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Book Review: The Mausoleum Road Affair by Patricia Miller

The Mausoleum Road Affair 
Patricia Miller
Pub November 4th 2014 
by Swoon Romance 

The Mausoleum Road Affair has been likened to a more erotic BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY.

Frustrated mother of two, Brianne Hunter, escapes her bland life in rural Fennelton by embarking on a weekend away shopping with her best friend. On the drive to her friend Darlene’s estate, Brianne crashes her Jeep off the Mausoleum Road, and makes her way, bleeding and injured, to a stone ranch seeking help. There she encounters Dr. Robert Moss, whose spouse is in Europe spending their money. Thus begins an immediate attraction, and a wildly sensual coupling that essentially changes them both.

When the weekend tryst ends, Brianne returns home to the demands of her predictable life. Shortly thereafter, life-changing losses occur for both Brianne and Dr. Moss. Then comes the day when Dr. Moss pays Brianne a house call, attempting to reignite their union; however, a revelation he delivers may be more than Brianne can accept. Yet Brianne cannot deny her heart’s passion, and returns to the ranch to deliver a disclosure of her own. In the end, the pair must decide if they will follow their passionate fate together or not.

A Weekend of Surrender Proves to Be Much More
The Mausoleum Road Affair was a sweet book. The main characters hit it off and their banter was really cute. Some of the things they said were a bit corny so if you like sweet with a bit of cheese then this one is for you. I really enjoyed the story I was curious to see the dynamic between these two. Their attraction seemed sincere and full of passion even though they both knew what they were doing was wrong there was nothing getting in the way of their passion.

Brianne was traveling to visit her friend then crashed her vehicle bloody and injured she ends up on Roberts door step. Ive never read a book where the main characters are the ones who cheat so I was super curious about this one. Yes they were both very much married but Ms. Miller still made them extremely likable even through their indiscretions. Not to mention all of the pain these two are harboring due to their current spouses. No one ever made any justifications they owned up to what they were doing and were willing to accept the repercussions. We are introduced to several characters all whom were relatable and real. Brianne and Roberts connection wasn’t something either would soon forget their weekend was supposed to only be a blip but they gave their hearts away that weekend and their life would never be the same.

Returning back to their respective lives would come with some pretty shocking surprises. Their paths cross again and Robert will fight for what they have. As painful as some of the things that have happened Brianne comes to her own realization. For a moment I didn’t think these two would find a way to be together but it works out for them and I was happy to see it happen. This was a sweet fun and super quick read. I recommend it for anyone that likes romance and fate working seamlessly together.

My Rating
3.5 Jeep, Road, Scar, Blood, Sketch, Horses, Antiques, Flower Shop, Pizza, Train Tracks, Limo, Years, Delivery, Visit, Confessions, Son, Daughter, Hope, Promise, an enduring Love to last a life time filled stars!!!

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About The Author
Patricia Miller lives in Bradford, Ontario with her husband and two children. Her work has appeared inThe Era Banner, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Quarterly, From The Cottage Porch: An Anthology, andChicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada The Wonders of Winter. She enjoys snowboarding and snorkeling.



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