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Book Tour: Hard Beat (Driven #7) by K. Bromberg

Hard Beat
Driven #7


K. Bromberg


Nov. 3, 2015



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GR's Summary:
From the New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Ache comes a blistering new novel filled with danger, secrecy, and a desire that can’t be sated… 

Foreign war correspondent Tanner Thomas is addicted to living on the edge. Needing the adrenaline rush of his job to help him cope with a personal loss, he throws himself back into the game, concentrating all his energy on getting the next big story.  

But when he meets his new photojournalist, Beaux Croslyn, he can’t help but feel like he’s losing his focus—and maybe risking more… 

With secrets she won’t address, Beaux is far from your ordinary woman. Determined to keep her distance, she’s willing to pull Tanner in closer and hide behind the sparks flying between them. But as Beaux’s past begins to put their relationship—and their lives—at risk, Tanner’s determination to find the truth puts them both in jeopardy. 

He's ready to chase her to the ends of the earth to find out if what they had was real, or if the danger surrounding them was just an exquisite heat fated to burn out…

Driven Series:
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My Thoughts:

K. Bromberg writes some of the sexiest and most erotic stories that I've ever read.  The Driven series is spectacular and one of my favorites in the adult romance genre.

In Hard Beat, we get Tanner Thomas (Rylee's Brother,) and Beaux Croslyn's story.  Tanner is a Pulitzer winning journalist.  He is known for traveling all over the world, and putting himself in dangerous situations, in order to get the top story.  His photojournalist and good friend, Stella recently died.  Not only is he in deep mourning, but he also blames himself for her death.

His good friend and boss, Rafe, wants him to take a break from journalism.  However, Tanner is bored and needs to jump back in to the fold of his adrenaline-filled career.  When Tanner threatens to go to CNN, Rafe agrees to let him return to his job.  Tanner is sent to Egypt, where he meets his new photojournalist, the beautiful and feisty, Beaux Coslyn.  Sparks fly and the intense attraction between these two is palpable.  However, it soon begins evident that Beaux is hiding sme things from Tanner.  Can he trust her?

Hard Beat had a different feel to it than the other books in the series, yet it was still superb!  The connection between Tanner and Beau ad me swooning and me fanning myself repeatedly.  I loved the passionate push-pull dynamic between these two characters.  They enjoyed pushing each other's buttons, and I loved having a front seat to their show!  The dangerous setting of the middle East was portrayed perfectly.  It was described in such way, as I could visualize it perfectly, and felt as if I were right beside Tanner and Beau.  The suspense in the story had me holding my breath, and turning pages as quickly as possible!  I cannot wait to continue the Driven series.  Ms. Bromberg always brings her "A Game!"

My Rating:

I give, Hard Beat, by K. Bromberg, 4 Pulse-Pounding, Seductive, Palpable Chemistry, Danger-Filled Stars!  Ms. Bromberg has added another gem to the Driven series.  Hard Beat is sure to lure you in and completely hook you....  

Book Teasers:

Book Excerpt:

The tension in the car between us thickens. The current of desire is so palpable, I feel like it kick-starts my heart every other beat. I blow out a breath as the elevator ascends, Beaux shifting her feet beside me. 

“Did I do something wrong?” 

I snort. Fuck, yes. But where do I even begin to explain? You made me want you? You made me worry when I told myself I wasn’t going to put myself in that situation ever again? You fucking don’t ever listen about not going off on your own? I want you so goddamn bad right now that the desire is so sharp, it’s painful. 

The elevator dings, and I stride off the car to her door without looking back to see if she’s following. My body just knows she is. 

It takes her a moment to fumble with her bag, get her room key out, and open her door, all the while casting curious glances my way. 

“Put the camera down,” I order the minute we’re inside the door and it’s shut. 

“What is your problem—?” she asks, but the question is cut off the second the camera strap leaves her hand, my body crashing into hers and pushing her up against the wall behind her. My lips find hers instantly. 

It takes her a millisecond for the shock to fade and for her to respond, but once she does, we meet in a savage union of frenzied hands gripping, mouths taking, bodies begging to join in every way possible. 

Beaux weaves her fingers in my hair and holds tight as she tears her mouth momentarily from mine. “I thought you were pissed at me.” 

I kiss her fiercely, all tongue and teeth and possession, before I respond. “I’m furious. But I want you more.” It’s as true a statement as I’ve ever given, the moment stripping away any superfluous words. “You came back to me.” 

“I’ll always come back to you,” she says, her voice breathless but resolute.

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About K. Bromberg:

 Author K. Bromberg is that reserved woman sitting in the corner, who has you all fooled about the wild child inside of her—the one she lets out every time her fingertips touch the computer keyboard. Kristy lives in Southern California with her husband and three small children. Her motto is ‘have lap-top, will travel’ because she writes around school drop offs, entertaining her four year old (who is still not in school full time), homework battles, and endless soccer practices. When she needs a break from the daily chaos of her life, you can most likely find her with her Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of a good, saucy book.

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