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Book Review: Limerence(The Cure #3) By Charlotte McConaghy

(The Cure #3) 
Charlotte McConaghy
Published April 2016 
by Momentum, Pan Macmillan
ARC For Review 

No injection can cure love. Only life can do that.

Deep in the darkest tunnels hide the last of the resistance fighters. Hunted by the savage Furies and the ruthless Bloods, they live in constant peril. The only means of survival is to seek strength in family and find courage in love. So what happens when love is cured, scoured away, leaving death in its place?
In the final battle for freedom, there are no lines that won't be crossed. And for Josi this means becoming the creature she fears most of all: the girl with a blood moon heart.
The gripping conclusion to the dystopian trilogy The Cure, Limerence is a love story for the monsters within.
Perfect for fans of Pierce Brown, Laini Taylor and Maggie Stiefvater.

Forgiveness and Love

Bravo, bravo, bravo! Standing ovación for Limerence by Charlotte McConaghy. It has been several years since I have blogged...Life and such/ BUT I am back! Man oh man so happy to make my return to reviews using this wonderful work of art. McConaghy does an excellent job of making you feel through these broken characters. This is the third installment of a dystopian tale that is set after a major plague has wiped out most of humanity. This book is not only clever, but it is also cleverly written. We jump from present to past, to very past, and the beginning of each chapter has the date of where that character is at that moment. In this installment we get 3 points of view and they are smashingly good!

The Story, we find ourselves right back to where we left off. Things were a bit hazy as it has been years between books but the emotion was there and soon the memories came flooding back. Quite some time has passed between where the second installment left off and where this final book begins. As the story moves forward there are pivotal moments when we get glimpses of things that transpired in the past. Brilliant really, a lot of books give you info dump at the beginning and then move forward but Limerence will feed you morsels at a time, as needed. The world is much smaller and though emotions are being tampered with by those with power our protagonists are doing what they can to save the youth. The next emotion up for reprograming is love. This cannot be and what is left of those with the courage to fight the tyranny will do so until the bitter end something must be done. As the story progresses everything our characters thought they knew will change. The good, the bad, and the ugly get ready for a mysterious and thought-provoking ride.

The Characters, Josi and Luke these two have had such a turbulent time since meeting and falling in love. They have both made grave mistakes some of which no one could ever come back from. Their connection, commitment and strength provides them with what is needed to keep fighting for the world first and I am happy to say for each other. As the story progresses we find out all of their transgressions so heart breaking and awe inspiring. Josi takes the W in my opinion she faced the thing that she despises and with the help of her love she will overcome hate and learn to be free, free to love fully. Luke steadfast albeit stubborn also needs to come to terms with the mistakes of his past. His determination to finally end the tyranny that threatens to destroy what is left of humanity is marvelous to behold. Our third POV takes us inside of the head of someone who has forever been affected by the new government I enjoyed getting to see how different someone without vital emotions battles with inklings of what once was. The secondary characters are so developed they hardly felt secondary at all their journeys are just as gripping as our primary characters.

The End, McConaghy has done it. A good and truly balanced believable ending to a dystopian tale. I am so used to tragic endings when it comes to dystopian I was nervous. Tragic endings are so not my thing! I'll take the fluffy unicorn every single time! However, this ending was PERFECT for this story. The world is still torn apart, but the loose ends are tied in a way that meshed perfectly to each character and their journey. Things are on the mend and our favorites are just exactly where they need to be...slightly broken still, but the promise of healing through time is quite apparent. This is what I loved the most.


5.0 Because well and truly this book made me feel what the characters were feeling. McConaghy smashes this story out of the park! If you are thinking about picking this up I highly, highly recommend you do so now!


About the Author 

Charlotte grew up with her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. At fourteen, her English teacher told her that the short story she'd submitted was wildly romantic, so she decided to write a novel. Thus began her foray into epic fantasy and dystopian sci-fi, with sweeping romances, heroic adventures, and as much juicy drama as she could possibly squeeze in.

Her first novel, Arrival, was published at age seventeen, and was followed by Descent, which launched The Strangers of Paragor series, an adventure fantasy for teenagers.

She then wrote her first adult fantasy novel, Avery, the prologue of which came to her in a very vivid dream. Her second adult novel, Fury, is the first in a romantic science-fiction series called The Cure, set in a dystopian future.

Charlotte currently lives in Sydney, having just finished a Masters in Screenwriting from the Australian Film, Television & Radio School. With her television pilot script, she won the Australian Writer's Guild Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay of 2013. She will, however, always be a novelist at heart, still unable to get her nose out of the books.


  1. Oh it looks good and I confess that it's the first time I hear about it!

  2. This is the first I've heard of this, but based on your review, I have to read it! It sounds soooo good!


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