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Book Spotlight: Caged in Winter (Caged in Winter #1) by Brighton Walsh

Caged in Winter
By: Brighton Walsh
Publisher: Berkley Romance
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GR's Summary:

In this emotional and sexy New Adult debut from Brighton Walsh, the only thing more frightening than commitment is hope…... 

Aspiring chef Cade Maxwell is immediately, viscerally attracted to Winter Jacobson. But it’s not her mouthwatering curves he’s drawn to—it’s the strange emptiness in her eyes. When Cade saves her from a drunken customer with grabby hands, he’s shocked at her response…... 

Winter doesn’t need Cade’s help. After a lifetime of getting by on her own, she’s happy to rely on herself. She’s exactly seventy-six days away from graduating college, and if she can hold it together that long, she’ll finally be able to rise above the crappy hand she was dealt. 

But now, every time she turns around, Cade is there, ready to push her, smile at her, distract her from her plans. Winter knows she can’t afford to open up—especially to a man she’s terrified to actually want….

My Thoughts:

Caged in Winter was a gripping contemporary drama that pulled me in completely!  Ms. Brighton shows much promise as she has launched such a compelling and emotional, character driven debut.  The story flowed smoothly and was authentic.  What a phenomenal new adult romance!  

Winter has had a harsh and lonely existence.  Bounced from foster home to foster home after she was abandoned by her mother, has made her realize that the only person she can count on is herself.  She is very intelligent, works full-time at a low end bar and grill, and attends college full-time on scholarships and loans.  She doesn't make friends, and is determined to do everything all on her own.  Winter comes across as very strong, resilient, and goal oriented.  However, the fact that she has never experienced love and caring from another person, has left her rough around the edges.

Cade is an amazing man.  He has shouldered the responsibility of taking care of his sister Tessa, and little niece, Haley, ever since his mother died.  He dreams of being a chef and owning his own restaurant one day.  Cade puts everyone else before himself, and is very self-sacrificing.  One night when he meets up with a few of his friends, he steps in to defend the beautiful waitress, Winter, from being manhandled.  However, instead of Winter being grateful (which is what he expects), she is angry, because she can take care of herself.  His behavior has cost her the tips that she needed to pay for groceries.  Winter is beautiful, and intrigues Cade when her once empty eyes turn fiery in anger.  Cade is determined to break down Winter's walls, but is that even possible?

The compassionate, sexy, and gallant manner of Cade makes for a swoon-worthy male lead.  He is irresistible, and every woman that dreams of the "white knight in shinning armor" type, will fall hard for him.  He was extremely patient, giving, and sweet with Winter, as well as Tessa and Haley.  Winter and Cade shared a deep and passionate connection that was palpable.  I loved the way that Ms. Brighton's writing felt honest and lent excellent visuals.  I am looking forward to book 2, which will be about Cade's sister Tessa, and his best friend, Jason.     

My Rating:

I give, Caged in Winter, by Brighton Walsh, 4.5 Emotional, Resilient, Sexy "Knight in Shinning Armor," Filled Stars!  Read this story if you are looking for an angst-filled, deep, and dramatic new adult romance!  

My Favorite Quote:

"I just want to be home.  It took me two months to realize home is a relative term.  It's not a place, not a city or a house.  Not an address you can write down, not somewhere where you can plant a garden or paint the walls.  It's a feeling--when you're complete, accepted, and loved unconditionally.  (eARC, Loc. 2914)


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About Brighton Walsh:

Brighton Walsh spent nearly a decade as a professional photographer before deciding to take her storytelling in a different direction and reconnect with her first love: writing. When she’s not pounding away at the keyboard, she’s probably either reading or shopping—maybe even both at once. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children, and, yes, she considers forty degrees to be hoodie weather. Her home is the setting for frequent dance parties, Lego battles, and more laughter than she thought possible. 

Her debut novel, Caged in Winter, will be released with Berkley/Penguin on November 4, 2014. She is represented by Mandy Hubbard of D4EO Literary Agency.


  1. Just peeking a bit to see how you rated it. I'm reading it now. Man, the feels!

  2. I agree! I think Cade is amazing. With all he has to deal with, he's just awesome. Great review.


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