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Blog Tour : Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera

Everything Between Us
by Mila Ferrera 

Publication date: November 5th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Romance
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Daniel’s got everything figured out. He makes a good living as an artist … mostly through offering “private shows” to the wives of local wealthy businessmen. He never stops playing the game and never lets anyone touch his heart. But when his current fling offers him a few hundred an hour for art lessons for her reclusive, college-dropout daughter, Daniel finds himself forgetting his own rules. The girl is rude. Insulting. Incredible.

And she sees straight through him.

Stella is hiding from the world, not because she wants to, but because crippling panic attacks await her every time she tries to live a normal life. She’s determined to push everyone–including her handsome new art teacher—away. But Daniel makes it utterly impossible. The guy is irritating. Mocking. Magnetic.

And makes her want things she knows she can never have.

What starts as a battle of wills turns into passion, where giving in means facing the things that scare them most.
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My Review:

Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera was a sensational story. I loved everything about it! This book took me completely by surprise. I was expecting another NA romance, but what I got was so much more. Daniel and Stella stole my heart from the first moment they met. I always talk about how the connection between the two main characters is important to me. The author knew exactly how to pull us into the story and to tell you the honest truth ... I miss Stella and Daniel! <3 They were such a great couple to fall in love with! This was my first time reading a book from Mila Ferrera. I am sold on her writing style! I loved it! I had this huge smile at the end of this book and it left me with a happy feeling :) 

Everyday life is a battle for Stella. She can't do most of the things a regular young adult does since she suffers from panic attacks. Even the most simple activity brings her fear. She is trying her best to fight this condition. Her parents are showing no emotional support to Stella during this difficult time, so she feels like she is all alone. When her mom decides to hire Daniel to give her some art lessons, she is not happy. Stella knows that her mom is sleeping around with Daniel, but even then she can't stop these feelings that are slowly developing for him. 

I'm so happy that authors are writing about real life conditions. There is no such thing has a perfect person. We all have our personnal issues and fears. I like to read about characters that are REAL and that make me FEEL all kinds of different emotions. Stella and Daniel are the perfect example. Especially Daniel. He's a ''Man-whore''. I have to admit that reading about Daniel and Stella's mom was awkward! It just felt weird ... Anywhooo! I got past that and the rest of the story was just AMAZING! I loved how we got to see the transformation that both Stella and Daniel went through. They came a long way from when they first met. These two are just perfect for each other! 

I also got attached to Daniel's parents, Caleb and Romy while reading this book. Romy and Caleb have their own book. We can read about how they fell for each other in Only Between Us. I liked them so much that I one-clicked Only Between Us ASAP! I can't wait to read it :) To my surprise I found another Mila Ferrera book on my kindle (Spiral). Yes, I said FOUND! (Don't judge ... I own over 1000 ebooks on my kindle and I have a little one-click addiction ... so of course I can't remember everything I one-click ... lol!!!) Needless to say ... I'm a happy camper! :)

My Rating:

I give Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera 4.5 beautiful, eye-opening, heart-warming, wonderful stars! If you are looking for a book that is going to warm your heart, make you swoon and completely pull you in ... Look no more! Everything Between Us is exactly what you are looking for ;)

About the Author
Mila Ferrera lives in New England, where she has a family and a job and does various normal, everyday things, all while plotting novels in her head. She has a passion for writing new adult/adult romance featuring psychological twists and tortured heroes. Her own psychology internship involved plenty of consultation, but alas, no sexy Swedish doctors, and her decision to make one up is what sparked her self-publishing adventures. She's the author of SPIRAL (available now), ONLY BETWEEN US (9/3/13), and EVERYTHING BETWEEN US (11/5/13).


  1. It's clear that Everything Between Us made a big impact on you, Mikki. I love that you got so much more than expected from the story and characters. Nice review!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It sure did. I know people that have panic attacks and I understand a bit more what it's all about now.

  2. Love your review, this sounds like a interesting book :)

  3. Great review, Mikki! i also love when books introduce real life conditions and fears I find them the easiest to relate to and the most emotional. So happy you liked it! :)

    1. Thanks Giselle! Those are the kinds of book I look forward to reading. I have learned many lessons from these books ;)


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