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Book Review: True Divide (True #3) by Liora Blake

True Divide
True #3

Liora Blake

Release Date:
Oct. 19, 2015

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GR's Summary:

Spitfire Lacey Mosely feels stuck in a life she didn’t necessarily want. But will she find a happy ending with the man who broke her heart? Liora Blake concludes her witty and poignant True series with this spirited romance. 

What do you do when the one boy you were never quite able to forget lands on your doorstep? 

Lacey Mosely feels stuck: in her rural town of Crowell, Montana, at her job as manager of The Beauty Barn, and in her lackluster love life. Enter Jake Holt, one-time misfit and Lacey’s secret high school love. Ten years later, Jake is a private pilot whose travels take him all over the world, and once he shows up in Lacey’s life again—at the most unexpected time—he can’t seem to stay away. Now it’s up to Lacey to decide if she’s ready to let go of the past… and take a leap of faith for love.

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My Thoughts:

The True Series by Liora Blake was one of those rare and treasured finds for me.  When I saw the cover and description of True North, I thought, "This looks interesting."  Little did I know that this whole series would sweep me off of my feet.  Every book in this collection is a rare and beautiful gem.  Ms. Blake is gifted with the talent of characterization.  She has made me connect with these characters on a deep and intimate level.  I relate to various aspects of their personalities, and genuinely like, if not love, all of them.

True Divide is Lacey Mosely's story.  Lacey wants what most people want; true love, a sense of purpose, and a place that she can call home.  Unfortunately, Lacey hasn't been lucky in the love department, has worked at the Beauty Barn since she was a teenager, and feel's lacking in career prestige.  When her first and only love, Jake Holt, makes a reappearance, Lacey's world is turned upside down.  As these two begin seeing one another, Lacey doesn't know if she should risk a broken heart.  What if Jake isn't as serious about her, as she is about him?

While, I relate to Kate Mosley the most, because she is reserved, loves reading and writing, and is low key about her appearance, Lacey reminded me of my sister, who I adore. Lacey loves  "retail therapy."  She always has her hair and make-up fixed beautifully, and wears the latest trends in clothing and shoes.  She is gorgeous, but has many of the typical insecurities that women face.  She is hard on herself, and very critical of what she see's, instead of realizing her beauty and worth.  Kate and Lacey share a strong, loving and loyal bond with one another, which has been an aspect of this series that I have loved from the start.

When Lacey and Jake reunited, I was giddy with anticipation.  I really enjoy the second chance at romance trope.  What can I say about Jake?  Well, for one, he turned my insides to mush.  With Jake, what you saw, is what you got.  He was real, honest, passionate, giving, and knew how to give Lacey all that her heart desired.  

I loved that when they initially met and fell in love as teenagers, Jake was the wierdo outcast, and Lacey was the popular cheerleader and homecoming queen.  Their adult lives took them in different directions, yet when they reunited many years later, even though they changed in many ways, they still shared that special and unique connection.  They both never found another person that could measure up to how they had felt about one another.  For the romantic in me, True Divide, had me swooning time and time again.  What a beautiful story!  From tender words exchanged, loving looks glimpsed, and romantic actions witnessed, Lacey and Jake were the real deal.     

My Rating:

I give, True Divide, by Liora Blake, 4 Raw & Tender, Toe-Curling, Frenzied & Fierce, Romance Filled Stars!  I recommend this whole series!  I love it!!!

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About Liora Blake:

Liora Blake is a contemporary romance author living in Colorado. Although her path to here was paved with a million detours, plenty of pitfalls, and many a crisis of faith, she thinks it’s a pretty amazing place to be. She writes because it’s what she’s always wanted to do, she writes novels because she likes to tell the whole story, and she writes romance because a happily ever after is the best kind of story to tell. 

When she isn’t writing, she’s likely baking cookies she shouldn’t eat, inventing elaborate excuses to avoid going for a run, or asking the nice barista to sell her another quad-shot Americano.  

Liora is represented by Victoria Lowes of The Bent Agency. 


  1. It looks absolutely great ! And what is greater ? That I have True North even if I have yet to read it ;)

  2. I so use to be all about "retail therapy" and then I got married. Can't help but love a book that has your swooning over and over again.


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