explore the tumultuous and psychological journey of self-discovery and falling in love. Her stories feature dramatic, life-changing events interspersed with a good dose of humor, feisty heroines, and the swoon-worthy men who love them.

When she's not writing, L.G. is binging on Netflix or adding up frequent flyer miles for her next vacation. She's been married to her own swoon- worthy hero for over two decades.

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