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Blog Tour: All Our Broken Pieces by L.D. Crichton

All Our
Broken Pieces

L.D. Crichton

May 7, 2019



Hardback, eBook

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Book Synopsis:

"You can’t keep two people who are meant to be together apart for long...” 

Lennon Davis doesn’t believe in much, but she does believe in the security of the number five. If she flicks the bedroom light switch five times, maybe her new L.A. school won’t suck. But that doesn’t feel right, so she flicks the switch again. And again. Ten more flicks of the switch and maybe her new step family will accept her. Twenty-five more flicks and maybe she won’t cause any more of her loved ones to die. Fifty times more and then she can finally go to sleep. 

Kyler Benton witnesses this pattern of lights from the safety of his treehouse in the yard next door. It is only there, hidden from the unwanted stares of his peers, that Kyler can fill his notebooks with lyrics that reveal the true scars of the boy behind the oversized hoodies and caustic humor. But Kyler finds that descriptions of blonde hair, sad eyes, and tapping fingers are beginning to fill the pages of his notebooks. Lennon, the lonely girl next door his father has warned him about, infiltrates his mind. Even though he has enough to deal with without Lennon’s rumored tragic past in his life, Kyler can’t help but want to know the truth about his new muse.


My Thoughts:

I was intrigued when I read the book synopsis for, All Our Broken Pieces.  I've never read about a character with O.C.D before, and wanted to delve in to the mind of a person with this disorder, as well as to see what triggered it, and if it was something that could be overcome.  I enjoy stories with broken characters, that can find the strength to heal and overcome their challenges, because I think that's part of what we encounter in our lives; numerous challenges that we can either buckle from, or rise above; like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

All Our Broken Pieces is told through the perspectives of both Lennon Davis, and Kyler Benton.  Lennon has moved from Maine to Southern California, due to the recent death of her mother; in order to live with her father and his new family.  She suffers from severe anxiety.  She has a lot of fears and ruminates on death.  Lennon's O.C.D is used as a coping mechanism in order to keep her anxiety under control, and she draws comfort and a sense of security from her ritualistic behaviors.  She feels that if she doesn't give in to these compulsions someone that she loves will be seriously injured or die.  Unfortunately,  Lennon blames herself for her mother's death, and consequently her O.C.D. has become more extreme.

Kyler is the lead singer and guitarist in a garage band and has a passion for music.  He has a horrible relationship with his father, and this along with the scarring on one side of his face, from a childhood accident, is the cause of most of his anguish.  When Lennon moves in next door to Kyler, and he catches a glimpse of her, he is intrigued. Even though he only see's her from behind, he just knows that she is beautiful. 

When Lennon and Kyler are paired up on a modern day Romeo and Juliet Project for their English class, these two broken souls find a mirror in one another.  What begins as a friendship blossoms in to a love that gives them both the hope, courage, and strength that they need; in order to try to mend their broken pieces, and truly live.... 

All Our Broken Pieces was such a page turner!  When I first began the story, I was not sure if I was going to like it because, while I immediately loved Lennon's character, Kyler's came off as brash, angry, and bitter.  He was really rough around the edges.  As the story really began to develop, we see that Kyler is a bit of a recluse, and has erected huge walls around himself.  He wears hoodies everyday in order to hide his physical appearance from the world.  

The only people he lets in are his mother, younger sister Macy, and band mates.  Kyler is blunt, but also fiercely loyal, honest, and the type of person anyone would be lucky to have on their side.  Needless to say, as Lennon got to know Kyler, so did I, and we both fell in love with him!

Lennon's character was a sweetheart.  There wasn't a mean bone in her body, and I loved watching her interaction with her little half-brother Jacob.  As Kyler and Lennon began to confide in one another and become closer, we see them both become more courageous and reach past their comfort zones.   They really fight to combat the scars that lie within, and to have a life worth living.  

All Our Broken Pieces was a unique and entertaining story, with well-developed and likable realistic characters, loveable secondary characters that added to the story, and profound life lessons!

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About L.D. Crichton:

L.D. Crichton is the author of THE ENCHANTMENT OF EMMA FLETCHER, which received a starred review from School Library Journal. She’s a coffee devotee and lip gloss enthusiast whose infatuation with music is truly astonishing. If she’s not reading, writing, or checking her horoscope for signs from the Universe, you can find her by the water in search of mermaids because they're real. ALL OUR BROKEN PIECES is her first young adult novel. Represented by John Silbersack @ The Bent Agency. ​ 

She is one of 6 hosts for a weekly Twitter chat about writing. Search the hashtag #Wattpad4 Monday nights at 8:00 PM EST on Twitter to join in!

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  1. I really wanted to read this one so I'm so glad you loved it! Great review!

  2. I absolutely want to read this after reading your wonderful review! I am so happy that you loved it and your review is so beautifully written.

    1. I hope you get the chance to read it! Thanks Cynthia!

  3. I love when the characters and relationships feel realistic. Lovely review!

  4. I would love to read this now that I know about it. Living with mental health issues and overcoming heartbreaking pasts and present sounds good.

    1. It was such a great story, and it completely pulled me in!

    2. This sounds right up my alley. Adding this to my must read list. Great review.

  5. Love the sound of this one! I love when an author can take a character that you dont immediately love and make you slowly fall for him. Great review!

    1. I agree! It takes true talent to be able to do that! Thanks Teresa.

  6. i do love a story that catches me by surprise and the characters grow on me.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. Kyler and Lennon both sound like incredible characters, and I am looking forward to reading this book. Great review!

  8. What a coincidence, I just happen to be reading a book with a character with O.C.D., a severe case, and it's interesting learning how they perceive and cope with the world. It would be tough and my heart goes out to anyone dealing with it.

    I totally agree, we all have challenges to face, but how we face them is the key. A person can become stronger or let it destroy their happiness. A good support system of friends and family really helps, and it sounds like Lennon and Kyler were that for each other. Lovely review, Lindy! :)

    1. Crazy coincidence! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the book you're reading. Thanks Rachel!

  9. I've seen a lot of posts about this book and I have to say I was immediately intrigued by the OCD aspect of the story as well. Thank you for sharing your amazing and insightful review.

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews

    1. I loved it! It was such an amazing and emotional story! Thanks for stopping by Reese!


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