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Mistletoe & Hollywood An Eversea Series Novella & a Desire Resort Series Novella by Natasha Boyd & Kate Roth

Mistletoe & Hollywood
An Eversea Series Novella 
a Desire Resort Series Novella 
Natasha Boyd 
Kate Roth 
Pub November 4th 2014
by Authors Self Pub
ARC for Review 


Jack Eversea and Evan Weston, two of Hollywood's hottest young actors had their hearts stolen by regular down to earth girls, and we lived and laughed and loved their stories in the Eversea Series and in the Desire Resort Series. But what happened when the books were over? 

How did each couple choose to spend their first Christmas? Was it sexy, emotional, stressful or heartwarming? 

Perhaps it was everything and more. Let's find out! 

Mistletoe & Hollywood is a bundled duet featuring: 

Evan and Dani's first Christmas in Many Times, Many Ways by Kate Roth. 


Jack and Keri Ann's first Christmas in My Star, My Love by Natasha Boyd

My Star, My Love
Natasha Boyd
Movie star, Jack Eversea, has decided to brave his history with England and take the love of his life, Keri Ann Butler, home to meet his mother for Christmas.  He’s been back in California and Keri Ann’s been busy with art school, and they are desperate to spend three weeks together over the Holidays. 
But Jolly Old England does weird things to Jack. And despite his super sweet “twelve days of Christmas” gift giving, Keri Ann can’t quite work out of he’s about to propose or regrets bringing her home.  Is he still questioning whether she can handle a few paparazzi, or is he doubting Keri Ann’s commitment to their future? 

The magnetic couple is back in a fun, sometimes poignant, but super sexy story about acceptance, building a future, and how to make love quietly in a creaky old house with one’s mother down the hall.

Many Times, Many Ways
Kate Roth
Vacation is over. 
Danielle was escaping her monotonous life at a sexy beach resort when she first fell under the spell of Hollywood hunk, Evan Weston, but now they’re trying to make their relationship work in the real world.
While they’re both hopeful for what lies ahead, the only question is whether or not their desires for the future are one and the same.

Things have always moved quickly between Evan and Danielle, but Danielle can’t stave off the lingering anxiety she has once she finds out about Evan’s big plans—and even bigger Christmas gift. Can she continue to let go of the worry that plagues her so the man of her dreams can give her the life she never imagined she’d have?

So Bright and So Beautiful
I cannot get enough of Jack and Keri Ann I also hope we get another novella of these two or maybe dare I say it? Another book? One that ends with certain bells and vows and maybe an epilogue with some mini Eversea’s running about? Ahem ahem? Okay okay sorry, I digress. Lets start over shall we?..This little novella is like the perfect holiday read. If you have read any of Ms. Boyd’s work then this is a must read! She has this amazing ability of injecting emotion into the pages of her books. I was again thrown back by how much Jack and Keri Ann move me. Their love shines throughout the pages. I was fighting back tears and by the end I could not keep them at bay.

In this Novella we meet a part of Jack that has always been closed off. We also watch these two work their way through self doubt and self worth issues. The ending really brings everything together and we walk away with a clear understanding of how willing these two are to make their love work. Both know that life would be unlivable with out the other so fighting for each other comes as second nature.

We are introduced to a medley of new characters that were a lot of fun. I was happy to see Jack’s mother who was absolutely delightful and took to Keri Ann straight away. We also met a couple of childhood friends of his who were great. The people we meet from Jack’s past provided some fun memories of him when he was younger. Diving into this side of Jack’s world was an absolute delight. Seeing these two work through some insecurities further solidifies the power of their love in my eyes!

This was an absolutely wonderful read that I highly recommend! I know for sure I will be re-reading this around Christmas time with a hot coca in hand ;) Ms. Boyd never disappoints if you haven’t read anything by her you a doing yourself an inservice.

My Rating

5.0 Airplane, Pastries, Drive, 12 Days, Walk, Scarf, Bull, Whiskey, Water, Confessions, Sea Glass, Adopted Turtle, Tax Leins, Building Project, Collage Journal, Unspoken Forever Love Promises Filled Stars!! Eeeeep loved loved loved it! 

Talk About a Hot Christmas 

Evan and Dani huh? LOVED THEM!! I want MORE!! I haven’t read any of Ms Roth’s previous work I’m starting to think I’ve let myself down somehow. LOL talk about spunk Dani was a total delight and Evan?..I’m dying to find out more! As I just mentioned this is my first introduction two these two wonderful characters I wasn’t sure how it would work but let me tell you it was great! This was a super fun and fast read full of wonderful surprises that created wonderful long lasting memories. I don’t know what struggles these two had in the past so there wasn’t that connection…BUT everything else was great. I was able to easily embrace this couples joy and was happy to see them achieve and happily ever after that always turns my heart to mush.

Reading this introduced me to several new characters and a new Author!! How fun is that? Yep its pretty dang fun alright. Ms Roth has definitely piqued my attention and I plan on reading more of her books. Her writing style is different from Ms Boyd’s but very fun with some grit. I don’t have tons of work to comment on Ms Roth’s writing but from what I have read I absolutely loved. This was a story that has come full circle. How do I know that? I’m pretty good at reading between the lines and surmising? Well, wether I’m right or wrong I think what really matters is this was a great little christmas read! This Novella bundle is something I absolutely recommend!!

My Rating
4.5 Delayed Plans, Fifi, Mansion, Christmas Tree, Selfies, Ditch, Chili Pepper, Pickle, Beach, Special Ornament, Living Room, Back Yard, Swimming Pool, Logan, Sugar Cookies, Truth or Dare, Full Circle Passionate everlasting Love filled stars!

My Star, My love by Natasha Boyd 

Once upon a time, in the beautiful bookworm world, I visited SwoonVille. Why in the world I waited so long to visit SwoonVille is beyond me! A couple of months ago thanks to my AMAZING co-blogger, Ria, I was introduced to Jack Eversea. *Swoon* Just saying his name leaves me in a state of mush! 

If you have no clue who Jack Eversea is, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!!!! Keri Ann and Jack have one of the most beautiful love stories that I ever read! When I found out that there was going to be a Christmas novella about these two characters I was ecstatic!! It's always fun to go back and revisit our favorite couples and see what they are up to ;) 

My Love, My Star brings us back to SwoonVille. Oh, yes! Be prepared because Jack is on the naughty list! He has been away from Keri Ann for a few weeks and when these two reunite for an England Christmas vacation be prepared for some major swoon attacks! I don't want to get into any major details about what happened between Jack and Keri Ann before this because I don't want to spoil anything about Eversea and Forever, Jack. 

This novella makes us see another side of Jack. We meet his family and friends. The scenes with his mum were absolutely beautiful! She's such a wonderful person. She welcomed Keri Ann with open arms and that made it easier for her to start enjoying this paparazzi free holiday with the love of her life. On this Christmas vacation, Keri Ann and Jack share some unforgettable moments that will bring them even more closer together. Their love is so breathtakingly beautiful! This is such an amazing gift for fans of the Eversea Series! Natasha Boyd does not disappoint! I read it two times because I just can't get enough! She has created a world where I want to live in! I loved all the new characters that were introduced in this novella and I missed the old ones. I really, really want Jazz's story!!! I miss her like crazy!!!! 

This the perfect way to start the holidays! This couple will completely steal your heart! I highly suggest you read the Eversea Series, but if you feel like reading a wonderful Christmas novella, you can't go wrong with this one! Jack and Keri Ann's chemistry is out of this world!! 


I give, My Star, My Love, by Natasha Boyd 5 heart-melting, romantic, Jack-Eversea-rules-the-swoon-school stars! 

Many Times, Many Ways by Kate Roth 

When I read the blurb for Mistletoe and Hollywood I noticed that two authors were writing a novella about their beloved characters :) 

I have to admit that I did not read the Desire Resort Series, by Kate Roth, but after reading this novella about Dani and Evan I really want to read it! It took me no time at all to connect with these characters. The writing style was captivating and I devoured Many Times, Many Ways in record time! 

Even if I did not read the previous books in this series, I don't feel like this novella revealed any major spoilers about Dani and Evan's journey together. It did, however, give me the chance to discover a new couple to fall in love with. Dani and Evan are super fun and sexy. These two have some pretty serious chemistry going on! I was happy to read about their first Christmas together. I can see that they have been through a lot and that this novella is wrapping up their HEA with a beautiful red bow! I'll make sure to save some time on my Christmas reading marathon for these two lovebirds ;) 


I give, Many Times, Many Ways, by Kate Roth 4.5 fun, sexy, romantic stars!

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Teaser Pics
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About The Authors

Natasha Boyd

Natasha Boyd is a writer with a background in marketing and public relations. She lives in the coastal Carolina Lowcountry, complete with Spanish moss, alligators and mosquitoes the size of tiny birds. She has a husband, two sons and a cat named Tuna. Eversea is her first full-length novel.

Website ✿ Goodreads ✿ Facebook ✿
✿ Twitter 

Kate Roth
Inspired by music, film, art and the wealth of stories she has heard through her career as a professional hair stylist, Kate Roth decided to get real about her love of writing in 2008. She signed up for a course after-hours at the local high school called 'So You Want To Write A Book?'. Indeed, she did! For years Kate had been dreaming up love stories in her head and she'd even managed to write a few of them down but it was that class that gave her the drive to finally do something more with her ideas. 

The ideas haven't stopped flowing since. She enjoys writing in all sub-genres of romance and even has a few surprises up her sleeve for the future. She is a small business owner and lives in Indiana with her husband, Adam and their dog, Sampson.

Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads

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